I’m Really a Villain Chapter 954

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Seeing such a large statue emerge from the ground, everyone was shocked.

But then they all reacted.

“It turned out to be Divine Race Elder,” the man from the Moonshade tribe first asked.

“I wonder why the Divine Race is here?”

“This guy disturbed the ceremony in our clan, we hereby arrest him and ask for sin,” the statue said, speaking human’s words, flatly.

“This is a bit unreasonable, and there must be a first-come-last-come,” the masked man said with a smile.

“The son of our moonshade patriarch was killed. Anyway, he will go with us first.”

Seeing that the two people actually fought for their own ownership, Xu Zimo shook his head and laughed.

This is really the temptation of Divine Sword.

Said it is revenge, but in fact it is only that’s all on the one hand, for a bigger reason they also want the real Divine Sword.

2 Everyone is coldly snorted.

The mask man lightly saying: “Then it depends on the ability. Whoever catches him will belong to him.”

“That’s what I meant,” the statue was also slightly replied.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, suddenly heaven falls and earth rends, endless formidable power entangled around him, and went to suppress Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo shook his big hand, as if grasping the entire void in his hand.

Straight forward with a punch.

The aftermath of the explosion directly destroyed the Inn and collapsed, and one of the statue’s arms was also shattered with a punch by Xu Zimo.

“The mantis stalks the cicada, but what if it was an Old Hu,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

He deceived himself, rushing to the sky one step at a time, and the power of shaking the sky erupted from his body.

Killed towards the statue.

His speed is extremely fast, almost becoming the afterimage of one after another.

With another punch, the statue couldn’t even react, and it was penetrated through the heart.

Seeing this scene, the masked man was slightly surprised.

Hurriedly shouted: “I will help you.”

Surrounded by Qi of Black and White, he turned into a stream of light to kill Xu Zimo.

“Go away,” Xu Zimo stepped out and kicked the opponent directly away.

Immediately afterwards, he ran straight to the statue and patted down with both hands.

The head of the huge statue was directly crushed into the void.

“Ah,” a scream erupted from the statue.

“If you offend the mountain god, you will eventually be punished.”

“That’s not your turn to point fingers,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

As the statue was destroyed, all around was dusty and messed up.

Xu Zimo turned his head, and saw everyone in the Moonshade tribe shaking.

“Go,” the masked man yelled and fled towards the city.

Xu Zimo waved his right hand and said, “Since it’s here, please stay.”

The power of “hong long long” was like a rolling river, falling from the top of the head like a waterfall, directly suppressing the crowd.

Immediately the sword chant sounded, and everyone did not even see how to draw the sword, and their heads fell, their blood turned cold.


Xu Zimo turned his head and looked at all around, except for this ruin-like scene, Ji Ruobing was also missing.

Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

These blood beasts were also cunning, dragging themselves with these people, and then quietly snatching Ji Ruobing away.

Now Xu Zimo uses himself as a bait, and what he wants is a dignified righteous scheme.

But these blood beasts used the people around him as a breakthrough, trying to force him to submit.

He stretched out his right hand and saw a puff of white gas wrapped around the palm of his hand.

“Causes,” Xu Zimo murmured.

The gas turned into a line, floating in front of Xu Zimo, pointing him the way.

Ji Ruobing’s true fate is 10000 calamities, which is a very special true fate.

The power it uses is Jie.

As long as the two people discussed before, leave a trace of spiritual qi to each other, and if the other person has something, they can find it quickly.

Moreover, the spiritual qi left by Ji Ruobing is a catastrophe, which is very different from ordinary spiritual qi, and it is generally difficult to detect.

He didn’t say anything to those War Gods, he must send someone in the dark to protect himself if he wants to come.

But even if Ji Ruobing was taken away, he did not show up, which can explain some attitudes.


He followed the spiritual qi line of the catastrophe all the way, and unexpectedly came to the most prosperous main street in the city of destruction.

“Are they hiding here?” Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

The blood beasts are hidden in the city of destruction. The first reaction of most people is to think that they must be hidden in the dark or in some remote places.

Never thought that the hall is here.

Xu Zimo looked up and saw a magnificent mansion in front of him.

The mansion all around is a brown wall,

There are 2 lions squatting at the door, not stone lions, but real lions.

Hong Mao looked particularly irritable, lying quietly on the 2 sides of the door.

The eyes are slightly closed, and the fierce beast power radiates unintentionally, which can shock passers-by.

The gate is vermilion,

On the black plaque above my head, there are a few big characters with golden light.

“Lion Mansion.”

Just as Xu Zimo was standing at the entrance of this mansion and looking at it, the silhouette of Wood War God came over from the side.

Xu Zimo glanced at the other person, not feeling curious.

His every move now affects many people’s hearts.

“Do you have a clue?” Wood War God asked.

“Where is this?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You said Lion Mansion,” Wood War God said with a smile.

“This is one of the strongest forces in our city of destruction.

He is different from the gangs of the Bull Head Gang and the Moon Shadow Gang.

The lord of the Lion Mansion is black and white.

20% of the industry in the city of destruction has his shadow. “

“Nobody cares?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

According to the other side’s development, maybe one day the whole city can be empowered.

Has a great influence on the rule of the Lord of Destruction.

“City Lord does not let us provoke, as long as we do not violate the regulations, we can develop freely,” Mu War God said with a shrug.

“The owner of the Lion Mansion is called Crazy Lion, and his real name is Shi1000 Mountain. As for the background, it is quite mysterious.”

“May I go in and have a look,” Xu Zimo asked.

“It’s okay to see, but this guy has high hands and low eyes, I’m afraid he won’t put us in his eyes,” Wood War God said with a smile.

“Don’t even look at you?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

To know the status of Wood War God, in this city of destruction is the second only to Lord of destruction.

Wood War God laughed, smiling without saying anything, without explaining much.

“Then go in,” Xu Zimo said.

Wood War God nodded, looked towards the lion next to 2, and said: “Go report it, and say Wood War God is visiting your palace lord.”

The lion on the left has opened eyes and glanced at Wood War God plainly.

Then he roared softly.

This roar seemed to convey some kind of information, and after a while, a man in a red gown came out of the mansion.

“Why is Wood War God free to come to my Lion Mansion today?”

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