I’m Really a Villain Chapter 960

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“Lost?” The blood beast on the left seemed to be the voice of a man.

The voice is very strong, with a long sword on his back.

Their words and deeds, except for their looks, are really no different from human beings.

“This is Wukong Village, in the territory of the Dark Kingdom. Do you know where your home is?”

Although the man explained, his expression was still very alert.

“This is Wukong Village?” Xu Zimo thought for a while, and randomly made up a name, and said: “My family is in Floating Village, have you heard of it?”

Upon hearing Xu Zimo’s words, the two blood beasts looked at each other and shook their heads secretly.

“Never heard of it.”

“Since this is the case, I will go to other places and ask again,” Xu Zimo said in a low tone.

Seeing Xu Zimo about to leave, the blood beast on the right hurriedly shouted.

“This friend also please hold your steps.”

Xu Zimo turned his head and looked towards the opponent in confusion.

“We are very aware of the surrounding area of ​​Wukong Village. There is absolutely no floating village.

If you ask now, you will probably get lost again.

It’s better to take a rest in the village for a few days and bring you when we go to the Kingdom of Darkness. When the time comes, you can go to the main city of the Kingdom and ask.

Maybe there will be some clues. “The type blood beast on the right said.

“Will this bother you?” Xu Zimo asked tentatively.

“I am a stranger after all.”

“No problem, help each other when you go out,” the blood beast on the left also nodded replied.

“Our blood clan unites to advance and retreat. This is not a theme to promote.”

“I don’t know what the two big brothers are called?” Xu Zimo asked quickly.

“My name is Han Shengxiao, and his name is Han Shengtao,” the blood beast on the right explained.

Xu Zimo also reported his name quickly.

He thought to himself in his heart, listening to what these two people said just now, this is the Shixue family, so he shouldn’t have come to the wrong place.

It’s just why there is such a big gap with the imagination of painting style.


Follow 2 people walking towards the village.

Xu Zimo also saw many places along the way.

What is the difference between this place and the human village not at all? Various shops, old people, children, and various blood beasts pass by.

“You probably haven’t eaten yet,” Han Shengxiao asked as he led the way.

“I picked some wild fruits on the road,” Xu Zimo said somewhat sorry.

“Hey, here,” Han Shengxiao stopped and pointed to the front yard, said with a smile.

“This is my home. You live here for now.

After a few days, we will go to the kingdom to sell animal skins, and we will take you with you. “

“Then many thanks Han big brother,” Xu Zimo quickly thanked him.

Xu Zimo took a closer look. The yard is a bit crude, with ordinary rocks on the outside.

Some of the houses inside are thatched huts, while others are made of clay.

Not only this courtyard, but the construction technology of the whole village seems to be very backward along the way.

In the middle of the courtyard, a vine is planted.

The vines of grapes followed the erected brackets and enveloped the sky above the yard.

In front of the door, a young girl was sitting on a chair washing her clothes.

Seeing the girl’s appearance, Xu Zimo was slightly surprised.

Because she is different from these blood beasts, she looks like a human being.

5 The officer is very clear, with 2 mutton pigtails, and the clothes he wears are simple.

There is a small dimple on the left face with a smile, and there are 2 small tiger teeth on the upper left and right corners of the mouth.

Seeing someone coming back, the girl hurriedly called: “Father, uncle.”

Han Shengtao is slightly nodded.

“This, this is,” Xu Zimo said, looking at each other in surprise.

He just felt it carefully, this girl shouldn’t be human.

This should be what the Transformation Technique of the Blood Beast has become.

Here it is not easy for him to open the eyes of Heavenly Dao.

“Brother Xu, don’t be nervous,” Han Shengxiao explained to the side.

“The Bloodline of my niece within the body is a little different, so it looks a little different from ours.”

“Oh, how come, it’s just the first time I met, it’s very novel,” Xu Zimo smiled and shook his head.

“Uncle, who is he?” The girl looked at Xu Zimo and curiously asked.

“My name is Xu Zimo, I am from the floating village,” Xu Zimo explained first.

“It’s just that I accidentally fell off the cliff when I went up the mountain to collect medicine, and I woke up and lost my way.”

“Yes, I am going to let him stay at home for a few days, when the time comes, take him to the Kingdom and ask for the way home,” Han Shengxiao explained.

The girl was slightly nodded and looked towards Xu Zimo, a little timid, but also a little shy.

“My name is Han Yanrou,” the girl whispered her name.

“Xiao Rou, the rice is ready,” Han Shengxiao asked with a smile.

“Okay,” Han Yanrou quickly replied.

She hurried into the kitchen and put the cooked meal on the stone table in the courtyard.

Han Shengxiao invited Xu Zimo to dinner.

Xu Zimo also didn’t know the difference in the food eaten by these blood clan.

A bowl of black rice, I can’t see what it is made of.

He took a sip, feeling a bit heavy, but apart from this is still acceptable.

During the meal, the girl named Han Yanrou always looked at Xu Zimo secretly.

Occasionally, when two people’s eyes collided, she would quickly retract her eyes again, her eyes seemed to be mixed with curiosity and timidity.

“According to age, let me call you Xiaomo,” Han Shengxiao looked at Xu Zimo after eating, said with a smile.

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

“We are going to prepare animal skins later, and you can rest at home, or you can travel around the village to get acquainted.”

Han Shengxiao instructed.

“Xiao Rou, you will tidy up a room for him later.”

“Understood,” Han Yanrou nodded lightly.


After eating, the two Han Shengxiao left.

Han Yanrou went back to the kitchen to clean up, leaving Xu Zimo alone in the yard.

Very boring.

He didn’t want to behave too abnormally, so he didn’t go out. Instead, he fell asleep on the stone bench.

“Young master Xu,” Han Yan’s soft voice sounded from the side.

Xu Zimo Weiwei eyes opened.

“what happened?”

“Your resting room has been cleaned up, you can go and take a look,” Han Yanrou pointed to one of the houses and said softly.

“Thanks,” Xu Zimo nodded.

Walked into the room, it was rather rudimentary inside.

A bed with a rectangular cabinet at the head of the bed.

On the opposite side is a seat for rest, similar to a sofa.

There is a faint fragrance in the air.

“Are you satisfied?” Han Yanrou asked timidly.

“Very good, many thanks,” Xu Zimo smiled nodded.

“Then I’m going to wash the clothes,” Han Yanrou replied, and then quickly walked out.

Xu Zimo felt that the other party seemed a bit too shy and didn’t dare to talk to him.

The day passed quickly, and night fell in an instant.

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