I’m Really a Villain Chapter 951

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Xu Zimo stopped and looked towards the other party.

“You just beat your heartbeat very fast, I can feel it,” Miss Mirror said with a smile.

“Although you are serious on the surface, your heart is moved, right.”

“What’s your name?” Xu Zimo asked.

“My name is just one word, mirror,” the mirror girl said with a smile.

“The young master just calls me Jinger, speaking of which you are still the first man to call me like this.”

“Oh,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded, turning around to leave again.

“The young master, if anything happens, can come to me at any time,” Miss Jing’s voice came from behind.

“Jing’er greets you at any time.”

Seeing Xu Zimo’s back further and further away, the corners of her mouth evoked a seductive curve.


Walking out of the pavilion, the breeze was blowing gently, and the wind bell of the curtain seemed to still be echoing in my ears.

Xu Zimo stopped. Just now, his Dao Heart seemed a little unstable.

He always felt that he didn’t value the love of men and women that much, and he didn’t have any feelings about other women except for Nan Keer.

The so-called Taoism, at the later stage, is this Dao Heart.

Thousand hammers, hundred refinements, rolling in the dust, and finally consistent.

But after all, he is still a human, unable to escape Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

When a stunning beauty who was perfect and without blemish was picked by Jun Jun, he still couldn’t avoid his heartbeat.

Although restrained and suppressed the inner impulse, Dao Heart fluctuates and fluctuates.

The sky outside has darkened.

But this elegant garden is still bright as ever.

At a distance, there will be 5 colorful lights hanging on some plum blossoms or bamboos.

These small lights are on, reflecting on the plum blossoms, adding a few more charms.

Even at night, the silhouette still moves here, making it extremely lively.

There are countless people who spend the night in this elegant garden.

Some people even think of it as their home, enjoying the flowers and listening to the piano in the elegant garden during the day, and going to the common land at night, so happy.

There are so many rare in life, white head, empty and sad.


“Have you heard, another major event happened in our city of destruction recently.”

Several people were chatting in the pavilion next to it.

Xu Zimo leaned closer and listened to a few words intentionally.

“What major event?” the person next to him curiously asked.

“You should all know who sealed the blood space of our Destroyed City,” the man said.

“Of course it’s the Holy Lord, I need to ask.”

“I heard that the true Divine Sword of the Holy Lord has been found,” someone whispered.

“What are you kidding? Divine Sword is really split, scattered all around Yuanyang Continent.

Who can find it? “

“Anyway, there are rumors all over the city now that there is a Divine Sword named Xu Zimo who has gathered the true Divine Sword and became the discipline of the Holy Lord.

I have come to our city of destruction, and I heard that it is a blood space that is ready to solve once and for all. “

“Really, what does Xu Zimo come from?”

“I don’t know, but the city has been chaotic enough recently, and it is getting chaotic now.”

“It’s good to mess up, or how to call it the city of destruction,” someone laughed heartily and didn’t seem to care.

Upon hearing the content of these chats, Xu Zimo shook his head and laughed.

“Let this girl spread the rumors, didn’t expect it was so outrageous.”

He originally asked Ji Ruobing to rumors that he had a true Divine Sword.

And now it’s only a day or so, just the Holy Lord disciple, the rumor that the blood space is resolved once and for all comes out.

In fact, Xu Zimo has always had a guess in his heart.

It is very difficult to open the seal of the blood space.

Relying on the blood beast to attack the seal, even a few million years may not be useful.

In addition, the Lord of Destruction is guarded by the outside world. If there is any problem with the seal, you can always observe and repair it.

This time it was very lucky to have a few blood beasts escape.

The opportunity to open the blood space seal should be the real Divine Sword.

Whether these all are Xu Zimo’s guesses is true or not depends on the situation.

If those blood beasts know that the real Divine Sword is in Xu Zimo’s hands, and don’t need Xu Zimo to find it, they will probably send it to the door by themselves.

This is called waiting for the rabbit.

Xu Zimo’s goal is to be a blood beast, he does not want to cause some other troubles because of the real Divine Sword.

After coming out of Graceland, he never saw that little fatty again.

Although he was curious about the identity of the opponent, Xu Zimo did not deliberately look for it.

He left Graceland and found an Inn in the Nancheng District of the City of Destruction.

2 rooms opened.

Meet with Ji Ruobing at the Inn.

Feel free to find Inn Boss and serve a table of good wine and good food, he looked towards Ji Ruobing said with a smile: “It’s all done?”

“I guess you will suffer next,” Ji Ruobing took a sip of strong wine.

Without frowning, he said, “You will be busy next.

Some people want the true Divine Sword, and some people want the inheritance of the Holy Lord. “

“Then wait and see when the fish takes the bait,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

The two were eating, and suddenly several people in iron armor walked in from outside the Inn.

Their target is Xu Zimo.

“So fast,” Xu Zimo said in surprise.

This front foot has just finished talking about trouble, is this the back foot?

“Young master Xu, Wood War God wants to see you,” the leader of the armored man walked up and said flatly, looking towards Xu Zimo.

In addition to the Lord of Destruction in this city of destruction, the 8 Great War Gods are absolute ruling authority.

Their words are the iron law of this ruined city.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Zimo asked.

“The commander didn’t say, please come with us,” the armored man replied.

Xu Zimo glanced at Ji Ruobing.

I saw Ji Ruobing wave his hand, said with a smile: “Go, it just so happened that I was also sleepy, and I want to go back to the room to sleep.”


Following the entire group of armored men, Xu Zimo came to the deepest part of the city.

This seems to be the barracks of the entire city of destruction.

No one else can be seen around, they are all armored forces.

The other party led Xu Zimo to a tent and then backed out.

Xu Zimo circled all around and then walked into the tent.

There is a book case in the up ahead position of the tent.

There are a few scrolls on the book case.

At the other end of the book case, sitting on the ground is a handsome middle-aged man.

The man wears a light green robe. Although he is not considered dashing eyebrows, he is a handsome man.

“Sit down,” watching Xu Zimo come in, the man put down the scroll in his hand and said with a smile.

“I don’t know why War God is looking for me?” Xu Zimo asked directly.

“You are so smart, you should think about it,” Wood War God said with a smile.

“Because it’s really Divine Sword,” Xu Zimo said.

Wood War God is slightly nodded and replied: “I probably know what you think, use the real Divine Sword as a bait to attract the blood beast.”

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