I’m Really a Villain Chapter 969

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There is only one simple shelf, which is a bit unexpected by Xu Zimo.

He walked into the great hall and came to the shelf with a few items on it.

Xu Zimo took out a handful of books and glanced at it casually, his eyes froze instantly.

“The law of shaking the sky,” he muttered to himself.

“One of the top ten Divine Laws?”

He immediately picked up the second book, “Heavenspan 2 Shengmen.”

The third book “Good Fortune Swallows Heaven.”

“The Eye of Reincarnation.”

“Aye Swastika.”

“Too Shang Dan Sutra.”

“Three sutras, the Tathagata now, the Maitreya sutra in the past, and the no-birth sutra in the future.”

“The gods and demons visualize the picture.”

“Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation.”

“Youpan Xianpu.”

Looking at the ten books in front of him, the shock in Xu Zimo’s heart was hard to calm down.

To be precise, he was even unexpected.

He arbitrarily opened the Law of Shaking the Sky and Heavenspan 3 students, these 2 Divine Laws that he had learned.

Found that the content is exactly the same.

“Why are the ten ancient Divine Laws here?” This is a big question.

The only thing Xu Zimo can think of is when the Holy Lord returns from Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

Put all the Divine Law I got in the Far Ancient Celestial Court.

But what is his reason for doing this?

Leave it to yourself? But he might not have been born yet.

He couldn’t figure it out and didn’t force it to think about it. Instead, he put away the top ten Divine Laws.

In addition to the top ten Divine Laws, there is actually a long Xiao on this shelf.

Xiao seems to be made of jade, holding it warm in the palm of his hand.

There are some weird patterns carved on it.

It was an ascending person, like a man like a woman, like a demon like a fairy.

It was hard to tell. He held the Yuxiao in his hand, only feeling that there was a powerful force in the Yuxiao lingering.

Xu Zimo did not study either, and put the Yuxiao away again.

After looking up, there is only the last book left on the shelf.

“Heaven Beyond the Heaven Historical Records”.

“Is everything ready,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

After he had packed everything up, he looked around all around and left without finding anything strange.

Back to the great hall where I met the picture scroll before.

The man in Chinese robe gave Xu Zimo a token.

It is said that this is the status symbol of Yuan Ancient Celestial Court. If you go to Heaven Beyond the Heaven in the future, you may have the opportunity to meet the Holy Lord.

After bidding farewell to the man, Xu Zimo left the Ancient Celestial Court.

He looked back, and the dusty Heaven and Earth was once again shrouded in fairy mist.

Xu Zimo also asked about the Blood Race, but the man in Huapao not at all replied, but Xu Zimo was in charge of everything.


Arriving at the door of Ancient Celestial Court, the three members of Blood Race are still fighting with these two heterodonts.

It’s impossible to tell the outcome for a while.

“Okay, let’s go,” Xu Zimo said, waving his hand.

Shuo patriarch looked at the coldly snorted and stepped back.

“You are shameless,” the two alien beasts looked at Xu Zimo and said angrily.

“You didn’t beat us, we don’t recognize your identity.”

“Why do I need your approval?” Xu Zimo lightly said with a smile.

“Zunjia succeeded?” Shuo patriarch asked Xu Zimo while looking at him.

“Unexpected things, I didn’t expect what I would gain,” Xu Zimo said.

“What else can the driver say?” Shuo patriarch continued to ask.

“Find me a quiet place, I want to refine,” Xu Zimo said.

Now that Yuan Ancient Celestial Court can be considered as a trip, Divine Sword is not very useful to him.

He is going to recast Tyrant Shadow, after all, Tyrant Shadow is his Life Source True Artifact.

“It’s a good place to cast a device here,” Shuo patriarch said with a smile.

“This type of blood space can defend against Heavenly Tribulation, even the strongest Heavenly Tribulation cannot break through this seal.”

“There is still such a thing,” Xu Zimo said in surprise.

You must know that when he recast the true Divine Sword, the Heavenly Dao Tribulation that he encountered made him suffer.

“The Old Patriarch of our Blood Race before, encountered Heavenly Tribulation when we broke through the realm of Nirvana.”

Shuo patriarch said: “It’s a pity that Heavenly Tribulation can’t break this seal, otherwise we would have left.”

Hearing what Shuo patriarch said, Xu Zimo was slightly nodded.

Several people returned to the territory of the Shixue clan.

Three people gave Xu Zimo the guardian so that Xu Zimo could refining weapons safely.

He first put the real Divine Sword aside in front of a few people, and then took out the Paragon hammer again.

There are fragments from Tyrant Shadow before.

9 The magic fire surrounds the fragments of Tyrant Shadow and the true Divine Sword.

If you want to fuse the two together perfectly, then you can hit the shape.

This is destined to be a long time.

The golden red flame was burning.

It took more than half a month for Xu Zimo to melt the two.

Fortunately, Tree of Life continued to replenish him, otherwise the consumption would make him a little uncomfortable.

The Paragon hammer was held in his hand, and Xu Zimo imagined the shape of Tyrant Shadow, hammering hammer after hammer.

The voice of “boom~ boom~” reverberated continuously in the space.

It’s been beaten for more than half a month,

At the later stage, Heavenly Tribulation has begun to gather in the sky above Shixue.

Even as he beats once, the Heavenly Tribulation will be stronger.

This kind of battle is much bigger than before at Heavenly Dao Academy.

Black cloud pressure city to destroy!

When Tyrant Shadow merged with the true Divine Sword perfectly, the moment the blade shape appeared, the thunderbolt on the sky seemed to reach its extreme.

The “crackle” blew up and bombed directly.

In the seal of the blood space, it turns into a red light curtain, blocking all the thunderbolts outside.

Heavenly Dao seemed to be provoked and became angry.

One after another thunderbolt smashed down frantically, and Heavenly Tribulation carried the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

“Looking at this battle, it’s at least level 5 Heavenly Tribulation,” Shuo Patriarch said.

In the blood space, he also became irritable.

Countless seas of blood began to roll and roar.

The waves swept wave after wave.

“You guys want to go out,” Xu Zimo looked towards Shuo patriarch, lightly said with a smile.

“I also hope that the honor will be completed,” Shuo patriarch nodded said respectfully.

“Blade is done,” Xu Zimo murmured, holding the trembling blade in front of him tightly.

The familiar feeling of Tyrant Shadow rises in the mind again.

“Old Partner, you are back!”

Heavenly Tribulation in the sky seems to be more tyrannical, and has reached the point where it is out of control.

It’s brewing, a killer blow.

Finally, as the last Heavenly Dao Tribulation seemed to drain all the power, the thunderclouds in the sky began to dissipate.

But the last blow of destroying heaven extinguishing earth also fell.

“It’s now,” he held Tyrant Shadow in his hand, and his blade burst out.

There is level 5 Heavenly Tribulation outside, and inside it is the blade meaning of his full strength attack. The front and back flanks are broken towards the seal of this blood space.

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