I’m Really a Villain Chapter 978


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It is the same as when the Tianwu Conference was held. In the sky in the center of the city, there is a projection that can take all the content of the conference in the entire scene.

The place where the Dangling Demon Conference is held is Tianyuan Small World of the Baili Family.

Early in the morning, the crowd has gradually moved towards the Baili family.

Besides the leading twelve Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sects, behind them are the first-rate, second-rate sects, and the well-known Loose Cultivator on the mainland.

This time the Demon Slayer Conference requires not at all so high that anyone can come out to fight.

But it doesn’t matter whether you live or die. In short, it means to be prepared for death before you come up with a fight for the position of Alliance Leader.

Otherwise, there will be people and fishes, anyone can play, and this conference will not be held until time that will never come.

Catch the stars downstairs, when Xu Zimo and Lin Ruhu went downstairs, they found Miss Mirror was waiting for them downstairs specially.

“Brother Zimo, what should I call this?” Lin Ruhu asked.

He also doesn’t know the relationship between Xu Zimo and Mirror Girl.

“You should call me sister-in-law,” Miss Mirror said with a smile while covering her mouth.

“So you waited for me early in the morning, just to make fun of it?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Can’t you be gentle with me,” the girl in the mirror gave Xu Zimo angrily.

There are so many styles in an instant.

Take out two tokens from the cuffs and say, “Now, this is the token to enter the Demon Slayer Conference. Although the Demon Slayer Conference does not have that many restrictions, you wouldn’t think anyone can enter it.”

“Thanks,” Xu Zimo said, taking the token.

He glanced at the token, one side was black, the other was golden.

While golden, a villain held up a long sword and stabbed him, while black ugly demon fell to the ground.

“There have been a lot of talks on the mainland recently, in short, it is the Demon King theory of destruction,” Miss Mirror said.

“Someone deliberately spread it, and may want to put you on the opposite side of the entire world and make people hate Demon Race.

Some people even started to pretend to be Demon Race, burned, killed, and looted under the banner. “

“I think these talents are the most damnable,” Lin Ruhu said angrily.

“Human face, beast heart, high-sounding beast.”

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded aside.

“Brother Zimo, do you also think they are beasts?” Lin Ruhu asked.

“Ah, I don’t care about the others,” Xu Zimo looked at the token and said, “Demon King is obviously a handsome man, but he is drawn so ugly.

On this point alone, people and gods are angry. “

After speaking, Xu Zimo looked towards Miss Mirror and asked: “You also want to go to the Demon Swinging Conference?”

“Looking at your divine might, how can you miss it?” The mirror girl said with a smile.

“If you are defeated, I can just save the hero.”

“Also, you don’t have to thank me. It will be long in the future, and there are still many places to thank you in the future. What do you plan to do when the time comes?”

“This is easy to handle. If you get into trouble one day, or are chased by someone, I can also consider saving you,” Xu Zimo replied.

“I won’t be in trouble,” Miss Jing shook her head and said confidently.

“Don’t be so confident,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Just so confident,” the mirror girl looked at Xu Zimo’s eyes and said word by word.

With a sound of “resounding”, Tyrant Shadow’s blade pulling out suddenly sounded.

The mirror girl looked at her in astonishment, Xu Zimo’s Tyrant Shadow was already on her neck.

The cold blade even touched the skin.

She can feel the severe killing intent.

“Now I want to kill you, and then I persuade myself not to kill you,” Xu Zimo retreated the blade and said.

“Look, I didn’t mean that I saved your life. Let’s clean up.”

“What moving logic is this TMD?” The mirror girl was dazed in place.

“You scold me?” Xu Zimo raised his head and frowned.

“No, TMD means sweet, not cursing,” Miss Jing explained quickly.

“Okay, go to the Baili family,” Xu Zimo waved his hand, not caring about it.


As the host of this demon meeting,

The Baili family has been preparing for a long time. During this time, the whole family put aside everything and was preparing for the conference.

The owner of the family, Baili Cheng Feng, also dressed in an azure robe, stood at the door of the family and greeted the visitors as a sign of respect.

There is a place to check tokens at the entrance.

Xu Zimo and Lin Ruhu put on masks, handed over tokens, and walked in.

“Brother Zimo, you said that if we take off the masks in the Devil Slayer Conference, what will those people look like,” Lin Ruhu said with a smile.

He thought for a while, and then said: “They should not think that wolves are in the mouth of tigers.”

“Should it be tiger entering a flock of sheep?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

The door of Tianyuan Small World was opened, and the Void Portal was slowly turning.

People with distinguished status have already taken the lead in the first place. As for others, they can only queue up obediently and honestly to enter Tianyuan Small World.

When I came to Tianyuan Small World again, Xu Zimo remembered a lot.

The first time I came here, he or for creating the world and stealing Profound Yellow Qi.

After the Profound Yellow Qi disappeared, this Small World was also abolished. Now it can only be used to hold some large-scale events, leaving the advantage of a vast area.


Everyone looked at the inside of Tianyuan Small World,

I saw an arena with a length of nearly 1000 meters in the center.

The materials used to make the ring are all rare crystals in the world.

It can be seen that this time the Baili family has lost its blood.

Many of these things cannot be figured out by the ordinary person. Even if the Demon King is killed, it does not seem to be of much benefit to the Baili family.

Don’t understand why their family is so eager.

Pay such a big price.

And all around the ring, there are hundreds of seats, these all are for those with a little identity.

Especially the dozens of seats in front are all made of sparkling gold, flamboyant, noble and atmospheric.

As for the others, they can only stand on the periphery to see.

After all, the Alliance Leader election this time has nothing to do with them. They are just watching the excitement.

On the edge, there are several very large drums.

Xu Zimo looked at his token and found that he was not at all seats.

The name “Black Bai Xiuluo” only came out yesterday. It is normal without a seat.

He looked around and happened to see an acquaintance.

A wink at Lin Ruhu.

“Hey, aren’t these two of the Beast Sect,” Lin Ruhu swaggered forward, saying with a smile.

Although he stepped on and broke Zhang Shihao’s limbs yesterday, Heavenly Bird Sect is also considered a big fan, and the spiritual pill is not without the flesh and blood.

In addition, there is an old man to heal the injury, now it is not difficult to recover.

Seeing Lin Ruhu and the two walking over, Zhang Shihao’s complexion slightly changed.

Quickly asked: “What do you want to do?

This is the Sovereign Demon Conference. The Twelve Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect are all here. You better take a break. “

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