I’m Really a Villain Chapter 949

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“Then deference is no substitute for obedience,” the man who was called up also stood up, said with a smile.

Two of them stood with their hands in their hands, while the other held a folding fan with graceful demeanor.

With the surging of the spiritual qi of the two people, it seems that they are learning from each other, but they all used real skills.

There was the sound of the piano coming from the room, the sound of the piano was like a golden horse, like the Yangtze River going east.

With a heavy war tone, “hong long long”, it seems that the image appears before the eyes of the enemy generals in the 10000 army.

Let people boil for a while, wishing to fight with heaven fight with earth.

It seems to be rendered by the sound of the piano. To the left of this piano room, the two people in the plum garden also played True Fire.

punched out the true meaning of boxing,

A folding fan, illusion plum blossoms dotted and bloomed, the sky was full of snow.

Said to be a discussion, but almost everyone here wants to get the intimacy of the mirror girl.

Not long after, the folding fan man was defeated, was shattered by a punch, and his silhouette flew out.

“The lone geese in the desert came to learn,” the folding fan man was defeated, and immediately there were others who wanted to come forward to give him advice.

“You guys, it’s better to let these young masters rest for a round and come back to fight again,” the woman in Graceland said with a smile before.

This is also fair and avoids wheel wars.

“Well, this brother will rest for now, who wants to fight with me?” Gu Yanbai asked loudly.

“Don’t you want to go,” Xu Zimo looked towards little fatty and asked.

“I don’t like these people. Only when Niu Dali and Zuo Quan take the initiative, they are only worthy to fight me,” Little Fatty said disdainfully.

“Do you like the mirror girl too?” Xu Zimo asked.

“That’s not the case. I want to ask her a question. I heard that she understands everything,” little fatty replied.

“Then she knows the blood beast?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, little fatty fell silent for a while, and then looked around.

Seeing that no one was paying attention, he whispered: “I tell you a secret, the seal of the Shixue Space was cracked, and the day the Shixue Beast escaped.

I heard that the Lord of Destruction had personally visited Girl Mirror. “

“Really?” Xu Zimo was taken aback and said.

“The hearsay, the hearsay,” little fatty smiled and quickly denied.


In the middle of the plum garden, a few people turned around, and the battle had started several rounds.

Almost everyone here will come to join in the fun, no matter how strong or weak, they will challenge.

After playing for nearly one hour, finally there was only one person left in the center of the field.

That is an old man.

“Can anyone still fight? If not, then this place belongs to the old man,” the old man said with a smile.

All around there was a little silence, and most of the people had already been defeated.

Hearing “I’m coming”, the bull walked in from outside the plum garden with his upper body naked.

“It’s the Young Gang Lord of the Bull Head Gang,” someone all around recognized it and said quickly.

Niu Dali looked towards the old man, Weiwei beckons with the hand, lightly said with a smile: “One move.”

“Youngster, the tone is too big,” the old man coldly snorted and said.

Niu Dali didn’t speak, and saw 2 puffs of white smoke coming out of his nose.

Next moment, a golden light flashed from the horns above the head, and the silhouette of Niu Dali suddenly became illusory.

The sound of “hong” had appeared in front of the old man, and the horns pushed up.

The spiritual qi of the old man’s hands surged, and the spiritual qi of the riot also blasted past not to be outdone.

A scream followed.

I saw that golden-yellow horns penetrated the old man’s body directly, nailing him to the horns.

“Kill you, pollute my horns,” Niu Dali said lightly.

His gaze looked towards all around fiercely, which made people fought.

“Zuo Quan, fight with me,” Niu Dali said.

“I’m not in a hurry,” Zuo Quan waved his hand slightly, as if waiting for something.

“Roll if you don’t fight,” Niu Dali said with disdain.

“Who else is going to fight?”

“I’ll try it,” little fatty stepped forward, lightly saying.

“Who are you?” Niu vigorously turned his head to look, frowning and asked.

“Whatever that many are doing, war,” Little Fatty screamed and killed him directly.

His fat body is extraordinarily flexible, just like a fat loach, smashing into a bull.

The cow is coldly snorted, like a desolate Divine Ox. When its big foot is on the ground, numerous cracks appear on the ground.

“Nine pulse seal,” little fatty coldly snorted.

I saw his silhouette imagining countless afterimages in the void.

These afterimages couldn’t see the true and false, and surrounded the cow vigorously.

Niu Dali lost his way in an instant, and didn’t know how to use brute force.

Next moment, I saw that these afterimages were so fast that they were almost hard to see with the eyes.

Even Xu Zimo can only see some vague silhouettes by using perception.

“Peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~” several consecutive voices sounded in the void.

“Stop your hand after the fight,” the silhouette of little fatty drew back quickly.

Greatly separated from the cow.

“What did you do?” Niu Dali looked at the little fatty angrily.

The sharp horn above his head originally had golden light flashing by, but now he can’t feel the fluctuation of spiritual qi.

“I can seal veins with this technique. Within 7 days, you will be no different from an ordinary person,” said little fatty triumphantly.

“Do you still fight now?”

“You play tricks,” Niu vigorously shouted angrily.

“I’m giving you Niutou to help you face, and I don’t want to hurt you,” said little fatty lightly.

“If no one fights again, then I will get this place.”

“Zuo Quan,” Niu Dali seemed unwilling, looked towards Zuo Quan.

“I’m not participating,” Zuo Quan shook his head slightly.

“Since no one dares to challenge anymore, I declare that the first place in this competition is the white young master.”

The woman said with a smile before.

“Wait,” I saw little fatty wave his hand, looked towards Xu Zimo, said with a smile.

“Brother Xu, this place is given to you.”

“Let me?” Xu Zimo said in surprise.

“Yes,” little fatty laughed, and stepped forward to patted Xu Zimo’s shoulder.

“Chun Xiao is worth 1000 gold a night, don’t disappoint my kindness.”

“Why let me?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

“It’s pleasing to your eyes, I don’t need a reason to do things,” said little fatty, waving his hand.

“Then this young master will come with me,” the woman looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“According to the previous rules, you can let Girl Mirror accompany you all night.”

Xu Zimo felt that everything was a little confused, and under the envious eyes of everyone, he followed the woman into the depths of the piano room.

Passing through the lobby, an aisle appeared in front.

There are countless calligraphy and paintings hanging on the 2 sides of this aisle.

“Girl Mirror loves writing and painting,” the woman leading the way explained with a smile.

“These all are the mirror girl did.”

Xu Zimo lacks interest, he is not interested in these.

Walking into the aisle, there was a piano sound from not far away.

It sounded softly like a smoky smoke.

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