I’m Really a Villain Chapter 968

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The door was slowly opened in a rumbling sound.

First, two huge shadows were reflected under the fairy fog.

When everyone looked up, they saw two huge alien beasts coming out from inside, and the earth trembled.

The two strange beasts are 2 meters long, and their necks are at least 100 meters long.

The shape is very strange, the head seems to be Dragon Race.

There are 2 horns on the top of his head, his mouth is savage, and his eyes are the size of beans.

And down the neck, the body looks very fat.

It was covered with sharp barbs, and scaly pieces covered the whole body.

“Heterodon,” Shuo patriarch lightly saying.

“You know?” Xu Zimo asked.

“How could we not know that when our blood family was defeated by the Holy Lord, they were involved in the alien race.”

Shuo patriarch said bitterly: “Otherwise, the entire clan will not be sealed.”

“Do you still have hatred?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Don’t dare, it’s just a little uncomfortable after all,” Shuo Patriarch sighed.

“There are some things I can’t empathize with, but there is still some resentment qi after all.

It’s just resentment qi that’s all, no other thoughts. “

The two alien beasts looked at everyone, speaking human’s words.

“Human, you came to take away Ancient Celestial Court inheritance?”

“Take the real Divine Sword, naturally come over and take a look,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“Then how can you mix with these blood beasts,” the alien beast coldly snorted and said.

“They are all sinners.”

“Then if I don’t mix with them, you won’t stop me?” Xu Zimo asked.

“This can’t work, you have to defeat us to enter here,” Heterodon said, shaking his head.

“Then what are you talking nonsense,” Xu Zimo shouted lightly.

Said: “Go.”

“The 3 of you stopped the 2 of them, this is okay.”

“Leave it to us,” Shuo Patriarch nodded.

The power of the half-step Niekong burst out in the sky.

The resentment qi, which seems to have been accumulated for many years, also broke out in this brief moment.

The 3 people in the Blood Race are all killing 2 alien beasts without leaving a hand.

The heterotooth beasts were furious, they throbbed, and the majestic beasts enveloped the entire palace.

In the fairy mist lingering, two alien beasts also killed.

With this range of fluctuations, even Xu Zimo wouldn’t dare to get too close.

Nirvana, even half a step of Nirvana, was far away from him.

The battle of a few people can be said to be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, which made the whole palace shake up.

As if the tranquility of countless years was finally broken.

On the side of the blood beast, it is not keeping its human form, but has become a giant beast with a white height.

Several giant beasts fought together, Xu Zimo followed a gap period and rushed directly into the palace.

The two heterodonts were roaring, but unfortunately they were of no avail.

Three blood beasts desperately stopped them.


There is a hazy fairy mist under the feet and all around.

His up ahead is a great hall that is as vast as hidden in the clouds.

Every great hall is different.

Some are exuding ten thousand zhang purple light, purple light hanging upside down in the sky 3000 li.

Some all around are shrouded in ice, misty, like ten thousand li ice-bound rivers.

There are also some monsters around, Azure Dragon White Tiger, dragon’s cry tiger’s roar, 10000 beasts Pentium.

The artistic conception of each great hall has nothing common with each other. Xu Zimo chose the most vast and largest great hall and walked over.

The three characters of “Futu Hall” were gradually shining and hung on the golden plaque above the head.

Put both of his hands on the door of the great hall and push them open.

With the sound of “hong long long” opening the door, the scene inside gradually reflected in Xu Zimo’s eyes.

There is no fairy fog in this great hall, even if countless times have passed, it is still spotless and very clean.

At the top, there is a golden-yellow throne.

The throne is made of unknown material, and behind it is the shape of 9 dragons and beads.

The entire throne is simple and majestic, underneath the throne is a spring of golden springs, and the rich spiritual qi is gradually recovering.

The entire great hall was empty, with nothing but a throne.

There seems to be a picture hanging on the wall next to it.

A picture rolled up.

Xu Zimo looked around all around, and finally came to the front of the picture scroll.

He extended the hand and slowly loosened the rope of the picture scroll. With a “wow”, the whole picture unfolded and fell.

Before he could see the contents of the painting clearly, a white light flashed by, and the spiritual qi riot in front of him.

A man’s illusory shadow came out of the painting.

The man hands behind ones back, with white beard and hair, and a robe embroidered with flowing clouds.

He has a gentle expression and a faint smile on his face.

If other factors are aside, this man is just like a young master in a turbulent world.

Looks slightly delicate.

Xu Zimo looked at the man, and the man in the Chinese robe also looked at him.

“Successor, welcome to Yuan Ancient Celestial Court,” the man said lightly with a smile.

“Are you?” Xu Zimo asked in surprise.

“Holy Lord?”

“No, I’m just a manager from Ancient Celestial Court, obsessed with that’s all,” the man said, shaking his head.

“According to the instructions left by the Holy Lord, anyone who comes with the true Divine Sword is eligible to inherit this ancient Celestial Court.”

“What about Holy Lord?” Xu Zimo asked suspiciously.

The man in Huapao pointed to the top of his head and smiled without saying a word.

“Heaven Beyond the Heaven?” Xu Zimo thought about it for a while, then came to understand.

He said: “What is left of Ancient Celestial Court today?”

“All the monarchs have soared, and here is like a castle in the sky, there is no one in ten,” the man in Huapao said honestly.

“Then what’s the use of Ancient Celestial Court if I want this far?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Restore the prestige of Celestial Court, and order Yuan Yang to be the master recognized by the entire continent,” the man in Huapao said with a smile.

“Not interested,” Xu Zimo suddenly lacked interest and waved his hand.

“The Holy Lord also came down once after he soared to the upper realm,” the man in Huapao continued.

“He left a great hall, which is reserved for successors.”

“Can I go and see,” Xu Zimo asked.

“Of course, this is far from the Ancient Celestial Court, you can go anywhere,” the man in Huapao nodded.

I saw him stretch out his right hand, and the void in front of him suddenly floated.

Xu Zimo felt a suction coming, and his whole person was swallowed by the space.

When came back to his senses, it had already appeared in another void.

In front of him, is a slightly quaint great hall.

The whole body is pitch black, apart from this, this great hall is ordinary without any special place.

Beside him, is a well.

The vast expanse of fairy fog all came out of this well.

Xu Zimo step by step, came to the black great hall.

Before he pushed with his hands, the great hall in front of him was automatically opened.

He looked up and saw that the space inside was not too big, only a wooden shelf was placed.

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