I’m Really a Villain Chapter 955

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The Sequoia man laughed and said hehe.

Wood War God coldly snorted, not at all reply.

Xu Zimo could see that there should be a conflict between the two, and said with a smile on the side: “We are here to visit Palace Lord Mad Lion.”

“Palace Lord has something, I guess there is no time to entertain you,” the red clothes man replied with a smile.

“It’s okay, the mansion is mainly busy, so you don’t need to entertain us.”

Xu Zimo continued: “A long time ago, I admired the style of the Lion Mansion.

Coming today, I just wanted to take a look on a whim and satisfy the admiration in my heart.

We turn around and leave, I wonder if we can? “

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, the red clothes man still had a smile on his face, as if he was thinking about something.

“Lio, we came by the order of the City Lord, don’t go too far,” Wood War God said from the side.

“How dare you,” the red clothes man laughed, stepped aside, and said, “Since it is the meaning of the City Lord, then please come in.”

The two looked at each other and followed the red clothes man into the room.

After entering the City Lord Mansion, the red clothes man waved and saw a man dressed as a servant with a hat walking over.

“I have something to do today, so let him take two of them around the mansion,” the red clothes man said with a smile.

Xu Zimo is nodded, but there is no objection.

After the red clothes man left, the servant walked forward and asked, “Where do you want to go first?”

“It’s okay, we can just stroll around,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

Following the guidance of spiritual qi lines, he walked forward intentionally or unintentionally.

“Who was that person just now?” Xu Zimo asked in a low voice.

“The person is called the Leo, but the real name is unknown,” Mu War God explained.

“He is the steward of the lion mansion. Although he is only a steward, his status is second only to the lion lion.

on the surface manages the chores of the mansion, but secretly handles the power of the lion mansion.

It’s the right arm of the wild lion. “

“You have conflicts?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

Wood War God was silent for a while, and finally nodded.

“I guard the entire city of destruction, and they always do some illegal activities behind their backs in the Lion Mansion.

It’s just that they are very vigilant and I can’t hold their handle.

Over time, he became a rival. “

Speaking of this, Wood War God looked towards Xu Zimo again and asked: “You came to this Lion Mansion, did you find anything?”

Two people were talking and came to a courtyard.

And the spiritual qi line in Xu Zimo’s hand also dissipated here.

The courtyard looks very ordinary. From the outside, there are several hallucinogenic trees planted inside.

The left and right sides of this tree are used for auxiliary formation.

Generally rare.

The wall of all around is pale red.

“Where is this?” Xu Zimo asked, looking at the servant who had been following him.

“An ordinary empty courtyard that’s all,” the servant replied with a smile.

“Are there anyone living?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Not yet,” the servant said, shaking his head.

“Go in and take a look,” Xu Zimo looked towards Mu War God said.

Two people said and walked into the courtyard.

As soon as he walked in, Mu War God frowned and said, “Something’s wrong.”

Xu Zimo also frowned.

After entering this courtyard, he felt the spiritual qi all around begin to riot.

The void in front of me undulates, sometimes broken and sometimes restored.

“Go,” Wood War God a light shout, escaping towards the courtyard.

However, the next moment was knocked out by a powerful force.

Immediately afterwards, I saw a few scarlet rays of light rising from the 4 corners of the courtyard and flying into the air.

The sky above the Lion’s Mansion was restricted, and even if the movement in the courtyard was noisy, the outside world would not see it.

The moment the 4 bloody rays of light rose, Xu Zimo felt the void in front of him begin to change.

An intriguing smile appeared on the face of the servant at the door.


This is a bloody space.

With the endless blood, almost nothing can be seen.

All around The void fluctuates in layers, like countless waves of blood rolling over.

“Where is this?” Wood War God said in surprise.

This space has never seen the daylight, which is very depressing.

Xu Zimo seemed particularly calm.

A clapping voice sounded from the void without warning.

Immediately afterwards, the space in front of him was torn apart. Accompanied by Steward the Lioness before, a man with all fiery-red hair came over.

The man wears a red robe with a roaring lion carved on it.

The man is burly in shape, the hair on his body is particularly dense, and his eyes are pure black.

The beard is a bit long, and the ears are like screens.

“Welcome 2 to the Lion’s Mansion,” the man said with a big smile.

“Crazy 1000 Mountain,” Wood War God said while looking at the man.

“Long time no see, Mu Kan,” Kuang 1000 Mountain said with a smile.

This is also the real name of Wood War God.

“What do you mean?” Wood War God asked, looking at the all around scene.

“Isn’t the meaning obvious?” Kuang 1000 Mountain said with a smile.

“I’m not obvious enough, or you are stupid.”

“If you dare to imprison me, you are not afraid of Sir City Lord,” Mu War God said angrily.

“As long as you get the real Divine Sword and lift the seal of the blood clan, what is the Lord of Destruction,” Kuang 1000 Mountain said with a big smile.

“Unless the Holy Lord comes again, this Yuanyang Continent, who can stop us.”

Speaking of this, Kuang 1000 Mountain General looked towards Xu Zimo.

Said: “I believe you should be a smart person.”

“Where is Ji Ruobing?” Xu Zimo asked.

Seeing Kuang 1000 Mountain waved his hand, a refracted Mirror Image Screen immediately appeared in the void in front of him.

In the picture, Ji Ruobing seemed to be trapped in this scarlet space, and there were a group of monsters with lions and beasts around her, fighting.

“How about, take out the real Divine Sword, you and your friends can leave safely,” Kuang 1000 said with a smile.

“But I am more stubborn,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Seeing you are not very smart, let you be smart and smart first,” Kuang 1000shan seemed to be too lazy to talk nonsense.

He directly waved his right hand, and the blood sea all around began to roll.

Countless scarlet lions jumped out of the sea of ​​blood with their scarlet eyes.

They grinned, roaring at Xu Zimo 2 people.

“By the way, just remind you, you don’t have to think about how to destroy this scarlet space,” Kuang 1000 Mountain said from the side.

“Because this bloody space evolved according to the seal of the bloody space, you can’t do it yet.”

“Palace Lord Mad Lion, I don’t understand,” Wood War God said from the side.

“You are not from the blood beast clan, why do you want to help them like this?”

“There are so many things you don’t understand, do I want to explain to you one by one?” Kuang 1000 Shan chuckled lightly.

With a wave of his right hand, countless lions suddenly rushed towards the two people.

These lions seem to be inexhaustible, and they come in endlessly.

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