I’m Really a Villain Chapter 965

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Xu Zimo chuckled, he was not easy to answer this topic.

“Brother Zimo, I will miss you.”

Han Yanrou looked towards Xu Zimo, this time she didn’t evade as usual.

Even if his face was flushed, his lower lip was bitten because of tension, but he was still stubborn and looked at Xu Zimo motionlessly.

As if to imprint his face deeply in his heart.

Seeing Xu Zimo not replying for a long time, Han Yanrou turned around and waved his hand.

“Okay, I’m going back to sleep.”

The weather is always erratic, and the rain that had already stopped is once again a sign of pouring.

I don’t know if it is the rain falling silently, or the sound rain covering the silent tears.

The moment I turned around, tears were pouring down like rain.

“Don’t wake me up when you leave tomorrow, just leave silently.

I want to sleep in late, sleep until the afternoon, and then sleep again until the morning after tomorrow.

Too sleepy the past few days. “

Han Yanrou said without looking back as he walked towards the room.

Xu Zimo remained silent for a long time, but returned to his room after all.

He is not a member of this World. He always remembers his goal, only to come to the Ancient Celestial Court.

There is no need to provoke too many things, or even have a connection with the Shixue clan.

Back in the room, Xu Zimo lay quietly on the bed.

His perception is very keen, even if he does not use his eyes to see, but all the scenes in the yard are reflected in his mind.

The girl did not go to sleep as she said.

Instead, he walked out of the room and sat in front of the door, staring at the room where Xu Zimo was sleeping all night.

It was not until dawn, when there was movement from Han Shengxiao’s room, the girl hurriedly got up and returned to her room in a panic.

“Xiao Mo, get up and clean up. The caravan is about to set off. Don’t delay people’s time,” Han Shengxiao shouted from the courtyard.

Xu Zimo also walked out of the house, said with a smile: “I’m all packed.”

“Then go,” Han Shengxiao slightly nodded.

Xu Zimo turned around, took a deep look at the room, and then left after Han Shengxiao.


The size of this caravan is not bad,

There are nearly 100 people, all wearing blue gowns.

It looks very uniform, each one is a good player.

Han Shengxiao briefly confessed to the Chief-In-Charge of the caravan and gave Xu Zimo a horse to follow him in the middle of the caravan.

Early in the morning, the sky was dark, and the caravan set out.

The sky was still drizzling, but the caravan had been delayed.

Along the mountain road in front of the village, grandiose walks towards the dark kingdom.


“How do you call this brother?” Xu Zimo looked towards the blue clothes man beside him, and asked with a smile.

“Blue 73,” the blue clothes man replied.

Seeing Xu Zimo’s doubts, the man explained: “We are all orphans taken by Lan Family since childhood. We have no names, only code names.”

Xu Zimo slightly nodded, “Do you often go to the Dark Kingdom?”

“The exchange agent of the caravan,” the blue clothes man was slightly nodded.

“Then do you know where there is a sea of ​​blood?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Never heard of it,” the man nodded plainly.

Xu Zimo felt that the other party was not a talker, so he didn’t ask much.

At this moment, I suddenly saw that the front of the convoy stopped.

There was a chaos ahead.

“Someone ahead,”

“Who? Everyone be careful.”

Xu Zimo walked the horse towards the edge of the road, then looked up.

On the side of the mountain road, Han Yanrou was standing thinly in silhouette, holding an umbrella.

It seems to be looking for a certain silhouette.

“Don’t panic, everyone, this is my friend,” Xu Zimo yelled quickly.

He jumped off the horse and ignored the others, Chao Han Yanrou ran over.

Running closer, he was sighed long.

It was a bit cold, her silhouette was trembling slightly, she didn’t wear much, her hands and face were a little blue.

“Why are you here?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Daddy asked me to send you off,” Han Yanrou said with a smile.

“Is it cold?” Xu Zimo held her hand, the whole hand being cold.

Han Yanrou shook his head slightly, “It was cold just now, but it’s not cold anymore.”

He looked towards Han Yanrou and was silent for a long time before saying: “I actually know everything, but you should know that I will not stay here.

I don’t even belong here. “

“I know, Brother Zimo told me that you have a lot of things on your back when you come, and you can only move forward without hesitation.”

Han Yanrou nodded said with a smile: “Daddy said that the daughter who gets married is the water poured out.

If you are willing, let me follow you.

If I don’t want to, I’ll just stand here and watch, watching your silhouette disappear into my sight and I’ll go back, okay? “

Hearing Han Yanrou’s words, Xu Zimo bitterly laughed.

“Big Brother Han, this is a problem for me.”

Han Yanrou looked towards Xu Zimo, she wanted to say, you don’t have to be embarrassed.

But she couldn’t say it. She was afraid that Xu Zimo would not be embarrassed, and she really left like this.

She will die and can’t stand it.

For Han Yanrou, her first half of her life has been spent amidst others’ ridicule and abnormal appearance.

Except for Daddy and Uncle, basically no one wants to talk to her.

Xu Zimo was the first stranger willing to be friends with her, as if lit a third flame in her heart.

The third flame besides Daddy and Uncle.

Many times, we do something without reason.

It’s like her moth, knowing that the fire is out of reach, but still rushing forward desperately.

Xu Zimo was silent for a long time.

Finally asked: “No matter what the final result, you will not regret it?”

“No,” Han Yanrou lowered his head, shook the head slightly.

“Go to the Dark Kingdom first, I haven’t found the place I was looking for yet,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

He took the initiative to take Han Yanrou’s hand and walked towards the horse he was riding.

Han Yanrou’s face was blushing, but she still pressed her lips and did not resist.

“Little Brother, let your little lady sit on the sedan chair, she doesn’t seem to be in good physical condition.”

A famous man next to the caravan said.

Xu Zimo looks at the opponent, it should be the Chief-In-Charge of this caravan.

He thanked Han Yanrou and stepped onto the carriage.

“You can sleep for a while, and you will almost be in the Dark Kingdom when you wake up,” Xu Zimo said.

Han Yanrou nodded.

Xu Zimo asked her to lean on her side and put her head on her lap.

Perhaps it was due to the wind and cold, coupled with not sleeping last night, when Xu Zimo used spiritual qi to drive her out of the cold, Han Yanrou also fell asleep in the warmth.


Halfway through the carriage, there was another commotion ahead.

Xu Zimo cautiously put Han Yanrou on the cotton pad in the car and walked out of the sedan chair.

“Don’t hurry, the old man is just looking for someone.”

Xu Zimo just walked out and saw an old man standing in front of the caravan.

He was wearing a red robe and smiled at Xu Zimo with a mouthful of yellow teeth.

“Welcome to Shixue Space!”

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