I’m Really a Villain Chapter 944

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Hearing what the stall owner said, Ji Ruobing felt a little disgusted, and looked towards Xu Zimo and said, “I suddenly don’t want to eat.”

“What kind of stuffing you sell best, give me one,” Xu Zimo laughed, and sat down by the stall.

“You,” Ji Ruobing looked forward to beautiful eyes, snorted lightly.

The stall owner makes the wontons, and the warm wontons are filled with a strong aroma.

The stall is the simplest, but the craftsmanship is good.

Xu Zimo took a big bite and asked, “Boss, have any strange things happened to you recently?”

“What does the guest mean?” the stall owner asked with a smile.

“About the type of blood beast, Xu Zimo didn’t go around, and said directly.

The matter of the type blood beast has already made a lot of noise in the city of destruction, and the people who have been born during this time are probably all because of this.

It’s useless to hide it.

“Young master, is this buying information?” The stall owner said with a smile.

“What? You really have one?” Xu Zimo said.

He just didn’t have a clue, and asked that’s all symbolically.

“I have been in this ruined city for 300 years, and naturally I know everything,” the stall owner said with a smile.

“In this city, even trivial things, I remember them clearly.”

“Then I will buy a copy. I don’t know what price it will cost?” Xu Zimo asked.

“There have been more and more people in the destroyed city during this period, and my meat seems to be insufficient.”

The stall owner each minding their own business said: “Sect Leader of the Moon Shadow Gang in Dongcheng seems to be a good choice.”

“Deal,” Xu Zimo put down his chopsticks, wiped the oil stains from the corners of his mouth, stood up and said.

The stall owner didn’t say much this time, but silently boiled the water, and the sound of gu lu gu lu boiling sounded.

Seeing Xu Zimo heading towards Dongcheng District, Ji Ruobing quickly followed suit.

“You just believe that stall owner,” Ji Ruobing said.

“A that’s all who sells wontons, maybe they are playing you.”

“How can I know if I don’t try,” Xu Zimo replied.

“That many people in that street, where are you going to find out the news is not good, you have to listen to someone selling wontons,” Ji Ruobing vomited.

“Because it’s only him, I can’t see through,” Xu Zimo turned his head and said.

If you want to find out the whereabouts of the blood beast, you must not take the usual path.

During this period of time, more and more people have been destroying the city, and ordinary methods or channels have probably been tried by others.

Even if there are real blood beasts, they won’t be in their turn.

And that stall owner, within the body’s spiritual qi, was as vast as the deep ocean, and Xu Zimo couldn’t see through it.

So he asked tentatively.

This ruined city, the crouching tiger hidden dragon, is not simple for the stall owner.

“Moonshade Gang, the name seems to be related to the Moonshade Clan,” Xu Zimo said.

“If you find someone to ask, just understood,” Ji Ruobing said.

Coming to Dongcheng District, this place seems to be more chaotic than before.

There were people fighting in many places on the street, but the passers-by had long ignored them and passed by without any surprise.

At this moment, the voice of “hong long long” rang.

As if the whole earth was shaking.

Pedestrians on the street looked up and saw that there were huge crowds rushing over at the two intersections on the left and right.

The steps of these people are neat, and each step will make a crisp sound.

“The Bull Head Gang and the Moon Shadow Gang are at war again, everyone quickly hide,” I don’t know who shouted.

The crowd on the street suddenly disappeared in 4 places.

Some people hid in the shops next to 2, while others hid in some deep lanes or even on the roofs.

In short, in just a few minutes, the original lively streets were vacated and became deserted.

Xu Zimo 2 also found a roof and hid with the others.

“I watched it again, this bet, who do you think can win,” I just heard someone next to him say.

It seems that they are very used to this kind of scene, and even use it as a fun place.

“Several people, we are new to this city of destruction. I don’t know what happened underneath?” Xu Zimo stepped forward and asked.

These people glanced at Xu Zimo 2 and saw one of the men said with a smile: “Your lady is so beautiful.”

“Lady?” Xu Zimo was taken aback for a moment, then glanced at Ji Ruobing, then smiled and shook his head.

“We are just friends that’s all together.”

Originally, Ji Ruobing’s face was still a little blush. Upon hearing Xu Zimo’s explanation, her face immediately became flat and lightly snorted.

“Then this beauty, can you get to know it?” The man looked towards Ji Ruobing and asked with a smile.

“Go away,” Ji Ruobing replied unceremoniously.

“I like this character,” the man licked his lips, said with a smile.

“You haven’t answered my question yet,” Xu Zimo said from the side.

“Oh, you mean the Moon Shadow Gang and the Bull Head Gang,” the man said while looking at Ji Ruobing.

“They are the two largest gangs in the Dongcheng District, and they often fight because of trivial issues.

We are all used to it. “

“Then do you know where the Sect Leader of the Moon Shadow Gang is?” Xu Zimo asked.

“It must be in their help,” the man said.

“The Sect Leader of the Moonshade Gang is called Qinluo, and it is said to be Elder of the Moonshade Clan.”

“Understood,” Xu Zimo smiled nodded.

Then he raised his right foot and stepped heavily on the man’s right hand.

“Ah,” the man couldn’t react and screamed directly.

“Peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~,” with the four sounds, the man’s four limbs were directly trampled by Xu Zimo.

“Next time, don’t molest others, especially in my presence.”

After Xu Zimo finished speaking, he kicked the man off the roof.

The fighting underneath had already begun a melee. Seeing the men falling down, those people didn’t pay any attention to them and were chopped into pieces in the chaos.

“Let’s go,” Xu Zimo said, looking at Ji Ruobing.

The corner of Ji Ruobing’s mouth was slightly curved, and he quietly followed Xu Zimo.

“Are you going to break in directly?” Ji Ruobing asked from the side.

“How about it?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You haven’t investigated the strength of other people’s Moon Shadow Gang, what do you do with 10000 somersaults,” Ji Ruobing said.

“Always investigate it before talking.”

“I don’t want to waste time,” Xu Zimo said, shaking his head.

“Besides, I already have a solution.”

Xu Zimo was talking while watching Ji Ruobing harboring malicious intentions.

“What do you want to do?” Ji Ruobing said vigilantly.

“Should you not let me be seduced?”

“You think too much,” Xu Zimo shook his head and laughed.

Said: “Wait later, you will force the Moon Shadow Gang to attract everyone’s attention.

Then I can sneak in and kill the Sect Leader, so that everything is fine.

It doesn’t need to be so troublesome. “

“When you taught that person just now, I still thanked you silently,” Ji Ruobing said.

“So you made this idea.”

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