I’m Really a Villain Chapter 973

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After a long time, Xu Zimo eyes opened, and a white breath came out from his mouth.

The “ka-cha sound” sounded, and the ice sculpture on his body was broken.

“Lu Gongjin, a person from Lujiazhuang in the Southern Continent, had worshipped the Venerable Xuantian when he was young, cultivation 3000 years.

18 years old, I went down the mountain with the same sect senior brother and met an ominous beast flying eagle. The senior brother fought against the flying eagle to protect you, but you coveted the position of Direct Disciple.

It was not until the senior brother was killed that the letter was returned, and he got the position of personal transmission as he wished. “

Upon hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Lu Gongjin’s complexion slightly changed.

“how do you know?”

Xu Zimo ignored him, but continued to each minding their own business and said: “At 23 years old, I met the Senior Sister I liked.

In order to get the heart of Senior Sister, you killed a little Sect, and finally got the sect protecting treasure of little Sect, the glass emerald heart. “

“That’s all that’s just being young, frivolous and ignorant,” Lu Gongjin defended when she heard Xu Zimo’s words.

“At the age of 300, you betrayed your best friend for breakthrough Divine Vein Realm, and exchanged his head for a Breaking Realm Pill.”

Xu Zimo kept talking.

“Enough, shut up,” Lu Gongjin took a deep breath, his eyes shrank, looking at Xu Zimo with a little horror.

these all are things he doesn’t want to mention in his life.

Anyone who has become a powerhouse, ask who has not got blood on his hands, and who has not played despicable means.

“After the age of 500, you are a lot more stable.

But still can’t do without reputation, cultivate mighty righteousness, and be happy and righteous.

But the things you do chivalrously and righteously are all well known, some of which have little effect, you never even take a look.

A typical house does not sweep, but sweeps the world. “

“Nonsense,” Lu Gongjin was coldly snorted.

With an embarrassed face, he said, “I send a ranger, why do you need your demon to come and point fingers.”

“I have never denied that I am a demon, but when will you people who always like to hold the banner of righteousness dare to admit it?”

Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“It’s useless to say more, and when I take you back, everything will come to light,” Lu Gongjin said coldly.

His imposing manner soared to the sky, and the vast and mighty air radiated out.

The Sword Monarch on the waist came out of the sheath and directly slammed at Xu Zimo.

Under the snow, the immortal flowers fluttered and danced, swirling in the void.

Xu Zimo used his fist as a tool and smashed it directly.

Endless power burst out from the fist, and the sound of “hong long long” void explosion came out.

might of a single fist.

When the Fist Sword crossed, Sword Monarch was directly bent.

But its toughness is very good, even if it has been extremely bent, it still does not break.

“The devil is filthy all over the world, and the evil cultivation is all over the world.

I am so mighty, I should cut all injustice, and appeal to all beings for irregularities. “

The imposing manner of Lu Gongjin’s body became more and more majestic, he spit out True Qi in his mouth, and he had ten thousand zhang auspicious clouds covering his body.

The mighty air soared into the sky, and Sword Monarch screamed and smashed into the sky.

“It is difficult to cultivate, harder than scaling the blue sky, it is difficult to understand human nature and understand the original heart.”

Xu Zimo sneered.

“You don’t even dare to face your own heart. Which way is you repairing, and what injustice is you killing.”

At the fist, spiritual qi is like a majestic and enlightened ship, smashing all the flat calm boats along the way.

“Kneel down for me,” Xu Zimo shouted furiously.

Long sword screams, the forcibly blasted Lu Gongjin to the ground.

He keeps his spiritual qi in his heart, and he is invincible in the world.

Lu Gongjin only felt the stormy sea hit, and everything in his veins and internal organs within the body was shattered.

There was a blank in my mind, as if the whole person was numb.

His body knelt in the snow, and then his head fell to the ground in a daze.

His pupils had no focus, only seeing his Sword Monarch falling in front of his eyes.

“The gentleman is magnanimous, and the villain is afflicted,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

“A person like you, dare to name Sword Monarch?

the biggest joke in the world. “

He stepped over Lu Gongjin’s corpse, and Baixue soon covered it with blood.

Only the cold body was buried in the ice.

Xu Zimo walked halfway and stopped suddenly.

Grinning lightly towards the void.

“Hey, remember to collect his body.”


After his silhouette disappeared in the boundless snow, only a few black robed sillhouettes came out of the void.

“My lord, this,” the silhouette on the left said hesitantly.

“Go back and sign up,” the dark shadow on the right replied faintly.

“Yes, what about this corpse?”

“Feed the dog.”

Returning to sect, he was a little disappointed.

The gatekeeper’s discipline didn’t stop him either, he walked straight up to Qingshan Peak.

In any case, since he is back, he must first greet his parents.

Xu Qingshan sat in front of the stream on the top of the mountain, and seemed to be practicing.

Seeing Xu Zimo coming up, he suddenly opened his eyes, and a sharp light flashed.

“I’m back,” Xu Qingshan said.

“Well,” Xu Zimo nodded.

“What about my mother?”

“She went back to your grandfather’s house,” Xu Qingshan said.

“Is it safe all the way?”

“Nothing,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Since I’m back, take a good rest for a while,” Xu Qingshan said.

“Daddy is in everything.”

Xu Zimo nodded, neither refused nor agreed.

“Then I will go back and rest,” Xu Zimo said.

“Go,” Xu Qingshan waved his hand.

Both father and son 2 did not mention these major events that happened recently.

Xiao Guizi has never returned since he went out to practice last time.

However, Lin Ruhu has returned to sect, and is now regarded as the pillar of sect’s younger generation.

He returned to Yan’nan Peak, where he lived, and the two maids, Xia Qiu and Chunxiang, remained in the yard just like when he left.

Spotlessly cleaned.

“The young master has worked hard all the way,” Xia Qiu said with a smile.

“Come on, wait for the young master to take a bath,” Xu Zimo said with a big smile.


The sky of True Martial Sacred Sect is blue,

Even if the outside world is full of snow and it has entered the cold winter, sect is still 4 seasons like spring.

The wind is insurmountable, and it gently blows past his face.

Xu Zimo was lying on the chair, blowing the wind, very leisurely.

“Brother Zimo,” Lin Ruhu yelled from a distance in a loud voice.

I haven’t seen him for a long time, he seems to be a lot stronger and burly.

With short hair, even the skin is darker. Perhaps it is the reason for the Astral Fiend’s body. He feels a bit fierce.

“Long time no see, Ruhu,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Why are you still lying here? You don’t know what is going on outside,” Lin Ruhu said anxiously.

“You have to take a bite to eat, and you have to do things one by one. What anxious,” Xu Zimo lightly said with a smile.

“Then you do a favor.”

“What’s busy?” Lin Ruhu asked quickly.

“The next battle post for the 100 li family is that I will take the head of Baili Xiao in 7 days.”

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