I’m Really a Villain Chapter 980


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And Huanglong daoist also stood still, looking towards up ahead with plain eyes, within the body, there was a faint golden dragon flowing.

As if the dragon flowing in his blood was clearly visible, it was about to rush out of blood vessels.

“A pine in the North Sea has floated for thousands of years,” the Song Yue Shanren shouted sharply, and directly raised the giant axe in his hand.

The giant axe exploded with unprecedented power, Tearing the Void, and slashed towards the Huanglong daoist.

a dragon roar groaned, I saw that Huanglong daoist silhouette was illusory, as if it had really turned into a dragon and moved into the void.

One of them is known for strength, and the other for speed.

We couldn’t meet for a while.

After fighting for about five to 60% of the time, all of a sudden, the imposing manner of the Songak Mountain Man changed. He dropped the giant axe, folded his hands together, and stood in a very strange posture.

Seeing the other party dropping the giant axe, the Huanglong daoist on the opposite side looked suspicious, but he still slapped it.

Only hearing the sound of “hong”, Huanglong daoist was shocked to find that his strength could not shake the opponent at all.

By the time he wanted to withdraw, it was too late.

Countless strands of spiritual qi turned into branches and encircled and suppressed from all directions.

“Do you know why I am called Songaksanren?” Songaksanman said with a big smile.

“Yue is Yueshan, and pine, because I am on Yueshan, the pine tree that absorbed Heaven and Earth Essence and transformed.”

Seeing the spiritual qi’s five-flowered branches binding the Huanglong daoist like a big tie, the people of Songyue Mountain just sighed in relief.

The opponent’s speed is indeed very fast.

He kicked Huanglong Daoist directly from the ring without hurting him.

“Songak Mountain won this game, so you can choose to fight again or go to rest.”

“I’ll take a break,” Songak Shanren said with a smile.

Immediately, someone on the ring began to appear again, quite a bit of the feeling that you sang and I appeared on the stage, each leading the way for hundreds of years.

But everyone knows that these people are just warm-up appetizers, and the real dishes are behind.

For the whole morning, the competitions in the arena were conducted in this way.

Even Xu Zimo sighed, these people are really calm.

Finally, another competition is over.

As one silhouette stood up, the originally noisy scene gradually calmed down.

“The path of training is like rowing a boat upstream. If you do not advance, you will retreat. It is better to let the little monk push the boat.”

I saw a bald monk step by step, walking firmly towards the ring.

The prayer beads hanging around his neck are very large, each of which has a different skull pattern.

The gray robe is a little old but very clean.

“It’s the leader,” someone said.

Venerable Haul is the abbot of Putuo Temple.

As one of the twelve Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sects, the history of Putuo Temple is not that long.

As everyone knows, the previous Great Emperor of Yuanyang Continent was the Great Emperor of Xianfan, and the Great Emperor of Xianfan ahead was the Kunlun Great Emperor.

But before the Kunlun Great Emperor was carrying Heaven’s mandate, the world actually called him Kunlun monk.

The leader is his guide and led him into Putuo Temple.

This leader is a real Old Monster, and I don’t know how many years he has lived.

Just to use his words, all beings are suffering, and the Buddha’s sea is boundless, and someone needs guidance.

And he leads the Venerable to be the beacon that leads all beings out of the Sea of ​​Bitterness.

“It seems that the master can’t even think about it,” Xu Zimo said lightly with a smile.

“This old monk shouldn’t chant sutras at his Putuo Temple well, and come out to join in the fun,” Lin Ruhu coldly snorted and said.

“Maybe I’m tired of reading the scriptures,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

A young man next to him heard Xu Zimo’s words and answered with a smile, saying, “This brother is very bad. Trapping the Venerable is a real Taoist monk.

He came to save sentient beings from the Sea of ​​Bitterness. “

“Then do you have any Sea of ​​Bitterness to save?” Xu Zimo looked at the youth and asked.

“Yes, and there are many,” the young man said with a smile.

“The aptitude is not good, the cultivation base is low, and the family background is not against the sky. There are many places that I regard as Sea of ​​Bitterness.”

Xu Zimo laughed and did not answer this question again.


When the elder was led to the stage, many people who originally wanted to come to stage hesitated.

People like them understand each other, and it’s okay to stand still, but this is not something they can fight against, but they are not reconciled.

“I’m coming,” just then, a loud laugh came from not far away.

Only a man came up.

“They are all afraid of your name, but I am not,” the man coldly snorted and said.

“I haven’t played again, I will know if I have tried it.”

Leading Venerable looked at the big man with a smile.

Then he said: “The donor should meditate.”

When his words fell, he saw that the man all around showed an invisible force and directly pushed the man off the ring.

Although the man resisted desperately, it was still to no avail.

Seeing this scene, everyone trembled in their hearts.

Only pushing off the stage without hurting him, this is the master’s style.

“It’s time to meditate, yeah, all of them should meditate.

What kind of strength you can do,” many people thought silently.

Venerable’s words were not only spoken to the man, but also to them.

The whole scene suddenly became quiet.

“Yawn,” a silhouette got up from the chair lazily.

He seems to have just woke up, said with a smile: “Train the old man, let’s play.”

Seeing this silhouette, everyone is stunned again.

“Little Guangming Holy Land,” someone murmured.

The place where this person sits is exactly where Xiaoguangming Holy Land is.

But depending on the person’s appearance, they don’t even know him.

Several Old Ancestors of Holy Land, including Sect Master, have also heard of them.

But this man, he was wearing a golden gown, his hair was a little disheveled behind him, and he looked extraordinarily unruly.

It is a square-faced, about 40 years old, with deep eye sockets, high nose bridge, and stubble.

These stubbles make him look more mature and stable.

Seeing the man walking up, all around discuss spiritedly, even the leader is a little surprised.

“I don’t know if your Excellency is the Senior from Holy Land?” The leader asked humbly.

“Identity and name are not important. I walk the world just to achieve my ideals,” the man said with a smile.

Xu Zimo, who was sitting in the spectator stand, stared for a long time.

Just spit out three words, “Xiao Dingtian.”

His Old Acquaintance in his previous life is now, and he is considered a close friend of his previous life.

It’s just this life, he once met each other before Central Continent exterminated Tianzong.

Also understood the true identity of the other party.

A friend in the previous life, because he was defeated by Chu Yang at that time, frustrated and down.

So they could become friends back then.

But this life, they are absolute enemies, just because of his different status.

This may be the opponent’s ideal and principle.

To lead Venerable Weiwei to nodded, it is regarded as a recognition of the other party’s words.

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