I’m Really a Villain Chapter 958

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Hearing about the culture of the Lord of Destruction, Xu Zimo did not deny it, but directly nodded.

This is his purpose in coming to destroy the land.

“Probably you should also know that the blood space cannot be opened easily,” said the Lord of Destruction.

“One is afraid of the seal opening, and the blood beast took the opportunity to escape.

2 It is also the resembles nature itself that will destroy the sealed domain. “

“City Lord is here to persuade me?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Not so,” The Lord of Destruction shook his head slightly.

“I know you have to go inside and have a look, so I thought of a way for you.”

“What method?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Swallow,” the Lord of Destruction replied.

“Let the sealed realm swallow and assimilate you, so that you can enter the sealed realm without destroying it to the greatest extent.”

Seeing that the Lord of Destruction looked a little hesitant after speaking, Xu Zimo said, “Go on.”

“It’s just that there is a disadvantage,” the Lord of Destruction said musingly.

“You can go in, but you can’t get out.

You can only figure out how to come out. “

“No problem,” Xu Zimo nodded, agreeing without any hesitation.

“Don’t ruin the blood space for me,” the Lord of Destruction reminded.

Xu Zimo laughed, not at all to answer this question.

In fact, the existence and death of Shixue Space didn’t make any sense to him, but the Lord of Destruction helped him in, so naturally he would not destroy it as much as possible.

“Go to the mountain city first,” said the Lord of Destruction.

This is where he lives. Ji Ruobing had guessed before that the seal of Shixue Space should be there.

Several people left from the Lion Mansion. The original face of the Lord of Destruction was the appearance of a green lion. The moment he walked out, his appearance also found a change.

The square-faced, the face is majestic, and the hair on the top of the head is meticulously managed.

The bridge of the nose is high, especially the eyes. Pupil light has a strong oppression, and the involuntarily body reveals a breath of superiors.

Walking to Beicheng District, just halfway through, Xu Zimo saw a woman up ahead not far away.

Mirror girl.

She seems to have changed her makeup again today.

The long skirt that is as blue as sea water is worn on the body with a sense of rotating glaze.

The cyan dress just vividly and thoroughly set off her perfect waist.

She is wearing light makeup today, just right.

The eyes are smart, one long hair is combed together in small braids, and a little soft hair on the temples flutters with the breeze.

She wears a pale blue and amber earring on her white earlobe.

At this moment, he was looking at the oncoming people with a smile on his face.

The Lord of Destruction froze for a moment, and then greeted: “Girl Mirror.”

It can be seen that he respects the girl in the mirror very much.

“I’m here to find him,” said the girl in the mirror, pointing to Xu Zimo.

“Then you talk, we’ll be waiting by the side,” the Lord of Destruction laughed and said casually.

Ji Ruobing, who was next to her, gave the mirror girl a fierce look, and then walked aside.

“Is there anything?” Xu Zimo asked with some headache.

“The young master hasn’t seen you for a few days, do you miss me?” Miss Jing said with a smile.

“I saw it the day before yesterday,” Xu Zimo replied plainly.

“In your words, don’t you see each other in a day like three autumns,” Miss Jing said with a smile.

“Just tell me if you have anything,” Xu Zimo said impatiently.

“You have no conscience, knowing that you are going to Shixue Space, I’m here to tell you a few words,” The mirror girl gave Xu Zimo angrily.

It seems like sexy bearing and charming temperament.

Like a hibiscus flower in full bloom, the expression is in place, I am afraid most people have long been addicted to it.

“What’s the charge?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You are really well informed.”

He killed the three blood beasts, and not long after talking to the Lord of Destruction, the other party was waiting for him intentionally or unintentionally.

The channel ability of this kind of news has to move people.

Unless the Lord of Destruction told her in advance, it would be hard for Xu Zimo to imagine.

“I’m very sad about your affairs, so I pay more attention to it,” Miss Jing said.

“I know the inside of that blood space, would you like to listen?”

“You know?” Xu Zimo said in surprise.

“Have you been to Shixue Space?”

“Anyway, just say, do you want to listen?” The mirror girl laughed, smiling very well.

“Yes,” Xu Zimo nodded.

“Then give me a kiss and I’ll tell you,” Miss Mirror closed her eyes slightly.

Her eyelashes quivered, her cheek was put on blush, her lips were as small as cherry.

Willow brows bend down slightly.

“Bored,” Xu Zimo took a deep breath, turned around and left.

“Hey, you,” Miss Mirror quickly took his arm and said helplessly.

“You are my natural enemy.

Let me tell you that. This type of blood space was originally left by the Holy Lord. In addition to the type of blood beast, there is also the ancient Celestial Court. “

“Do you know Far Ancient Celestial Court?” Xu Zimo said in surprise.

“Listen to me first. The Ancient Celestial Court is surrounded by formations, so that the blood beasts cannot approach.

Formation is not a big problem for you, but there are 2 guarded Divine Beasts in Ancient Celestial Court that far away. “

The mirror girl continued.

“Strong strength, at least half the strength of Nirvana.

In other blood beasts, there should also be half-step Nirvana, which does not rule out the existence of Nirvana. “

Xu Zimo thought slightly when she heard what Miss Mirror said.

No matter what, try it.

“Many thanks, Miss Mirror told,” Xu Zimo nodded thanked.

No matter what kind of thoughts the other party holds, at least it really helped him.

“Just call me Jing’er,” the girl Jing gave Xu Zimo a white look, and said shyly.

“Girl Mirror’s trick is to deal with those fledgling lower body thinking creatures, I’m not suitable,” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

Seeing Xu Zimo’s departure, the girl in the mirror gritted her silver teeth and stomped her feet in anger.


Seeing Xu Zimo approaching, the Lord of Destruction said with a smile: “Xu Holy Son is very familiar with the mirror girl.”

“A general acquaintance,” Xu Zimo shook his head and replied.

“It’s okay to make friends with the mirror girl,” the Lord of Destruction said with a smile.

“There are things in this world that Girl Mirror doesn’t know.

It’s like I used to make friends specifically for the blood beast, but I just fell behind. “

Xu Zimo dealt with a few words casually, he didn’t want to answer this question.

I am really unfamiliar with each other.

It happened that the other party also put on a very intimate look.

Mountain city, this is an inner city inhabited by the Lord of Destruction.

It is famous because it looks like a towering mountain from the outside.

The mountain city all around is heavily guarded, all patrolling soldiers, wearing armor, dare not relax at all.

Follow the Lord of Destruction into the mountain city.

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