I’m Really a Villain Chapter 942

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A white crane can pull about ten people.

This is not to say that Baihe cannot pull more people, but that Baihe also has levels.

According to the price, choose different white cranes.

When Xu Zimo and Ji Ruobing walked on Baihe’s back, the other 2 seats were already full.

2 people sat down slightly.

Counting 100 white cranes took off together and flew towards the land of destruction.

The sky was as blue and clean as it was washed.

As the white crane spread its wings, the clouds of the college entrance examination were split apart, as if floating in front of the eyes.

Such a scene may not last long in the rainy late autumn.

Even the mood that makes people feel better.

“Are you all going to the Land of Destruction?” Only an old man next to him asked with a smile.

An old woman sits next to the old man. The two should look like a pair. They are close together, very affectionate.

“Yes,” the famous looking guy next to him replied with a smile.

“I heard that the recent land of destruction is restless,” the old man continued.

“Everyone, be careful.”

“Aren’t we going to destroy the land just because of this,” the big man said with a smile.

Hearing what the big guy said, he sat aside and hugged the blade, his face was stern, and the man with haircut was suddenly coldly snorted.

Seemingly disdainful, he said: “There are always some people who want to try one’s luck. Without the strength, they will die if they go.”

“Who said I have no strength,” the big man retorted directly.

“In our Niu Family Village, I beat the entire estate invincible.”

“Niu Family Zhuang?” The disdain on the face of the man with the hair seemed to be heavier.

“I’m afraid it’s a closed mountain village, I don’t know it.”

“This doesn’t require you to worry about it,” Dahan lightly said.

“There is an error in the Shixue Space, the Lord of Destruction has issued a reward, and anyone can participate.”

“Ai, it’s a pity that I lost my life in vain,” the man with the sword sighed.

“Aren’t you going for the Shixue Space too,” Ji Ruobing looked towards Xu Zimo and asked tentatively.

Ji Ruobing didn’t at all pay attention to the land of destruction before, but now that so many people go together, it is obvious that something must have happened there.

“It doesn’t count,” Xu Zimo replied vaguely.

He went to go far away from Ancient Celestial Court. As for the space of blood, it was just incidental that’s all.

“What happened to the Shixue Space you just said?” Xu Zimo looked towards the big man and asked.

“Can you tell me in detail.”

“Yes, here’s another one to die,” the man with the haircut before sneered.

“It’s okay to tell you, anyway, the land of destruction today is well known.

You’ll understand when you go. “The big man said with a smile.

“You should know that the Land of Sealing in the blood space is in the ruined land of our Supreme domain.

I won’t elaborate on this.

The land of destruction since ancient times is a land that symbolizes destruction.

Even Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect don’t want to get there.

So everyone calls the existence that rules there the Lord of Destruction. “

Having said this, Dahan sorted out the language a bit.

Continue to say: “Some time ago, there seemed to be a crack in the seal of Shixue Space.

Although the breach was sealed in time, a small group of blood beasts escaped. “

“You are going to catch blood beasts,” Xu Zimo suddenly realized.

He thought that Yuan Ancient Celestial Court had made a mistake.

“Yes, there is a notice in the Land of Destruction. Anyone who catches a blood beast will become a friend of the Land of Destruction for life.”

The big man said excitedly: “And everyone can also get the eternal dew brewed by the Lord of Destruction.”

“Changshenglu?” Xu Zimo said in surprise.

“what is that?”

“You don’t know this,” the big man quickly explained.

“It’s a rare item that can make people wonder forever.

It is said that taking a lot of longevity dew can even comprehend the law of fate. “

“Fate, that is one of the highest, cracking a joke,” said Ji Ruobing, who was a little disbelieving.

“You don’t understand this, it is said that the longevity dew is on the list of 100000 things.”

The big man said: “There are 100000 things, that is the list of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

Rumors say that the longevity dew was passed down from above. “

While talking, the big man pointed mysteriously and secretively to the sky above his head.

“Do you still know this?” Xu Zimo asked with a smile.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven, 100000 things.

The identity of this big man seems not simple. Where is this so-called Niu Family Village?

“Don’t underestimate me,” the big guy smiled and replied hehe.

The old man next to him also followed the replied: “He is right, the longevity dew does have the effect of comprehending the law of fate.

It is said that it is condensed from the essence of Longevity Tree.

Although it is very difficult to comprehend, it did happen. “

Hearing what a few people said, Xu Zimo thanked him, and then nodded.

It seems that this trip should be very lively.

All the way to live together in harmony, there is no conflict.

Everyone sat on the back of the white crane, because it was not too late to go from Xiancheng to the Land of Destruction.

But it will take about 2 days.

It is rare for everyone to settle down and watch the sunset and sunrise.

Finally, at noon on the 2nd day, the white crane was close to the edge of the land of destruction.

Looking down from in the sky, it is obvious that the land of destruction and the world outside are two extremes.

The ground in the Land of Destruction is black, as if it was scorched by a fire.

The sky above it was also dark.

There is even some decay in the air.

The ground barren is bare and very crippled.

The people here are not prosperous, and occasionally a few vultures pass by, looking for carrion as food.

“We are going to the Destroyed City in the Destroyed Land,” Ji Ruobing explained from the side.

“Tell me about the situation in this land of destruction,” Xu Zimo said.

“In fact, it’s nothing. The city of destruction is the largest city here, and basically 80% of the people gather here.

This place is also led by the Lord of Destruction,” Ji Ruobing said.

“In other places, like the border of the Land of Destruction, occasionally there will be some tribes, not worth mentioning.”

“What is this Lord of Destruction?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I don’t understood this. Legend has it that from the place of destruction, there will be the Lord of destruction.

He is the God of this land,” Ji Ruobing replied.

“No one knows his origins. The Lord of Destruction has 8 War Gods who manage this land of destruction on his behalf.

And he himself is Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail, very mysterious. “

“Interesting,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

Finally, the white crane drove into the land of destruction, passing extremely fast on this hazy land.

From afar, everyone saw a city standing on the ground.

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