I’m Really a Villain Chapter 952

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Hearing what Wood War God said, Xu Zimo did not refute it either.

This kind of thing belongs to a conspiracy, even if the other party knows it, it has to come.

For the clansman of the whole blood beast, for freedom, the true Divine Sword is the most important thing.

“Have you ever thought that your thoughts are too rash.

What will happen if 10000 fails? “

Wood War God looked towards Xu Zimo and said harshly: “Once the blood beast escapes from the blood space, it will be a fatal blow to the entire land of destruction, even Yuanyang Continent.

Do you still want the aftermath of the end of Age of Myths to come again. “

“You asked me to come, that is to say this?” Xu Zimo asked rhetorically.

“It stands to reason that Divine Sword really belongs to you. I shouldn’t decide what you do with it,” Mu War God paused and said.

“But this matter is very important, there can be no mistakes.

So I hope you will hand over the real Divine Sword and let us keep it. “

“What then?” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly when he heard the other party’s words, with an inexplicable expression.

“Don’t worry, I am not greedy for anything. When those blood beasts are caught and the danger is removed, I will return it to you,” Mu War God explained.

“Then if I refuse, you want to grab it,” Xu Zimo continued to say with a smile.

“For the sake of destroying the city, why not grab it,” Wood War God said in a strong tone.

“I will not give those blood beasts any chance to escape.

Not even a trace. “

“Then you give it a try,” Xu Zimo didn’t feel irritated, but replied calmly.

2 people and 4 eyes looking at each other,

Xu Zimo was covered with black cloth, and he couldn’t see the happiness or anger.

However, Wood War God was full of anger, which did not match his handsome appearance, just like a mad lion.

“Commander Mu, don’t be angry.” At this moment, I saw a chuckle from the side.

“Everyone lacking hatred and enmity, at least the goal is for the blood beast, it should be on the same line.”

Xu Zimo turned his head and saw a man in a dark robe approaching with a smile.

This man has strong features, a burly figure, and his height can be as little as 1.9 m.

Walking to the front, it gives people an oppression.

“This Little Brother, get to know, you can call me secret leader,” the man said with a smile.

“Dark War God?” Xu Zimo asked.

He had heard that little fatty say before that, in the city of destruction today, three War Gods were called to guard it together.

Just to find out the so-called blood beast.

“It’s just a title that’s all, how dare we bear the word War God 2,” Dark War God said with a smile.

“Your name is the hidden leader.”

“True Divine Sword, I won’t hand it over. If you want to be strong, it’s okay to hit two or one, or you can join the barracks.

I went on,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“You…,” Wood War God on the side seemed even more angry.

“Commander Mu, don’t be angry,” Dark War God turned to look at Xu Zimo.

said with a smile: “Could you let me discuss with Commander Mu, and then come to talk to you.”

“Please,” Xu Zimo shrugged and replied.

The two people walked into the tent and talked for about 2 minutes. Finally, only Wood War God walked out with a gloomy expression.

“We each take a step back,” Mu commander looked towards Xu Zimo and said again.

“Then really Divine Sword, we don’t need it, but you have to cooperate with us and catch the blood beast together.”

“How to cooperate?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Since you are holding the real Divine Sword, use it as a bait,” Mu War God said.

“We protect you in the dark, and you must obey our orders if necessary.

Come mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. “

“It is impossible to follow your orders,” Xu Zimo said directly.

“But you want to protect me in the dark, I can promise.

But I have one more request. “

“What’s the requirement?” Wood War God frowned.

“I want to see the Lord of Destruction,” Xu Zimo said.

If he wants to enter the blood space, he must be approved by the Lord of Destruction.

“City Lord he didn’t see anyone,” Wood War God replied coldly snorted.

“The words are not so absolute,” the dark War God hurriedly returned.

said with a smile: “We unite the catch-type blood beast, when the time comes, you take half of the credit, and you will naturally be summoned by the City Lord.”

“Then it’s settled,” Xu Zimo nodded.

“I have to leave without any problems.”

“Let me tell you briefly about the current situation,” the dark War God said.

“There are currently 3 known blood beasts that have escaped. Keep an eye on it.”

Xu Zimo nodded, left the barracks, and walked straight in the direction of Inn.

In fact, without the help of these people, he could kill the blood beast.

It’s just that now he doesn’t want to conflict with the city of destruction.

One is that they are in conflict, and the happy one is naturally the blood beast.

2 I also want to enter the Far Ancient Celestial Court, and I will inevitably have to deal with the other party. There is no need to make a fuss.


Seeing Xu Zimo leaving, Wood War God just withdrew his gaze, looked towards Dark War God, and asked: “Why stopped me just now?”

“You don’t know how to change your temper,” the dark War God coldly snorted said.

“You know what I practice is Darkness Strength, which can breed the dark side of people within the body.

But I just tested him, and I felt the power is like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, without the slightest reaction. “

Speaking of this, the dark War God gazes squinted slightly, his expression intriguing.

Continued: “There are only two cases of this result,

Either he has a bright heart, full of magnanimity, and darkness is seamless, but do you think it is possible?

There is another situation, this person is deep and unmeasurable, I can’t shake it half. “

Hearing the words of Dark War God, Wood War God seemed a little unbelievable.

“You said he is strong? How is this possible.”

“How impossible, even if he is in the city of destruction, he still dares to make a fuss with you.

What does this show? Confident,” Dark War God lightly saying.

Mu War God lowered his head and began to think.


Coming out of the barracks, Xu Zimo walked straight to the Inn.

Because the barracks were located in a remote place, he could hardly see anyone when he came out.

At this moment, I saw an old man with a hunchback and ragged clothes not far in front.

“My lord, please be kind and give me some money,” the old man walked towards Xu Zimo, begging.

However, before Xu Zimo could speak, the old man’s hand was like lightning, turning directly into a blade front and slashing towards Xu Zimo’s neck.

Xu Zimo was slightly frowned, with a punch.

Just listen to the sound of “peng” and directly explode the opponent’s body with a punch, turning it into a burst of blood mist.

“So weak?” Even Xu Zimo himself was a little surprised.

But the fact is right in front of us, this old man just died with no difficulty.

He perceives all around slightly, there is no strange place.

Then walked towards Inn again.

Walking to the main street, all around just lit up brightly.

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