I’m Really a Villain Chapter 950

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Listening to the music of the piano, it is pleasant and comfortable, as if a stream flows slowly through the heart, nourishing 10000 things.

The spring rain is clear, it is clearly a sound, but it can make people have a sense of picture before their eyes, even as if they are in the world transformed with the sound of the piano.

This is that only when the piano pitch reaches a certain level, can the player make the listener feel her inner world.

Listening to the sound of the piano, Xu Zimo felt very quiet inside.

The aisle is very quiet, with vermilion pillars beside it.

Up ahead At the end of the aisle, a pavilion appeared.

At this moment, a woman is standing in the pavilion, looking at the Weishui Lake on the other side of the pavilion.

A curtain hung at the entrance of the pavilion.

The curtain is made of fine beads, and wind chimes of various colors hang on it.

With the breeze blowing in from a distance, blowing the water ripples on the green lake, the wind chime “dingdong” rang.

“Young master Xu, this is it.

I retire first,” the woman looked towards Xu Zimo, said with a smile.

Leaning slightly, Shi Shiran retreated.

Xu Zimo walked straight forward and pulled up the pearl curtain of the wind chime with his hands.

The area of ​​this pavilion is not too big, and there is a harp up ahead.

A woman in a white lotus dress was standing on the edge of the pavilion with her back leaning against the door.

She has a very elegant temperament, just standing so quietly.

The long skirt is grand and slender, and a lotus-like shape is blooming.

Like a lotus, the lotus blooms above it.

The willow waist is slender and graceful.

Looking up, the snow-white neck is as pure as snow.

A flaxen hair, scattered behind him, fluttered gently with the breeze.

The sun is shining, the spring is shining, everything is just right.

Xu Zimo sat at the table in the pavilion, each minding their own business pouring himself a cup of tea.

Tea color is green, with a hint of sweetness in the bitterness.

“I heard that you only know about astronomy and geography, and you know everything from the next 1000 years,” Xu Zimo said first.

“What does the young master want to know?” Miss Jing turned around and smiled.

As if the snow meets the warm sun in February, it disappeared.

Xu Zimo just looked at the opponent’s face.

The eyebrows are like green feathers, but not like willow eyebrows. The eyebrows are curved and just right.

The skin is like snow, washed like milk, smooth and tender, and people can’t help but want to try it out.

The teeth are like shells, the cherry mouth is coated with cherry-like lipstick, and the teeth are white and neat.

There is a beautiful person, Qing Yang Wanxi.

Xu Zimo couldn’t help but think of a poem,

“Yun thinks about clothes, and the spring breeze blows the threshold of Huanong.”

Cloud wants to be her clothes, Huaer wants to decorate her face.

The spring breeze blows on the railings, making the dewdrops more moist and colorful.

Xu Zimo has seen many beautiful women in this life, and the Great Holy Land Saintess, and so on cannot be compared with her.

As if her five officials, every place is just right, just right.

It makes people sigh that there are such perfect people in the world.

She has a faint fragrance, very faint.

If you don’t smell it carefully, you won’t even smell it.

But this fragrance seems to have a kind of magic power, once you smell it, you will long for it and can’t stop it.

“What do you know?” Xu Zimo asked back.

Girl Mirror sat down slowly and sat opposite Xu Zimo, her long skirt spread on the ground.

“The young master wants to ask about his life, do you want to test me,” Miss Jing said with a smile.

“But it doesn’t matter,” Xu Zimo nodded.

Destiny is very elusive. Even the people of Comprehend River of Destiny dare not say that they can control their destiny.

Xu Zimo also possesses Chaos Orb, so he can get so close to fate.

Otherwise, with his realm of Divine Vein Realm, there is absolutely no chance to deal with fate.

So he generally doesn’t believe in fate.

“The young master was born in True Martial Sacred Sect and has a distinguished status.

But along the way, it seems to rely on sect, all by himself.

The young master’s love is not smooth, the people who love each other are not visible, and even though the hearts are connected, they can never be together. “

Miss Mirror slowly tapped the table top with her hands and continued: “The young master was born with his own mission.

This road is destined to be dark. “

Speaking of this, Miss Mirror opened her lips slightly and said a word with a smile.


Xu Zimo slowly raised his head. Although it was only a few words, he was surprised at hearing it.

These simple sentences included his life.

Xu Zimo discovered that in front of the other party, there seemed to be no secrets.

Except for rebirth and self-created world, other things seem to be no secret.

“I wonder if what Jing’er said is true?” Miss Jing asked with a smile.

“You do have some abilities,” Xu Zimo nodded replied.

“Is it just some ability?” The girl in the mirror raised her head, beautiful eyes looked forward to her, her red lips slightly opened, and she breathed blue air lightly.

That appearance, can’t tell how fascinating.

“Actually, I wanted to ask about the blood beast,” Xu Zimo said, feeling a little unnatural.

“At the moment of the spring night, does the young master just want to say something inconsequential to me like this?” Miss Jing leaned on the edge of the pavilion.

The figure is unobstructed, with long slender legs resting on the chairs of the pavilion.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I want the young master to be a beast,” Miss Jing said with a smile.

She stood up and the lotus dress opened together.

She moved lightly and came behind Xu Zimo.

The jade hand rests on Xu Zimo’s shoulders, bending slightly, his mouth leaning against Xu Zimo’s ear with hot air.

“There are true gentlemen, hypocrites, villains, and true villains in this world.

I wonder what kind of young master belongs to? “

She said with a smile: “I think the young master is clean and self-conscious, but now he is not alone.

The young master is a man. Whenever he wants it, he says whether he has desire again in his mind.

The mirror still looks so beautiful that it is difficult to shake the young master. “

Xu Zimo stared at the opponent and was silent for a long time.

Just spit out a few words from his mouth.

“I treat you as a friend, but you want to be me?”

“Pu,” Miss Mirror couldn’t help laughing when she heard Xu Zimo’s words.

This smile was like a snowy smile, 10000 people lost their color.

It seems that no matter what beautiful people do, they are especially beautiful.

Every move has a fascinating charm.

“Young master Xu, don’t you have any other ideas,” Miss Jing continued.

“Just tell me about the blood beast,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“Don’t the young master Xu already have a way, why do you come to ask me again?” Miss Jing said.

Xu Zimo took a serious look at the other party.

“Have you investigated me?”

“Many things are useless by investigation. This is Jing’er’s natural ability that’s all.”

“I don’t believe it,” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

He jumped out of the River of Destiny, and many things were impossible to understand.

“But this is the fact, whether the young master believes it or not,” Miss Jing laughed and replied.

“If that’s the case, then I will leave,” Xu Zimo stood up, preparing to leave.

“Young master,” Miss Jing called out from behind.

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