I’m Really a Villain Chapter 963

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Because Xu Zimo is outside, there is no way to pay attention to the Divine State continent every second.

So for a long time, Bymon cooperated with Heavenly Dao to manage the Divine State continent together.

“Basically nothing unusual,” Bymon said.

“But there is something to be aware of.”

“What’s the matter?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You know, after the birth of 10000 things, aptitude and innate talent are different.

Some people are born extraordinary and practice very fast.

Today, the most powerful powerhouse in mainland China has trained to Emperor Vein Realm,” said Bymon.

“Lord, your cultivation base is Divine Vein, and this world must never allow someone stronger than you.

Otherwise, they will soon break the wall of space and escape from the Divine State continent. “

Hearing what Bymon said, Xu Zimo was slightly nodded.

This is true, he is the real master of Divine State.

Everything in the world is closely related to him.

As Divine State develops in mainland China, the stronger the feedback he gets.

The Divine State continent affects him, but to a certain extent, he also affects the Divine State continent.

If someone has trained in Divine Vein Realm and wants to take a step closer, they are most likely to reach the top of this world.

Discover the truth about the Divine State continent.

“Well, let Heavenly Dao set the Heavenly Tribulation. Anyone who wants to enter the immortal dao from Divine Vein must experience Heavenly Tribulation,” Xu Zimo said.

“Before I carried Heaven’s mandate, it was not allowed to cross the catastrophe.

But counting the time, everything will be fast, don’t worry about this. “

Bymon is slightly nodded.


After making a round in the Divine State continent, Xu Zimo left after confirming that everything was normal.

His greatest reliance today is not rebirth, nor the identity of the Demon Lord, but his world within the body.

An undamaged world will even rival Yuanyang Continent and Heaven Beyond the Heaven in the future.

His vision now is that Divine Vein Realm starts to set up Heavenly Tribulation.

After passing Heavenly Tribulation, you can ascend.

Just as there is Heaven Beyond the Heaven on Yuanyang Continent, another world is set up on the Divine State continent.

There are clear levels and a certain system.

It’s just that this idea can’t be achieved now, and it has to wait until he carries Heaven’s mandate.

Coming out of the Divine State continent, Xu Zimo was awakened by a thunder outside.

This has reached the afternoon.

in the sky The dense dark clouds finally flashed and thundered, and the heavy rain outside the house poured down, as if someone was pouring water down in a basin.

The terrain of the yard is low, and small puddles have even accumulated in many places.

Han Yanrou was busy in the courtyard with an umbrella, checking whether the water outlet was blocked to prevent rainwater from spreading into the room.

“Xiao Rou, come here,” Xu Zimo waved his hand and shouted.

“Brother Zimo, why did you come out?” Han Yanrou hurried over.

Although there was an umbrella, the white shirt she was wearing was still wet by the rain.

The blue silk on his forehead stuck to his cheek, and his eyes were lovely.

“Beware of catching a cold,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“It’s okay, I’m afraid the rain will rush into the room,” Han Yanrou said, shaking his head.

“Have you practiced?” Xu Zimo looked at Han Yanrou and asked.

“It’s okay, daddy and uncle won’t let me practice,” Han Yanrou said, shaking his head.

“They say that training is too hard and dangerous.

It is enough for me to live a life like this ordinary. “

“You look good,” Xu Zimo laughed, and slowly stretched out his right hand, only to see the spiritual qi surging in his hand.

The rain that fell from the sky has all stopped.

His right hand swung once again, and the rainwater was all gathered together, forming a wide river.

As Xu Zimo’s right hand waved, the river began to flow in the void.

Finally formed a picture.

The girl in the painting is holding an umbrella and carrying her trousers, running cautiously in the rain.

This painting formed by flowing water is reflected in the courtyard.

“It looks good,” Xu Zimo asked.

“Well,” Han Yan nodded softly.

When she looked up and looked towards Xu Zimo, within both eyes was full of affection.

But when Xu Zimo turned her head, she hurriedly lowered her head.

As Xu Zimo’s hand fell, the space all around was restored as before. The rain fell on the ground and flowed out along the canal very regularly.

The rain fell on the ground, and suddenly aroused each and everyone transparent blisters.

“Brother Zimo, do you know what my childhood wish was,”

Han Yanrou looked at the blister and said with a smile: “I wanted to make a blister necklace.

Use a needle string to connect all the blisters, but unfortunately those blisters will dissipate every time they touch. “

Xu Zimo is just laughed.

“Brother Zimo, what is your dream?” Han Yanrou turned his head and curiously asked.

“Dreaming about this thing, I never thought about it,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Since I was born, I have carried a lot of things on my back, so I can only go forward without turning back.”

“Wait a minute,” Han Yanrou said, and ran towards her room.

After a while she ran back again, seeming to be holding something in her hand.

“Here you are,” Han Yanrou handed the thing in hand to Xu Zimo’s eyes.

That is a red sachet.

There is a list of scents on it, and a bird is painted on the front.

At the moment when the sachet was handed over, Han Yanrou’s hands trembled slightly, and even his face was flushed.

“What’s wrong with you?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“This sachet means peace, you hold it, and I will pray for you no matter where you are in the future,” Han Yanrou said courageously.

Looking at the sachet in the opponent’s hand, Xu Zimo fell silent.

No matter how stupid he was, he realized something.

According to legend, there is a kind of bird named Mandarin Duck. They pair in pairs every time they appear.

People often describe them as unswerving love.

The male bird is a mandarin, and the female is a duck.

The bird on this sachet is clearly Mandarin.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, I don’t mean anything else,” Han Yanrou lightly said with a smile.

“I am, I am…”

At this point, she suddenly choked up, not knowing what to say.

“Xiao Rou, what are you doing standing outside in such a heavy rain?” At this moment, I saw two brothers Han Shengxiao rushing back from outside.

The rain was heavy, two people stood under the eaves, took off their jackets, and the water that was screwed out crash-banged down.

Han Yanrou hurriedly put away the sachet, smiled and shook his head and said, “Brother Zimo and I are enjoying the rain.”

“What is the reward for this rain,” Han Shengtao patted his thigh, looking towards Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“There is good news. We met a caravan when we were out today.

They are going to the Kingdom of Darkness, and today coincides with a heavy rain settled down in the village overnight.

They promised to take you with you when they set off tomorrow. “

Where he couldn’t see, Han Yanrou’s face suddenly turned pale.

“That troubles big brother Han,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Take a rest early, and raise your spirits tomorrow,” Han Shengxiao also said with a smile.

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