I’m Really a Villain Chapter 967

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Shuo patriarch said, his tone was even pleading.

“We Old Guys are willing to call ourselves here, forever will not take a half step.

Until I die here.

I just ask you to let this younger generation of Small World go out and let them…freedom. “

When talking about the two words of freedom, Shuo patriarch’s tone is very heavy.

There is no such thing as empathy in the world, but everyone understands the value of freedom.

“How do you know that I can open this blood space,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“There are only two kinds of people who can come to this type of blood space, one is to destroy our blood family.

The other is to come to the Ancient Celestial Court. “

Shuo patriarch said: “Zunjia is definitely not the first, so it is for the distance to Ancient Celestial Court.

Then you must have a real Divine Sword. “

“Since I know I have a real Divine Sword, why don’t you grab it?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

“Since the driver can come here, I am afraid we are not afraid of our blood family.

Furthermore, we today have no intention of fighting, just wanting to let future generations be free, nothing more. “Suo patriarch said, shaking his head.

“If the driver is willing to agree, our blood family is willing to accept any conditions, as long as it is within the scope of ability.”

Hearing what the other party said, Xu Zimo fell silent slightly.

“I also hope that the honorable driver will complete my waiting. After I go out, I am willing to hide from the world and not participate in any fights.”

Shuo patriarch bowed and bowed respectfully to Xu Zimo.

And in that sea of ​​blood, there are countless waves of blood rolling.

“Please be respectful,” Grandiose’s voice condensed together and came out from the sea of ​​blood in a loud voice.

“Do you know where the Ancient Celestial Court is?” Xu Zimo lowered his head and asked.

“From this to the north, there is a golden light 300 miles away, where the seal of Celestial Court is located,” Shuo patriarch said hastily.

“This is my guess, because the golden light is very powerful, but whenever the contact is either dead or injured, we haven’t looked over the golden light.”

“Take me,” Xu Zimo said.

“By the way, what is the current strength of your Blood Race?”

He remembered what the mirror girl had said before. There seemed to be Divine Beast guarded by Ancient Celestial Court.

The strength has reached the point of half a step Nirvana.

Originally, he wanted Bymon and the Seven-faced Demons to deal with it, but now he can just use the power of the Shixue clan.

“The most powerful house in the clan is the Old Ancestor of the previous generation, with a state of nirvana.

But his life essence has arrived, and now he dare not easily do it.

The rest have three half-step Nirvana,” Shuo patriarch said directly without hiding anything.

“Then take 3 half-step Nirvana and follow me to the Ancient Celestial Court,” Xu Zimo said.

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Shuopatriarch did not object.

“Chang, Xu, let’s go.”

Hearing Shuo patriarch’s words, the sea of ​​blood next to him began to roll.

In the depths of the sea of ​​blood, the stormy sea is set off, as if there is a big horror about to emerge.

Immediately afterwards, only two burly figures came out from the sea of ​​blood with their upper bodies naked.

Two people are also beast heads, two heads are white, and one moment is purple.

Different shapes, one’s nose and ears are a bit sharp, and the eyes are dark.

The other was wearing a big earring and even a silver ring on his nose.

His eyes are like fire, with 2 horns growing on top of his head.

“Pay respects to respect driving,” both of them greeted respectfully.

“There may be Divine Beast guards in Ancient Celestial Court that far away, and you need to deal with it,” Xu Zimo said.

“Just go ahead, we are willing to remove all obstacles for you,” said the blood beast called Chang on the left.


4 people stepped into the air and flew towards the depths of the blood sea.

The scenery of this sea of ​​blood is indeed a bit greasy, and I even feel vomiting after watching it for a long time.

The Xu-style blood beast opened the way in front, and several people quickly came to the place where the golden light was.

Xu Zimo looked up and saw that there was a barrier in front of him with faint golden light flickering.

With a wave of his right hand, an endless sword intent was condensed in his palm.

The true Divine Sword smashing void appeared in his hands.

At the moment when the real Divine Sword appeared, Xu Zimo could clearly feel that the three members of the Blood Race had changed.

But still restrained without impulse.

“Don’t worry, the lacking hatred and enmity between me and the blood beast, if you are in a good mood, it’s okay to let you out,” Xu Zimo said.

3 people are nodded.

He raised the true Divine Sword, 10000000 sword intent wrapped around his body.

He closed his eyes slightly, sensing the mood that Holy Lord had left on the sword.

Suddenly, his eyes opened again, and he directly slashed towards the golden barrier.


The scene before him was shrouded by the sword intent.

The endless sword intent is full of boundless void.

The golden light retreated steadily under the sword intent. When the Divine Sword fell completely, finally there was a “ka-cha”, and the void in front of it was shattered.

The original golden light disappeared, and what appeared in front of me was a vast palace on the Bejeweled Jade Tower.

The palace was shrouded in fairy mist.

The fairy mist lingered, and there seemed to be whispers softly singing in the mist.

The palace is as vast as a dome, stars are scattered in the sky, and the Milky Way is all around for 9 days.

Looking down, there are steps paved with Baiyu.

There seemed to be fairy sounds singing in their ears, and several people walked towards the palace like a pilgrimage.

Stepping on the steps, the fairy mist was surging.

Step by step, in front of this vast palace, everyone is as weak as ants.

Think about it carefully. At that time, the Holy Lord lived high in Celestial Court and gave orders. This place once dominated the entire Yuanyang Continent.

The so-called Supreme Court.

At that time, Yuanyang Continent was unified, and 10000 objects were all obeyed by the Holy Lord.

And now Yuanyang Continent, since the True Martial Great Emperor created the Age of Emperor, all major Immortal Sects coexist.

There is no real ruler.

It’s better than immortal sect, but it’s all in the Supreme Realm.

The influence cannot reach other continents.


There are 90 9-layer steps in total,

When he stepped onto the top floor, Xu Zimo also saw the true face of the palace.

Ten 8 pillars support all around the palace.

Gilt carved on it.

The entire palace is divided into 3 floors.

Baiyu at his feet exudes warm rays of light, and the mist is mixed with unreal rays of light, which flickers all around.

Floating windows carved by blue tiles, wall panels stacked by jade stone.

On the eaves made of sandalwood, the phoenix spreads its wings, and the golden dragon soars along the gate to 9 ten thousand li.

Stepping on the ground, there is an unreal feeling.

Looking down, the entire blood space seemed to be taken in the entire scene.

“This is Far Ancient Celestial Court,” Chang said with emotion.

His tone barely fell heard two loud beast roars from the depths of the palace.

Immediately afterwards, the gate of the palace that had been sealed in dust for countless years slowly opened.

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