I’m Really a Villain Chapter 966

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Xu Zimo looked at the red robe old man,

His power within the body is like boundless, he can’t feel the end, and arrives majestic.

A red robe stood quietly in front of the caravan, with a lot of thick makeup on his face.

His stature is short, only about 1.5 metres.

He grinned at Xu Zimo at this moment.

“Who are you?” Xu Zimo asked with a frown.

“Can the young master talk alone?” red robe old man said with a smile.

Xu Zimo thought about looking at the caravan, and finally nodded slightly.

He followed the old man, his silhouette like an eagle, climbing a side rock wall.

After ten seconds, he jumped onto the rock wall and stood on the top of a cliff.

A cold wind blew up suddenly, and clothes abruptly.

“Before I introduce myself, I want to ask the young master a question first,” the red robe old man said with a smile.

“How does the young master feel in the past few days in Shixue Space?”

“No feeling,” Xu Zimo replied faintly.

“The young master is saying something against his heart,” red robe old man said with a smile.

“If you rejected that girl just now, I won’t show up and let you look at it again in this bloody space.

But you took him to the sedan chair, so I decided to come out. “

“This is Shixue Space?” Xu Zimo looked at each other, lightly saying.

“Why is it different from what I understand?”

“Come to a place with me, you will understood everything when you arrive,” the red robe old man said.

He stretched out his right hand and directly tore the void in front of him.

In the void, Xu Zimo felt the breath of teleportation.

He didn’t hesitate, and walked in immediately.

The body began to lose weight, and the space wall in front of him finally stopped after several breaks.

Xu Zimo opened his eyes and looked at the world in front of him, the boundless sea of ​​blood was flowing sticky all around.

Dirty, blood red.

The sea of ​​blood was roaring, and the world was blood-red. There seemed to be countless pairs of eyes in this sea of ​​blood looking over, with great power.

Xu Zimo turned his head and looked, only to feel as if he was in a sea of ​​blood. He was submerged in an instant and lost himself in this world.

“This is the real blood space?” He looked towards the red robe old man next to him and asked.

“Introduce myself, the Old Patriarch of Blood Race, a single word shuo.”

red robe old man lightly said with a smile.

“You call Soo patriarch.”

Xu Zimo also said his name again, and then asked: “If this is the blood space, then what was the world just now?”

Compared with the sea of ​​blood in front of you, the world just now is undoubtedly the difference between heaven and hell.

“Look over there.”

Following the direction of the red robe old man’s fingers, Xu Zimo saw a blood-colored ball floating in the void.

The sphere exudes familiar power.

Xu Zimo walked into the ball and suddenly it turned out to be a Small World.

Everything he was in just now was in this Small World, and outside, you can see every move of the people inside it very carefully.

The area of ​​Small World is medium.

He even saw the caravan before, Han Yanrou was sleeping in the sedan chair.

“I don’t understand very well,” Xu Zimo looked towards red robe old man and asked.

“Before coming to the Shixue Space, what do you think of when you mention the Shixue Beast?” Shuo patriarch asked with a smile.

Xu Zimo is slightly frowned. Before entering the Shixue Space, he is ready for 10000.

There should be a sea of ​​blood, where the blood family of devour raw meat and fowl is hidden, and a terrifying battle is inevitable.

This was the preparation he made before entering, but after he came, he found that everything was different.

“People in the world think of the blood family, and always think of those powerful and fierce monsters in the end of Age of Myths.”

red robe old man slightly sighed.

“At the beginning, the Holy Lord wanted to destroy my blood family. I waited for the pleading, and finally the Holy Lord said that there is a good life in God.

It gave my family a chance, but suppressed it. “

Listening to the words of the red robe old man, Xu Zimo did not interrupt.

He didn’t quite understand some of the secrets of that era, I am afraid only those who experienced it would understand.

But he would not believe everything the old man said.

“At that time, they had just been suppressed, and many people in the clan were very irritable and wanted the breakthrough seal.

It’s a pity how heroic the Holy Lord is, how can we compare,” red robe old man said with a bitter smile.

“10000 years, 20000 years, countless years have passed, and with the ebbing of time, our inner hostility has become smaller and smaller.

I don’t want anything else, I just want to be able to live freely like other races. “

Speaking of this, Shuo patriarch looked towards Xu Zimo and asked: “Do you understand, only after you have really experienced it, you will understand that freedom is more fascinating than Emperor scheming to become Master of the Universe.”

“Then what’s going on in Small World?” Xu Zimo asked.

“What happened in that era, whether right or wrong, should be borne by us Old Guys.

But the younger generations are innocent, and they should not be implicated. “

Shuo patriarch said sadly: “From the moment they were born, their lives seemed to be executed.

Forever wants to be imprisoned here, facing a sea of ​​blood all day long.

Some clansman was overwhelmed and finally chose to commit suicide.

We compelled by circumstances and used 10000 years to finally create this Small World, a Small World similar to the outside world.

Those clansman who were just born will be sent inside, this is a world created for future generations. “

Xu Zimo finally understood it after hearing this.

Whether it is Han Yanrou or Han Shengxiao 2 brothers, or that village, the kingdom of darkness, or even more distant countries.

None of them have the memory of a sea of ​​blood, and they were sent here as soon as they were born.

I have lived in a white lie all my life.

They don’t need to experience the torture and pain of the blood sea, just in this Small World, they spend their lives peacefully, birth, aging, sickness and death.

This is also the best help of Blood Race for his descendants.

“So, I just came to this Small World, and you found me,” Xu Zimo asked.

“Yes, but we didn’t bother you, but wanted you to experience it in this World.”

Shuo patriarch did not deny, but explained directly.

“Our blood beasts are actually no different from your Human Race, including other races.

They are also sentimental girls, warm-hearted brothers, and women who begged for the treatment of a child.

It’s no different, they are not evil, and they don’t have to look at us with strange eyes. “

“You have done so much, and you have told me so much, it is not a goal in the end.”

Xu Zimo lightly said with a smile: “Let me cut open seal and help you get out of here.”

“If someone really wants to pay for their past mistakes, if the seal of countless years is not enough to repay.

Then we Old Guys are willing to bear it. “

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