I’m Really a Villain Chapter 940

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Hearing Lu Changgen’s words, Xu Zimo was slightly frowned.

He felt Lu Changgen’s breath begin to change.

An even more tyrannical and violent power surged up.

Immediately after listening to “crack crack”, Lu Changgen’s body surface also changed as a sound like chewing.

Xu Zimo stepped back slightly.

I saw that the opponent’s body gradually grew larger, and his skin was covered with tentacles.

Sticky, moist tentacles.

These tentacles are growing wantonly.

And Lu Changgen’s head gradually became deformed, like a monster.

With more and more changes, he has deviated from the human category.

Xu Zimo can only be described as monster.

Countless tentacles, deformed heads, and the rancid smell and dampness on the body.

Especially his eyes are scarlet.

Seeing Lu Changgen like this, let alone Xu Zimo, even Ji Ruobing and Mo He Old Ancestor on the side had never seen him.

“Chang Gen, you…,” Mohe Old Ancestor complexion slightly changed, asked.

“Are you curious now?” Lu Changgen not pay attention to others, but looked at Xu Zimo, lightly said with a smile.

“I’m really curious,” Xu Zimo didn’t refute, slightly nodded.

Logically speaking, given Lu Changgen’s status as an immortal sect, there should be nothing missing.

How could you make yourself like this.

“My father is Human Race and my mother is Demoness.

This matter is sect well known.

Even I awakened the innate talent of the Demoness family, which was considered one in ten thousand genius at the time.

Yes, I thought so at first. “

Lu Changgen lowered his head slightly, looking at his own appearance, with a wry smile.

There was also a little outrage, “I am obsessed with using the innate talent of the Demoness clan to draw the strength of others.

The feeling that reap without sowing can have powerful power is intoxicating.

It’s a pity that I forgot. Although I have the innate talent of the Demoness family, I am still half a Human Race after all.

My body can’t be like the real Demoness clan, integrating the absorbed power in a perfect and balanced way. “

Speaking of this, Lu Changgen seemed a little crazy.

Countless tentacles are flying off, “crash-bang” swinging.

“As my strength within the body increased, finally they formed a conflict.

I don’t want to live every day, and only by continuing to draw strength can I relieve myself for a while.

But the next time that followed, it was more intense pain.

Over time, I found that my body began to change.

Unlike Human Race, it is not Demoness.

It’s the way people are now being cast aside. “

Speaking of this, Lu Changgen’s eyes became more blood red, staring at everyone closely, making people chill.

“Can you understand this feeling, no, you can’t.

What I experienced through childhood was pain and deformity. They cycled endlessly, entwining me like a ghost.

I admit that my heart began to twist and became bloodthirsty.

It seems that only bloodthirsty can relieve the kind of pain in your heart and make you more and more excited.

Excitement in the soul. “

Countless tentacles waved in midair with Lu Changgen’s voice.

Then it slammed heavily on the ground, and successive explosions of “hong long long” sounded on this main street.

“I have been in pain for so long, and finally found something exciting for me.

As long as I get the Dige who killed the Great Emperor, I will continue to grow stronger in this excitement.

And all of you, each and everyone jumped out to stop me.

So you all deserve to die. “

Upon hearing Lu Changgen’s words, Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

Said: “You distorted not only your appearance, but also your heart.

This immortal sect is also really weird, it will let people like you become Core Disciple. “

“Death, death, death,” Lu Changgen didn’t seem to hear Xu Zimo’s words, but he kept shouting “Death” character.

Then I saw Tao Heavenly Might surging from all over.

Countless tentacles rose again to kill everyone.

Ji Ruobing quickly backed away.

“You watch from behind, and he hands it to me,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

He wields a long sword, the real edge of Divine Sword is hard to describe in words.

Encountering these tentacles, it is as if cutting iron like mud is not too much.

Countless tentacles have been cut off, but they will grow back in the next second.

These tentacles came from all around, gradually surrounding Xu Zimo at the center point.

“The nirvana,” Xu Zimo slowly waved the long sword, the meaning of nirvana overflowed and filled the space.

Directly smash all tentacles.

Xu Zimo also flew out of the encirclement.

“You can’t run away,” Lu Changgen roared from below.

Seeing him directly soaring into the sky, the whole person flew out like a missile.

Above these tentacles, various powers are permeated.

It’s no longer a simple tentacle.

There are thunderbolt, raging fire, trace gold, freezing, and even storm…

Each tentacle represents a kind of power. Although repeated, there are dozens of them.

Lu Changgen follows closely from behind, not giving Xu Zimo a chance to breathe.

Tentacles attacked from his body all around, and various attribute attacks came and bombed wildly.

Swallow and annihilate a whole piece of void overhead.

“Senior Sister, can that guy do it?” Zhi Hang looked at Ji Ruobing from the side and said, “Should we go help him.”

After all, Lu Changgen now looks very scary, and the violent power of his body is not like a Divine Vein at all.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that he breaks through.

We must know that the current younger generation almost always keep their strength at Divine Vein Peak, and they will not go any further.

Because everyone has to compete for Heaven’s mandate to enter the Tao.

Only in the case of the failure of Heaven’s mandate, those who survived by circumstances will be compelled by circumstances into the fairy road.

This is the essential distinction of Daoxian.

“Trust him,” Ji Ruobing said nodded.

“Also, Old Ancestor was watching. It was impossible for us to beat him.”

“Go to hell,” Lu Changgen roared again.

The whole body rushed towards Xu Zimo, as if he wanted to wrap him up and drain his whole body.

“Just so you try this new move,” Xu Zimo neither fast nor slow said.

He held the real Divine Sword and shouted “Sword Soul.”

I saw that the surface of the entire sword was shining brightly, and the strands of sword qi were like air, and 10000 counts were filled in the void of the whole body.

The Holy Lord used the real Divine Sword to create Age of Desolate.

The moves he used are all portrayed on the real Divine Sword.

This is like a brand.

Anyone who holds the true Divine Sword can feel this imprint, as if the grace of the Holy Lord is in front of them.

“10000 Desolate God,” Xu Zimo a light shout.

The real Divine Sword lifted slowly, next moment, I saw the real Divine Sword moved.

10000 sword qi appeared all over him and moved accordingly.

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