I’m Really a Villain Chapter 974

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Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, Lin Ruhu nodded heavily.

“Then Baili Xiao, I have long seen her displeased. During this time, Eastern Continent acted on her as an impudent.

I still want to form a demon league,” Lin Ruhu said angrily.

“I heard Empress Hongtian’s decree, but is it true?” Xu Zimo asked.

Lin Ruhu was silent for a while, and finally said: “I heard, I just heard.

Empress does have a will to come down, but not to arrest you, but to let sect not participate in this matter. “

“What about Sect Master?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I’m not quite clear, and Sect Master hasn’t said it clearly,” Lin Ruhu replied.

“Grandfather said, Sect Master’s mind is the deepest, no one can guess until the last minute.”

“After all, one sentence of his affects the future of True Martial Sacred Sect. It should not be careless and understandable,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“I never thought about relying on sect.”

“This time the matter is so big, what do you think?” Lin Ruhu asked.

“I didn’t think that many, just rely on the blade in my hand. Whoever blocks my way will be cut.”

Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Okay, then our brothers will work together to stir up Heaven and Earth turning upside down on this continent,” Lin Ruhu chuckled said.

“You grandfather shouldn’t want you to participate,” Xu Zimo said.

“He can’t be my lord again,” Lin Ruhu mumbled.

“You should rest here for a few days first, and I will ask you more information from the outside.”

After Lin Ruhu left, Xu Zimo’s life became quiet again.

He slept all day, and the discipline came to inform him early in the morning on the 2nd day, and Sect Lord Xiao came to him.

Xu Zimo yawned, tidied his clothes a little, and walked towards the island where Sect Lord Xiao lived.

The island is floating in the air, with green water and green mountains and lush trees.

Xu Zimo walked all the way, and once again came to the bridge where we met last time.

Sect Lord Xiao wore a white shirt, and his clothes were more formal than he had ever seen him before.

On the long gown, the hem of the clothes is windless, and he is sharpening his sword by the river, twice.

“Long time no see ,” Sect Lord Xiao looked towards Xu Zimo, said with a smile.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you,” Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“I wonder why Sect Master is looking for me?”

“Remember the past,” Sect Lord Xiao said with a smile.

“Besides that such a big thing has happened, don’t pretend to be a okay person.”

“What does Sect Lord Xiao mean?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You should be able to understand the difficulties of sect,” Sect Lord Xiao was silent for a little while, finally sighed leisurely.

“Understanding, everything is for sect,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“If one day, the choice sect made is not what you want, so don’t blame me and sect,” Sect Lord Xiao continued.

“I don’t want to expand the situation.”

“Sect Lord Xiao called me to relax my heart?” Xu Zimo said with a big smile.

“There is something to tell you, I think you have also heard of it,” Sect Lord Xiao said.

“The purpose of empress is indeed true, and many Elders in sect also agree.

Take a wait-and-see attitude on this matter. “

“Okay, if there is nothing wrong with Sect Master, then I will go back first,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

He was too lazy to talk nonsense with Sect Lord Xiao, and he wanted to clean up some days after returning to sect.

“I mean so, if you stay in sect, sect will do its best to protect you.

Until you carry Heaven’s mandate.

If you leave sect, then sect is somewhat helpless,” Sect Lord Xiao said.

“You also know that there are not a few Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sects involved this time.

Think about it yourself. “

“Then many thanks Sect Lord Xiao,” Xu Zimo nodded, leaving the island.

Sect Lord Xiao is indeed a benevolence, giving him the opportunity to choose, and also giving Sect the opportunity to bet on him.

Xu Zimo walked halfway and stopped suddenly.

Turned his head to say with a smile: “Sect Lord Xiao, this True Martial Sacred Sect is really unchanged for 10000 years.”

His words were a bit emotional, as if they meant something.

But Sect Lord Xiao narrowed his eyes, thinking carefully about something.


Not long after returning to Yan’nan Peak, Lin Ruhu came again.

He looked at Xu Zimo and stopped talking.

“Just say anything, the sky won’t fall.” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Xu Uncle resigned from the position of sect vice sect master,” Lin Ruhu said.

“Oh?” Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

“I heard that Sect’s high-level discussion today, Xu Uncle had a big quarrel with several Elders,” Lin Ruhu said cautiously.

“Finally, I resigned from the position of vice sect master.”

“My father,” Xu Zimo was stunned for a moment, then he was stunned again.

He said to himself, “I still have the same character as my previous life.”

Although Xu Qingshan was calm in front of him, he didn’t even mention the matter.

But when he started, he didn’t hesitate at all.

“Is there anything else?” Xu Zimo looked towards Lin Ruhu and asked.

“I have already given Baili Xiao the battle book, but the other party doesn’t seem to care,” Lin Ruhu said.

“And I also heard that the 100-mile family seems to be holding an Alliance Leader conference recently.

The basic content is to elect the Alliance Leader of the Dangling League. “

“Interesting,” Xu Zimo laughed.

“These grasshoppers seem to like to jump more and more.”

“Ruhu, do you know why they are targeting me at this time,” Xu Zimo asked.

“They are afraid that you will carry Heaven’s mandate,” Lin Ruhu replied.

“Yes, they are afraid that I am carrying Heaven’s mandate, when the time comes is invincible, even if they unite, they are just a group of mobs,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“But they didn’t understand one thing. Even if they don’t carry Heaven’s mandate, I am invincible.”

“I believe you, brother Zimo,” Lin Ruhu nodded heavily.

“When I go to the 100-mile family the next day, I will make myself a suit, which is more handsome,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“The aura must be supported.”

“Okay,” Lin Ruhu nodded heavily.

Even if he left, he did not disturb Xu Zimo to rest.

Time came 5 days later in a blink of an eye.

Xu Zimo got up from the recliner and stretched.

He patted the purple robe on his body and sighed: “This dress should also be changed.”

Leaving Yan’nan Peak, went straight to Qizhen Pavilion.

This is the place where True Martial Sacred Sect collects priceless and unique rare treasure. Although it is not comparable to the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion of Heavenly Dao Academy, it is also an absolute forbidden place.

Because Xu Zimo is a Holy Son, he is naturally qualified to enter.

“Holy Son can receive one item a year,” the old man in charge of Qizheng Pavilion looked at Xu Zimo and said flatly.

“Help me find the Heavenly Shadow Stone, I remember sect should have this stuff,” Xu Zimo said.

He sat on the chair beside him and waited. The old man can find it in Qizheng Pavilion for about 3 minutes.

Finally a box was placed in front of Xu Zimo.

“This is from the Cave Mansion of an ancient powerhouse.”

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