I’m Really a Villain Chapter 976

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The last time 100 Miles was so lively, it was also the day when the Heavenly Martial conference was held.

It’s just that everything has changed now, and the whole city is surging.

People from all continents and all forces gathered here.

According to the Sovereign League, no matter what status or force, anyone who wishes to destroy the Demon Race can participate in this Sovereign Conference.

As for the position of Alliance Leader, it is necessary to speak with strength.

Xu Zimo and Lin Ruhu came to the city of 2 miles and put away Chaos and Dark Heavenly Tiger.

“Brother Zimo, will our goal be too big if we go this way?” Lin Ruhu asked.

After all, the entire Sovereign League was organized for Xu Zimo, and now, as the protagonist, he walked in so swaggeringly, the goal was too great.

“You go buy 2 masks, let’s bring them.

Don’t worry, I’m curious about what their demons meeting is like. “

Xu Zimo said: “Also, help me investigate what are the main forces coming this time.”

“Understood,” Lin Ruhu nodded.

He walked into the city and bought 2 Asura masks.

one black one white, hideous and domineering.

Xu Zimo took his white shirt and walked into the city immediately.

Perhaps there are more people gathered in the city, and even more vendors along the streets.

Various shouts and the aroma of various foods are mixed in the air.

“The Devil Swing Conference will start tomorrow, let’s find a place to rest first.”

Lin Ruhu suggested.

“It’s easier to inquire about news if you go to a restaurant with a lot of people.”

Xu Zimo nodded, and did not refuse.

During the last Tianwu Conference in this 100-mile city, Xu Zimo also came once.

It’s just that he didn’t pay attention to this city.

Instead, Lin Ruhu knows a lot more here.

Led by Lin Ruhu, the two people came to a towering restaurant.

The restaurant’s name is Zhanxinglou.

Xu Zimo looked up, and couldn’t see the end at a glance. The imposing manner was magnificent, so magnificent.

“This is the most famous restaurant in the city in 100 miles, with a total of 33rd-layer and 33 layer days.”

Lin Ruhu introduced: “It is said that the name of winning stars still comes from the Great Emperor of Changkong.

Legend has it that when the Great Emperor was young, he stood on the highest floor of the star picking building. One night, a meteor suddenly fell.

As soon as the Great Emperor Zhangkong stretched out his hand, the stars fell on the palm of his hand, and from then on he had the name of picking stars. “

“Nonsense, this restaurant will put gold on my face,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“The distance between the stars and us is vast distance. Although small as dust from a distance, every star is huge.

A single star is enough to destroy this 100-mile city. The Great Emperor of Changkong hadn’t become an emperor when he was young. How to pick the stars by hand? “

“I won’t understood this,” Lin Ruhu chuckled said.

“It’s the legend anyway.”

Two people came to the door of the Zhanxing Building and saw that the door was equally imposing manner magnificent.

Five Elements gold condensed gates, azure-red pavilions doors and windows, and some carvings of exotic animals.

In particular, the 2 characters on the plaque are made of star crystal, which is extremely rendering.

There are only two galaxies up there.

Two impeccable women wearing red robes stood at the gate 2 to greet the guests.

The past few days are the most important days in the city of 100 miles recently. Even the shopkeeper of the Star Picking Tower came out in person and began to accept everyone at the door.

“Go in and take a look,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

When the two people walked to the door, they were suddenly stopped by the shopkeeper.

“What are you doing?” Lin Ruhu asked with a frown.

He wears a black Asura mask that matches his burly body, somewhat deterrent.

“This guest, our Star Harvesting Building is now covered by the 100-mile family, and only entertains guests who participate in the Demon Swinging Conference,” shopkeeper’s kind said with a smile.

“Our two brothers are here to participate in this conference, how come?” Lin Ruhu replied.

“Not everyone is eligible to participate in this conference. What are the names of the two?” shopkeeper asked.

“When we black Bai Xiuluo crossed the entire continent, you didn’t know where it was.

Are you qualified to come and ask us now? “Lin Ruhu grabbed the opponent’s neckline and said viciously.

Since it was here to make trouble, he didn’t intend to be polite.

This Star Reaching Building can have such a scale in the 100-mile city, it is impossible to believe that it has nothing to do with the 100-mile family.

Shopkeeper’s complexion was slightly changed, and I haven’t waited to speak.

I saw a disdainful sneer from inside the Star Picking Building.

“The two unknown people dare to go wild here without looking at the place.

I advise you to apologize to shopkeeper first. “

“Who? Who is talking?” Lin Ruhu raised his head, staring at him, coldly snorted and said.

He looked into the building, the space inside was wide and there were many people sitting densely packed.

And the person who speaks is the youth at one of the tables.

The young man was sitting with an old man, sipping tea leisurely.

“Whose dog, how come no one cares, just barking here?” Lin Ruhu said.

With a sound of “peng”, the teacup in the young man’s hands was directly broken.

Angrily looked towards Lin Ruhu and said, “Boy, keep your mouth clean.”

“What? I’m wrong?” Lin Ruhu asked rhetorically.

“The shopkeeper and I are in this theory, what’s the matter with you? Use you to be nosy.”

“Boy, do you know who I am?” The young man stood up, dressed in a white robe, with a feminine expression on his face.

Within both eyes faint coercion exudes.

“Is it possible that is Court Eunuch?” Lin Ruhu speculated.

“This brother, he is Holy Son Zhang Shihao of the Heavenly Bird Sect,” a man next to him explained with a smile.

It can be seen that his status is not low, and most of the people next to him are watching a few people like a lively.

What kind of scenes I have never seen to be able to come here.

“Animal faction?” Lin Ruhu said in surprise.

“How come people still take this name, that’s all that’s all.

How can you forgive me like beasts. “

Zhang Shihao slapped the table suddenly, his power burst out, gnashing teeth looking at Lin Ruhu.

At this moment, when with swords drawn and bows bent, a chuckle suddenly came from the side.

It was an old man who was sitting at the table with Shihao who made the sound.

“Haoer, I usually teach you.

Your cultivation base is enough, but Dao Heart is still far behind,” the old man said with a smile.

“How can I be irritated by others with just a few words.”

“What the Master teaches is,” Zhang Shihao quickly and respectfully replied.

“Since this friend has never heard of our Sky Bird faction, then you should give some advice.”

The old man said with a smile satisfied.

“Also let him remember it deeply.”

“Follow the orders of your teacher,” Zhang Shihao replied.

Then he turned his head and looked towards Lin Ruhu, coldly snorted and said: “Have you heard, dare to fight?”

“Just you?” Lin Ruhu said with a smile contemptuously.

He really doesn’t look down on Zhang Shihao, he grew up in True Martial Sacred Sect since childhood.

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