I’m Really a Villain Chapter 946

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Upon hearing the words of the stall owner, Xu Zimo slightly frowned, and said, “Can you tell me more in detail.”

“There is a family in the south of the city, and that is a little girl.

Originally I grew up watching and often come to me to eat wontons,” said the stall owner each minding their own business.

“The little girl has always been an orphan, but these days there are more parents.

And that little girl doesn’t come to eat my wonton anymore. “

“Who dares to eat your ravioli?” Ji Ruobing glanced at Qin Luo’s body next to him, whispered.

“Understood,” Xu Zimo thought for a moment, and finally nodded.

He took Ji Ruobing straight to the south of the city.

“Do you know to believe him?” Ji Ruobing asked.

“Believing or not you’ll know when you go,” Xu Zimo replied.

The south of the city is a little barren.

There are many weeds on the ground, and the people who live here seem to be some of the lowest-level people in this city.

You can see all kinds of tents erected by Dalu 2, and people in disheveled clothes are lying in them.

On one side of the alley, beggar half-dead and rags slept in groups.

This city seems to have 100 kinds.

You can see different things in every city.

2 People came to the south of the city that the stall owner said, and found the so-called courtyard.

This courtyard is very old, the walls all around are made of earthen walls, and some places have collapsed.

“Go in and take a look,” Xu Zimo said.

He stepped forward and knocked on the door. After a while, the courtyard door was opened.

The door opener is a little girl.

Wearing a plain white shirt with coarse cloth and two pigtails on the sides, there seems to be some dust on his face.

“What’s the matter with you?” the little girl asked suspiciously.

“Little girl, are your family there?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Daddy, someone is looking for you,” the little girl called into the house.

Just heard “coming”, and then I saw a middle age person wearing a deep blue gown coming out of it.

The man has an ordinary face, no abnormality at all.

“Who are you?” the man frowned and asked.

“Oh, we are the orderers under War God, the Lord of Destruction,” Ji Ruobing said quickly.

“This time I was ordered to investigate the escape of the blood beast.”

“What does this have to do with us?” the man asked in a panic.

“Someone revealed that you have a relationship with Shixue Beast, we have specially investigated it,” Ji Ruobing lightly said.

“My lord is aware,” the man quickly explained.

“There is a lot of uneasiness in the city these days. We don’t even know how to get out of the house, how can we know what kind of blood beast.”

“It’s useless to say more, let’s investigate it, and if there is nothing wrong, naturally it won’t make it difficult for you to wait,” Ji Ruobing said.

The man hesitated, and finally nodded.

Said: “My lord, please.”

Entering this room, Xu Zimo is slightly frowned.

There was nothing unusual about the little girl and the man who received him.

The courtyard is rather rudimentary.

Coughing came from the back room.

“Old Dong, is anyone here?”

Hearing the voice, the man on the side quickly explained: “This is my wife. She is seriously ill. It is inconvenient to see people. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Go and see,” Xu Zimo said.

Walking into the inner room, a strong medicinal smell came out, very pungent.

On the table inside was a pot of medicine that had just been cooked, and on the bed was a woman who covered her whole body with a quilt.

“My friend is a doctor, as the saying goes, it’s good, the doctor’s parents, let her show to your wife,” Xu Zimo said with a smile to the man.

“Maybe there is something miraculous.”

“Then many thanks, my lord,” the man hesitated for a while, but finally nodded.

Ji Ruobing gave Xu Zimo a glance, and then slowly walked towards the woman.

“Auntie, stretch out your hand,” Ji Ruobing said.

“Then bother the beautiful woman,” a weird voice came from the quilt, and then only a green paw passed by Ji Ruobing’s eyes.

Scratched directly at her eyes.

Ji Ruobing was coldly snorted, as if he had been prepared for a long time, he pulled away and retreated.

With a sound of “hong”, the next moment saw that the door of this room was closed, the quilt was lifted, and a green monster stood up.

This monster has an ugly appearance and a green body, like a legendary imp.

Its ears are like elves, sharp and slender, with a bald head and a 1-layer ripple on the top of its head.

The 2 eyes are pure white, and the nose is eagle-eyed.

“Damn you guys,” I saw the kid said angrily.

Next moment, on the top beam of this room, 4 little ghost-like monsters jumped down.

And the little girl and man before that, shiver coldly already scared, hid away.

“How does the blood beast look like this?” Ji Ruobing curiously asked.

“They are not blood beasts,” Xu Zimo shook his head solemnly.

Although he has never seen a real blood beast.

But when I was in the North Continent, I had seen some leftover patterns at the site of Sword Immortal Jiang Family.

Jiang Family is the Guardian who guards the northern continent-style blood space, just like Sword Immortal Jiang Yun himself.

Although the blood beasts have different forms, they have one thing in common. The power they use is God’s Force.

It is a unique power when the Age of Myths is dead.

Like the gods of Age of Myths, they are all equipped with divine force.

And the power of these green monsters is nothing more than ordinary spiritual qi transformation. What about the overlord of the late All Gods turn to Dusk.

“Who the hell are you?” Xu Zimo asked with a frown.

“Your head came, and asked who we are?” monster said coldly.

“You interrupted my tribe’s worship, do you know the consequences?”

“What kind of race are you?” Xu Zimo continued to ask.

The monster did not answer, but slowly raised his hands.

These hands are also different from ordinary creatures.

Generally, creatures have 5 fingers, which are long and short.

But this monster has 6 fingers, and 6 fingers are generally long and short.

Ji Ruobing, who was quite knowledgeable, thought about it a little, and said in surprise: “Are you from the 6-finger clan?”

“Oh, there are people who know this name,” the monster raised his head and gave Ji Ruobing a faint look.

coldly snorted and said: “But how do those lowly 6-finger families compare with us?

They are just a mottled sideline that’s all of Bloodline.

We are the authentic mountain Divine Race. “

“Mountain Divine Race?” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

“never heard of that.”

He usually reads few books, and is indifferent to everything except the things he is concerned about.

With 3000 races in this world, how could he remember it all alone.

“Mountain Divine Race,” Ji Ruobing exclaimed from the side.

Tentatively asked: “Then the worship you mentioned was worshiping the mountain god just now?”

“What do you think,” the monster said angrily.

“But because of your presence and disturbed me, I had to stop worshiping.”

Hearing the monster’s words, Ji Ruobing cautiously pulled Xu Zimo’s shirt and whispered, “This may be a misunderstanding.”

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