I’m Really a Villain Chapter 975

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“It was identified as Heavenly Shadow Stone, but the box has not been opened, and the integrity of the spar cannot be guaranteed.

Do you want to receive it? “

“Give it to me,” Xu Zimo took the box.

The old man also began to record it.

Leaving Qizhen Pavilion, Xu Zimo looked down at the box in his hand.

The box is white, but nothing special.

Only the spar inside is a transparent 9-diamond shape, with mysterious power surging inside.

He brought the Heavenly Shadow Stone back to Yan’nan Peak, and then took out a huge crystal box.

There was a battle robe in the crystal box. Xu Zimo stretched out his right hand and gently stroked the crystal box.

It took a long time before he put the Heavenly Shadow Stone into the recessed part of the crystal box.

I saw a 7-color rays of light flashing past, and the crystal box began to melt at the speed that naked eye could see.

With the disappearance of the crystal box, the battle robe demonic energy inside also rose to the sky.

This shirt is black and purple, with gilt quality, and black and purple stripes are constantly flashing.

The high collar is embroidered with a few hideous and vicious faces, each with its own characteristics.

Other locations are covered by magic seals.

The cloak behind the shirt is a scarlet, and a devil’s seat is faintly printed in the scarlet.

When the crystal box melted,

The shirt rose up into the sky and directly attacked Xu Zimo.

At the moment when he touched his body, Xu Zimo only felt a warm force coming.

The magic robe was automatically set on his body, and the demonic energy within the body instantly rioted.

Even the Devil Body is faintly activated.

In the Eight Extraordinary Meridians within the body, the spiritual qi is transformed into demonic energy, and the gilt black and purple stripes are surging.

red cloak As the gusty wind rang suddenly, Xu Zimo stood on the top of Yan’nan Peak.

His long hair is fluttering, his eyes are pitch black, and the demonic energy is mixed with the meaning of the avenue, as if passing through the eternal age.

Through 10,000,000 li, it fell within 100 li city.

The brand new Tyrant Shadow behind was also trembling, seemingly excited, requesting to play.

Xu Zimo feels that he is missing a BGM.

With a wave of his right hand, the chaotic and huge silhouette came out of the void.

Immortal Qi of grandiose echoed in the void overhead.

The chaos of today has already stepped into the extreme of immortality, and there are great roads in front of it to comprehend it, even the mediocre person can make good achievements.

“Boss,” Chaos looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“Go to the city of 100 miles,” Xu Zimo stepped into the air, standing on top of Chaos’ head, said in a tranquil voice.

“Yes,” Chaos Angry Roar leaped straight up towards Yan’nan Peak, and jumped straight down.


“You said, today’s True Martial Sacred Sect, who is the strongest among the younger generation?” A few new beginner disciplines sat together and curiously said.

“The strongest among the younger generation, naturally belongs to the Holy Son, otherwise it would not be the position of the Holy Son.”

Someone replied nearby.

“But Holy Son hasn’t come back for a long time. I haven’t seen Holy Son for so long since I came to sect.”

The previous person questioned: “Furthermore, recently about our sect Holy Son, it seems that the reviews are not very good.

They all clamored to attack him. “

“Yes, I always feel that there are a lot more people around Sect recently. Every time I go back to the sect, I seem to be stared at by countless pairs of eyes.”

“Sect has a lot of powerhouses, and we people sit and watch a frog in well, unimaginable.”

While a few people were chatting, a sudden “hong” explosion came from not far away.

The sound was so loud that it almost cracked the eardrums of several people.

And it was just the aftermath of the explosion, almost blasting the bodies of a few people out.

“What monster is this?” Someone looked at Chaos, yelled.

“Should someone attack my True Martial Sacred Sect?”

“What a joke, which force is so bold.”

“Look, there is someone on the monster’s head.”

Someone yelled suddenly, and then everyone looked up.

Wearing a black robe, red cloak scarlet as blood, the man covered by a magic cloud stood there.

“Where is Ruhu?” Xu Zimo a light shout.

“Yes,” I saw Lin Ruhu also yelled, stepping into the air from not far away.

The battle robe he wears is mainly blue, and black is the supplement, and the front of his chest looks like dragon scales, one piece after another, with blue rays of light radiating.

Especially on his arms, the Scarlet Owl’s shoulder armor shrouded it, and a huge tiger head reflected on his neckline.

The tiger pattern surrounds the battle armour of the tiger head, and the red owl matches the blue rays of light, with a silk belt around his waist. He stepped into the air and went out in front of the chaos.

“Where is your Dark Heavenly Tiger?” Xu Zimo asked.

I still remember that he and Lin Ruhu each named Dark Heavenly Tiger and named Situ Goudan and Zhuge Cuihua respectively.

didn’t expect Time flies, this blink of an eye, so many years have passed.

Xu Zimo’s tone barely fell was a beast roar.

Then I saw the huge body of Dark Heavenly Tiger coming with foul wind and bloody rain.

Its large pupils looked at Lin Ruhu dimly.

Lin Ruhu leaped, laughing heartily.

“Today, you and I are fighting side by side, leveling this 100-mile city, and going to the demon league on horseback.

Take the head of Baili Xiao to serve the food. “

The silhouettes of 2 monster beasts stood from side to side, and flew towards the 100-mile city in the distance.

Passing by the gate of True Martial Sacred Sect, Sect Lord Xiao dressed in white, with a sword chanting four seas, and asked loudly: “Why is Holy Son going here?”

“Kill 100 miles, trampling demons,” Xu Zimo also replied loudly.

“If you go and never return?”

“It’s gone forever.”

Two huge monster beast illusory shadows drifted away from the horizon, leaving only two hearty laughs.

The things of life’s pleasure and enmity, only this that’s all, that’s all…


“Ai,” Sect Lord Xiao sighed gently.

“Why did Sect Master sigh?” An old voice sounded from the side.

I saw the silhouette of Third Elder slowly walking over.

“I have no reason to keep him,” Sect Lord Xiao said.

“Why keep him?” Third Elder asked rhetorically.

“You let your grandson go with him, is this the choice to support him?” Sect Lord Xiao said.

“I told Ruhu not to participate in this matter. After a few years, my core Third Elder position was given to him.

When the time comes, everything is at your fingertips,” Third Elder said with a smile.

“Guess how he returned me?”

“How come back?”

“He said that I am old and cannot understand the world.

True Martial Sacred Sect has calmed down for countless years. We are just enjoying the shade of our ancestors, sitting in the mountains and waiting for death that’s all. “

Third Elder was not angry either, said with a laugh.

“He also said that when a man is alive, he should have ten thousand zhang of pride, stand on the top of this world, and see the scenery that is difficult for all living beings to see.

Otherwise, life is too useless, but wonderful.

As for life and death, so be it. “

Third Elder played with a sword in his hand and continued to say with a smile: “This sword, it doesn’t come out of its sheath, whether it is a sword or a Divine Sword, it’s just a sword.

But if it is out of the sheath, blood splattered 3 feet, and infected 10000000 million lives, others will see it, it must be a strategic withdrawal. “

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