I’m Really a Villain Chapter 970

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2 The ultimate power killed from the inside out.

Even if it is the blood space, I am afraid it will be difficult to resist.

This is the thought in the minds of several people at this moment.

The blood sea seemed to be a sign of something, Heaven and Earth turning upside down in the entire blood space, stirring up the sky.

The monstrous waves roared, trying to lift Heaven and Earth.

Several people suddenly felt that they were like a flat boat in this stormy sea, drifting with the flow.

This wave is so powerful that it seems to drown everything.

The Heavenly Tribulation of the outside world, Xu Zimo’s blade meaning, and this turbulent sea of ​​blood all hit together in an instant.

However, the explosion in the impression did not occur at all.

All around suddenly became silent, and everything like a was imprisoned.

Even Xu Zimo found that besides his mind, his body was also unable to move even a little bit.

Stretched out a hand from that sea of ​​blood.

A yellowed palm, I saw him gently squeeze, the original sea of ​​blood actually calmed down.

Immediately after the palm was waved, with one wave, Heavenly Tribulation was directly destroyed.

With 2 swings, Xu Zimo’s blade means disappeared.

like a, everything is back to the original.

The crazy collision just now vanished, even non-existent.

“This,” Shuo patriarch’s complexion greatly changed.

Only they understand how powerful the force just now is.

But it was resolved with no difficulty.

The closer you get to Heavenly Dao, the more you can feel the power gap.

This statement is not false.

“Niekong powerhouse?” Chang-style blood beast said solemnly.

“It’s not that simple, it can be done not only in the realm of Nirvana,” Shuo patriarch shook his head slightly

Their blood clan also has the Old Patriarch of Nirvana, but compared with the power just now, it is definitely not on the same level.

Even higher.

I saw that after the yellowed palm dissolved everything, it tore the void in front of me, and a man’s silhouette stepped out of the shatter void.

The man’s eyes were calm, and his black hair had no wind.

He stood there, as if the focus of the world was gathered involuntarily on him.

A yellow robe with a few unknown flowers embroidered on it.

When the man’s gaze came over, everyone felt the pressure faintly.

“My true Divine Sword,” the man murmured.

“How many years have passed, and finally there will be successors.”

“What…what’s your name?” The man looked towards Xu Zimo and asked aloud.

“Xu Zimo,” Xu Zimo frowned, replied.

“Right or not,” the man shook his head slightly.

At the next moment, suddenly seeing the man’s expression become grim, he clutched his head and continued to roar.

There is endless pain hidden in the voice.

The three people in the Blood Race took a few steps back. According to the situation just now, if this man goes crazy, they can only run away, and there is no fighting power at all.

Xu Zimo stared at the other person in this way, trying to determine if the other person was the Holy Lord.

Unfortunately, he has never seen the real Holy Lord either.

The man calmed down again after being ferocious for a long time.

“I want to see you,” he said suddenly, looking at Xu Zimo.

“I’m not in front of you,” Xu Zimo replied.

“No, it’s a real meeting,” the man shook his head, pointed to the sky, and said, “I am waiting for you there.”

Speaking of this, the man frowned again and gritted his teeth.

Said: “I have a hunch that my time is running out. I seem to have something to tell you, but I can’t remember anything.”

“Don’t worry, think slowly,” Xu Zimo said.

“Untrustworthy, untrustworthy, all beings are untrustworthy,” the man shook his head slightly.

His complexion became flat again.

“Do you want to let them out?”

“Why not?” Xu Zimo asked rhetorically.

“Shixue clan is back in the sky, are you sure you can clean it up?” the man asked.

“Now there is no second Holy Lord to stand up.”

“Respect, our blood family has no intention of offending, we just want to be free,” Shuo patriarch said quickly next to him.

“There has never been a Holy Lord in this world, all beings have their destination,” Xu Zimo said.

“There is always someone to stand up, whether it is the Holy Lord or someone else.”

“Since you insist on doing this, then I will satisfy you,” the man waved.

I saw the surging sea of ​​blood dissipated, and the power of the seal weakened little by little.

It seems that even the illusory shadow of men has been affected.

He looked towards Xu Zimo and said again: “Remember, must remember, I am waiting for you up there.”

The voice fell, the blood space shattered, and the man’s silhouette also disappeared.

The roar of countless beasts sounded in the void.

It seems that countless years of waiting have finally come to fruition, and the clansman of the Shixue family is venting on the sky.

There were even tears in their eyes, desperately breathing the outside air.

“Let your clansman be safe,” Xu Zimo looked towards Shuo patriarch and said.

“Remember what I said, I am not as kind as the Holy Lord.

If you commit another crime, I will kill to the last one and let you annihilate your clan. “

Chang and Xu beside him looked gloomy and uncertain, but patriarch nodded laughed.

Said: “You can rest assured that if others don’t insult me, I will definitely not be too much.”

“If your blood clan wants to challenge my majesty, you can try,” Xu Zimo glanced at a few people, then turned and left.

The blood space is dissipating a little bit.

There are two reasons why he helped the blood family. First, it was naturally that some actions of the other party moved him.

As for number two, he himself has to leave here, so he can’t stay here forever.


Looking up from the land of destruction, the sky is a scarlet.

This is an extremely rare vision of Land of Destruction.

All creatures living in this world are on this day, looking up at the sky.

The sky is collapsing, the seal is breaking.

The Lord of Destruction stood at the bottom, shook the head, and sighed: “After all, I still couldn’t hold it.”

First, a blood beast rushed out of the seal, and then a group of blood beasts of 1000 to 100 came out in swarms.

“Let everyone be on guard,” the Lord of Destruction looked towards side Thunder War God, instructed.

“Without my order, no one is allowed to conflict with the blood beast.”

“This,” Lei War God said hesitantly.

“City Lord, in this situation, it’s better to start first.”

“Just do what I say,” the Lord of Destruction lightly saying.


Watching the silhouette of Xu Zimo leaving, the blood beast called Xu is coldly snorted.

Dissatisfied, said: “This kid is too rampant, thinking that he is the Holy Lord after taking the real Divine Sword.”

“Patriarch, why did you just now?” the Chang-style blood beast next to him also asked with a puzzled look.

Shuo patriarch narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do you think this kid looks like a fool?”

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