I’m Really a Villain Chapter 945

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“Then it will be such a happy decision,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

He and Ji Ruobing walked all the way north for about ten minutes, and finally stopped in front of a wide courtyard.

Said it is a courtyard, in fact, the area here is dozens of times larger than an ordinary courtyard.

The high wall outside is very high, there are almost 4 five meters, the gate is very simple, it is a few wooden slats built together.

At the door, two guards stood.


“I heard that the Bull Head Gang is at war with us again,” said one of the two guards.

“A group of four-legged guys that’s all will destroy them all sooner or later,” another coldly snorted, lightly saying.

At this moment, an explosion of “hong” sounded.

I saw a Shocking Heaven Sword cut from not far away, dividing the man who was talking into two.

The other person yelled quickly, “Someone broke into the Moon Shadow Gang!”

This scream instantly attracted the attention of many people, and the Moon Shadow Gang looked extremely large.

In just the world, dozens of people rushed out of the gang.

Ji Ruobing is holding a long sword, and the sword intent of the ancient body is enveloped.

The huge power was suppressed, a sword intent fell, dozens of people were directly annihilated.

“The guy is very strong, go report to Sect Leader and all Elders,” someone shouted.

With a steady stream of people from the Moon Shadow Gang gathering, this doorway has become chaotic.


In the Moonshade Gang, there is a very splendorous and majestic room.

It is built by the sky smoke stone, this kind of stone is abundant in spiritual qi, has the function of purifying the injury and nourishing the body.

It can be regarded as a very precious stone.

And the extravagance to build a whole room is exaggerated.

In the room at this moment, there was a burst of women’s laughter coming from it.

The plum blossoms outside the house are blooming, with a few pink dots.

Obviously it is a winter flower, but it still remains in this late autumn.

“Sect Leader, it’s not good,” a panicked shout from the discipline came from a distance.

I saw an azure robe man gasping for breath running into the courtyard where the room is located.

With a sound of “creak”, the door of the room was opened.

A burly man walked out of the room.

Next to him were two enchanting women.

The girl was of medium-looking appearance and dressed very enchanting, especially the makeup on her face, which was almost too thick to see her looks.

The two women looked like eight-clawed fish, one left and the other hanging on the man’s body.

And the big man’s hands were not honestly touching.

“Why panic, the sky won’t fall,” the big man said thickly.

He was wearing a black and white robe, like a stream of moonlight, black and white intertwined.

It’s just that the clothes are quite disorganized.

“Yes,” heard Sect Leader’s words, the azure robe man who came hastily nodded.

“What’s the matter?” The big man asked again.

“Didn’t you have an appointment with the Bullhead Gang idiots today? Did something go wrong?”

“No, someone forcibly broke into our Moonshade Gang,” the azure robe man quickly replied.

“Who?” The big man raised his head, frowning and asked.

“I don’t know, it’s a woman,” the azure robe man said.

“Woman, just one?” The big man was coldly snorted.

“A bunch of trash, beaten like this by a woman.”

“She is very strong, Second Elder failed to make it through 3 rounds,” the azure robe man continued.

“Okay, take my wolf ring blade and take it over,” the big man said indifferently.

Then he turned his head and looked towards the woman on the left and right sides, and said: “Little Darling, you wait for me to come back and then you will be pampered.”

“Sect Leader, it’s bad,” the two women smiled slyly.

The big man walked into the room and took out a large blade with a wolf head carved on the blade sheath.

Then he was preparing to leave with the azure robe man.

Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps.

I saw a purple robed youth coming from the side of the aisle.

“Who are you?” The big man looked towards Xu Zimo and asked with a frown.

“Sect Leader of Moon Shadow, Qin Luo?” Xu Zimo raised his head and asked with a smile.

“It turned out to be a blind,” the big man didn’t say anything, cutting the blade without even getting out of the sheath, so he turned the blade sheath and slashed towards Xu Zimo.

The point of “hong”, this big man is extremely powerful.

As soon as the blade fell, the roofs of the pavilions and aisles nearby collapsed, and even a few cracks broke under the feet.

But when the big man looked down, he saw Xu Zimo standing in front, motionless, and directly reached out and held the blade sheath of the blade.

“I wanted to give you a chance,” Xu Zimo said.

“But if you are like this, you don’t even have the opportunity to pull the blade.”

Xu Zimo hit the right hand directly, and the blade sheath in his hand flew out in the opposite direction.

With a sound of “resounding”, he cut the blade out of the sheath and pierced the man’s chest and heart from the blade handle.

The black blood dripped drop by drop.

“I don’t know if you do this with meat, it will taste good or not,” Xu Zimo dragged the man’s body and walked outside step by step.

The azure robe man and two coquettish women next to them were all scared and stupid.

This time Xu Zimo walked out of the door of the Moon Shadow Gang.

The fierce battle at the gate is still going on, Ji Ruobing’s white shirt is like blood, and in this blood stream, like a snowflake blooms.

A drop of blood does not touch the body, and hundreds of people cannot get close.

However, at this moment, the crowd that had swarmed up suddenly stopped.

Everyone looked up, only to see a young man walking out holding their Sect Leader’s body.

The blood on the corpse left a long blood path along the way.

Someone swallowed fiercely.

“Sect Leader is dead,” someone murmured.

For a while, I forgot to do it.

“Let’s go,” Xu Zimo looked towards Ji Ruobing and said.

“For too long, the meat will not be fresh.”

“Sect Leader was killed, it’s over, it’s over,” someone’s horrified voice came from behind.

“The sky is falling now.”

Everyone looked at Xu Zimo 2’s back and disappeared from sight, but no one dared to step forward.


In front of the chaotic stall, the steaming wonton was scented.

But the business in front of the stall was not good.

“Your meat,” Xu Zimo said, throwing the body in front of the stall owner.

“How do you feel?” the stall owner asked with a smile.

“Unexpectedly weak,” Xu Zimo said directly.

“This kind of person can also lead the Moon Shadow Gang?”

“His father is the patriarch of the Moonshade Clan, and he is considered an illegality child,” the stall owner explained with a smile.

“He can’t mix in the clan, and his character is known to his father.

He spent a lot of energy to create the Moon Shadow Gang in this ruined city, wanting him to enjoy this place without rules. “

“Then why did you kill him?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Because of justice,” the stall owner said with a smile.

“The light of the right way,” Xu Zimo also said with a smile.

“Why don’t you do it yourself.”

“I promised someone that he won’t have a blade in this life,” the stall owner continued.

“Recently, there has been a new house in the south of the city. Maybe you can find something you want to know.”

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