I’m Really a Villain Chapter 961

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“It looks okay,” Han Shengtao said lightly.

A little further away from the courtyard, Han Shengxiao and Han Shengtao were standing on a slope, looking at the scene in the courtyard.

After they observed Xu Zimo for a whole day, Han Shengxiao was slightly nodded.

“We are worrying too much. Our family is not rich and wealthy. There is nothing to plan.”

“But I have never heard of this place in Floating Village. It should be a village in another kingdom,” Han Shengtao said.

“Second Brother, what do you think of him?” Han Shengxiao said suddenly.

“What do you mean, big brother?” Han Shengtao was taken aback.

“Rou’er should have reached the age of marriage,” Han Shengxiao sighed long.

“Big brother, shouldn’t you be thinking,” Han Shengtao asked incredulously.

“What are you kidding me? How could Xiaorou’s lifelong major event be so sloppy in less than half a day.”

“Of course I didn’t mean it,” Han Shengxiao gave Han Shengtao a look.

Said: “You don’t ask why you have a temper.”

“What’s the reason?” Han Shengtao said somewhat rigidly.

“You also know that Rou’er has not been accepted by everyone because of her looks.”

Han Shengxiao said: “Sometimes you have to believe that the eyes are the windows of the soul. They can reflect all the thoughts in the heart.

When Xiaomo met Rou’er for the first time, I saw it very clearly, without disgust or disgust.

Except for a little surprise, there is no emotion. “

Han Shengtao was coldly snorted, but did not refute it.

“Go step by step, at least know that he is not malicious, and look at the fate of the two,” Han Shengxiao said.

“go home.”

Xu Zimo didn’t eat dinner at night, and he once again experienced the 3000 years of Big Dream.

The sound of footsteps outside the window awakened him.

It was just dawning at the moment.

Everything seems to be in the most primordial state, 10000 things are sleeping.

Xu Zimo walked out of the room. Outside Han Yanrou was carrying a basket and preparing to go out.

“Why are you going so early?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

“Go pick some ingredients for cooking in the morning,” Han Yanrou said softly.

“Can you take me, I happen to be all around now,” Xu Zimo said.

“It just happens to protect your safety.”

Seeing Xu Zimo raising his arms and showing off his muscles, Han Yanrou covered his mouth and chuckled.

She lightly nodded.

I can see that she is very weak no matter what she does, like a gust of wind can blow her away.

Following Han Yanrou, Xu Zimo walked out of the village.

After the two people left, the silhouettes of the two Han Shengxiao also walked out of the side room.

“Let me follow?” Han Shengtao asked.

“No, trust my intuition,” Han Shengxiao replied, then walked into the room with a smile hehe.

Han Shengtao on the side thought for a long time before sighed.


After leaving the village, the two walked all the way to the north.

“Are you Human Race?” Xu Zimo looked towards Han Yanrou and asked.

“What race is that?” Han Yanrou replied suspiciously.

“I only know our blood race.”

“You are very similar to the Human Race I have seen,” Xu Zimo said.

“Is the way I look ugly?” Han Yanrou asked with a low self-esteem.

“No,” Xu Zimo shook his head slightly.

In all fairness, Han Yanrou belongs to the pure family, Xu Zimo thought to himself, mainly because the clothes are too simple and cover a lot of things.

If you put on a light makeup and wear suitable clothes, it is not devastatingly beautiful, but it is also a beauty in the bud.

Especially her dimples are very good-looking, and paired with a small tiger tooth makes people involuntarily want to bully.

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Han Yanrou’s face was slightly red, adding a little more style.

“Do you know how big the world we are in?” Xu Zimo asked, asking for some useful information.

“The farthest place I’ve been to is the Dark Kingdom,” Han Yanrou shook his head and replied.

“Moreover, as citizens of the Dark Kingdom, without the order of the Lord, it is not allowed to leave the country without authorization.”

“Why?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

“Isn’t there such a rule on your side?” Han Yanrou said suspiciously.

“There is no reason, this is the law made by the Lord.”

“Do you know where there is a sea of ​​blood?” Xu Zimo asked again.

“Blood sea? What is that?” Han Yanrou shook his head again.

“I don’t remember the way home, I only know that there is a sea of ​​blood around my house,” Xu Zimo thought for a while, replied.

Speaking of this, both of them were silent for a while.

“Don’t worry, they will definitely help you find your way home,” Han Yanrou encouraged.

Then she looked towards Xu Zimo with some expectations.

“Then you go home, will you come to see us again?”

“When the time comes to take you to my house to play, it’s much more exciting there,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Really,” Han Yanrou smiled and asked quickly.

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

“Come with me, I’ll take you to a place,” Han Yanrou laughed, and threw the basket aside, grabbed Xu Zimo’s hand, and ran away.

The two ran for nearly ten minutes and came to a very high hillside.

“Look at it, it’s still too late,” Han Yanrou said to Xu Zimo, pointing to the horizon.

Xu Zimo looked up and saw that a flashed with blood color appeared on the originally dark sky.

This bloody color rendered the edge of the sky, like sunset clouds, but the color was much darker.

There are some golden in the blood, which is very beautiful.

“Every day at dawn, there will be this kind of sight here,” Han Yan explained shyly.


“Sunrise?” Xu Zimo was a little surprised.

But this World clearly has no sun, so why did these scenes appear?

As the blood became thicker, the world gradually became brighter.

2 people looked a little tired, and lay in the middle of the grass on the high slope.

“Did you know that you are the first peer willing to stay with me and talk to me for so many years,” Han Yanrou said.

“Why?” Xu Zimo asked in surprise.

“They all think I am Very Ugly People,” Han Yanrou explained lost.

“Just like what they look like, do you still have the face to dislike you?” Xu Zimo was taken aback.

But then it was reflected that 10000 things are relative.

From the perspective of Human Race, these blood beasts are extremely ugly, and it is not an exaggeration to describe them as monsters.

But from the perspective of the blood beast? Maybe Human Race is a monster in their eyes.

“Did you be like this when you were born?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Daddy found a cure for me, and they said I was the reincarnation of Bloodline,” Han Yanrou explained.

“One generation of my ancestors had reproduced with Human Race, so that’s why there is such a saying.

Although this probability is 1/10000th, the bloodline of returning to ancestors happened to me. “

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