I’m Really a Villain Chapter 956

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With a wave of Mu War God right hand, Mu Attribute Power surged in both hands.

With him as the center, countless dead trees burst out from the ground. These dead trees swayed softly like demons and ghosts.

When the lions all pounced, the Wood War God’s big hand fell, and all the dead wood broke out, binding some of these lions, and knocking them out.

There is a steady stream of lions, and dead wood is also constantly emerging.

But it can be seen that Mu War God is under a lot of pressure, and his forehead is already covered with sweat.

“Young master Xu, here is a revision of the seal of Shixue Space,” Mu War God looked towards Xu Zimo, said.

“I think the real Divine Sword will have a certain effect on the suppression here, you can try.”

“No,” Xu Zimo waved his hand, looked towards the Kuang 1000 Mountain next to him, and said.

“You want a real Divine Sword, right? You let the blood beast come out first. I’ll talk about it when I see it.”

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Kuang 1000 Shan was slightly silent.

“Why, what are you afraid of?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“At this point, you are still so cautious.”

“Not cautious,” Kuang 1000 Shan shook his head and laughed.

looked towards the green lion next to him and said: “You go out and stay outside first, I have something to tell him alone.”

Qingshi didn’t ask much, and nodded left directly.

Then mad 1000 Mountain looked towards Xu Zimo, grinning said with a smile: “I am not afraid, but the person you want to see is right in front of you.”

Kuang 1000 Shan laughed while tearing the skin off his body.

From the scalp to the face, to the whole body, he seemed to be wearing a piece of leather clothes.

After tearing off all the skins, the one standing in front of Xu Zimo seemed to be replaced by another person.

“You are not mad at 1000 Mountain,” Wood War God said in surprise from the side.

“Surprised,” the man in front of him said lightly with a smile.

He can be about 1.8 metres tall, his skin is slightly pale, his eyes look like fish-eyes, and his nose is tall.

He has short hair and a scar on his forehead.

Even the clothes he wears all around are the simplest long sleeves.

“I should have thought of it long ago,” Mu War God suddenly realized and reacted.

“Your Camouflage Technique is very strong and can imitate almost anyone.

This Lion’s Mansion is really a good place to hide, but I didn’t expect that even the guy from the Lion was overshadowed by you. “

The man seemed to be not interested in the Wood War God, but looked towards Xu Zimo and said, “How? Now I’m here, hand over the real Divine Sword.

My patience is limited. “

“Just come,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

Immediately, his whole body suddenly broke out, and he directly killed the man.

“I knew you had this hand,” the man wasn’t surprised, the silhouette didn’t retreat but moved forward, and blasted Xu Zimo with a punch.

With a “peng” sound, the silhouettes of the two people all stepped back.

“Come again,” Xu Zimo shouted coldly.

At the fist, the power of creation surged, and the shadow of the fist turned into countless afterimages in the void.

The sonic boom caused by speed sounded continuously in the void.

“peng peng peng !”

For a time, the silhouettes of the two people fought at a speed beyond what the eyes could catch.

Countless voids shattered, but in the end Xu Zimo was better.

He came directly behind the opponent with a fist in his hand, hitting the man’s back hard.

A very strange blood spit out from the mouth.

The man wiped his lips and turned to say with a smile: “I underestimated you.”

“You are not enough,” Xu Zimo shouted coldly.

The fist slammed again.

The man was a little overwhelmed, and after a few tricks, Xu Zimo gave him a punch and threw him away.

“Isn’t there three,” Xu Zimo said.

“You let them all out.”

The man not at all replied, and he wiped the blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.

I saw a tyrannical breath erupting from within the body.

Behind him, a group of bloody condense made a big face.

It was a terrifying monster face.

His face was slightly thin and withered, and drops of blood flowed from his eyes and seven orifices.

It’s just as terrifying as it is.

I saw the man open his mouth, his mouth split up to one meter long, and bright light flickered on his fangs.

The sound he made seemed to be the growl of a beast.

Pounced directly at Xu Zimo.

At this moment, he is no doubt with the beast, not the slightest human being.

Xu Zimo also not to be outdone, and the sky-shaking giant behind him stood up, able to support both heaven and earth.

With a wave of his big palm, he slammed into the tyrannical man.

The boundless power rolls down from the horizon.

Suddenly the dust flew up, and the man was shot directly into the ground.

An illusory shadow was printed on the ground.

At this moment, I saw a silhouette flying over from a distance.

A seat of white shirt, although a little messy, but with a cool temperament, it is Ji Ruobing.

“Why are you here?” Ji Ruobing looked towards Xu Zimo and said in surprise.

“It’s a long story,” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

Seeing Ji Ruobing come in front of him, Xu Zimo suddenly raised his right hand.

Along with the giant palm behind the sky-shaking giant fell down.

“Are you crazy?” Ji Ruobing yelled in horror.

“Although you resemble each other, you just look alike, and some smells can’t change,” Xu Zimo said, shaking his head.

The big palm fell, and the second blood beast dodged in no hurry, and was shot directly in.

Xu Zimo holds the book of life and death, right hand life and death pen.

Turning over the first page, countless chains of life and death flew out of the book and entangled toward the two people underground.

“Crash-bang” The sound of the iron chain colliding sounded.

I saw two monsters flying out of the ground with chains entangled.

These monsters are all similar and hideous in appearance.

It used to be the image of a human body, but now its original shape is exposed, and its body size is nearly 100 meters long.

There are countless densely packed black spots on the body, I am afraid that densely feared people will not dare to look at it.

“Good job,” Wood War God said with a big smile behind him.

“Finally caught them, now I can explain to the City Lord.”

Mu War God smiled and walked towards Xu Zimo.

“Where is Ji Ruobing?” Xu Zimo looked at the two struggling people and asked indifferently.

“Kill us, you will never find her if you kill us,” roar said, laughing.

Xu Zimo was slightly frowned, tightly bound by the chain in his hand, pulling the two blood beasts towards the book of life and death.

“Young master Xu, don’t be impulsive,” Mu War God said quickly from the side.

“They have to hand it over to the City Lord, don’t rush to kill.”

“Then tell me, where is Ji Ruobing?” Xu Zimo looked towards Mu War God and asked.

“You can interrogate them slowly,” Mu War God replied.

“I don’t want to interrogate, you need to answer me,” Xu Zimo shook his head and continued.

“How do I know,” Wood War God chuckled.

“You know,” Xu Zimo faint smiled at him.

“I said you know, you know.”

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