But now Lin Feng is not going to start with the evil spirits, because at this time it is not suitable to fight with the evil spirit Life and Death.

After all, there are so many monks with guards here.

If you really have a life and death fight with the evil spirits, even if you can kill the evil spirits, it is estimated that your own loss is extremely large.

It is very likely that it will be calculated by some people who have the heart, which is not the result that Lin Feng wants to see.

And there is one more point.

Meng Qianxi, this person obviously will not stop.

He and the evil spirits must have a peak battle. Since they will have a peak battle, why should they shoot now?

If Meng Qianxi can kill the evil, then it is best.

This is the result that Lin Feng wants to see most.

If Meng Qianxi can’t kill the evil spirit.

It’s not too late to kill yourself and kill the evil spirits.

So Lin Feng intends to wait for a while.

And in the next few days.

More and more monks have come to this place.

The true dragon mystery is getting more and more real.

Many people are waiting anxiously, and can’t wait to enter the real dragon’s secret environment to find opportunities and break through their own repairs.

Lin Feng is a bit more awkward at this moment, after all, Lin Feng is now looking for a chance to break through Saint Realm.

Want to break through Saint Realm.

What a difficult thing.

Especially for Lin Feng, a particularly powerful monk with savings.

Want to break through Saint Realm.

It is even more difficult.

and so.

Lin Feng is actually a bit worried now.

Worried that you can’t find such a strong opportunity.

If you can’t find such a strong opportunity here, then it is even more difficult to find a chance to break through Saint Realm elsewhere.

But now Lin Feng can only take a step and see.

After the real dragon secret is opened.

Look for something.

Only then can you know if you can find such a powerful opportunity.

This evening.

The real thing outside the real dragon suddenly came out with an endless curse.

After seeing the power of those curses.

Lin Feng’s face showed a very surprised expression.

There should be a lot of cursed creatures coming to this place.

Monks of all major forces.

Seeing the power of those curses suddenly became vigilant.

They naturally know how dangerous the overseas world is.

Cursing the soul is one of the most terrible beings.

Be careful if you encounter these cursed creatures.

Because the power of these cursed creatures is extremely terrifying.

In addition to these cursed creatures. There are also exotic zergs that are extremely terrifying, but now those exotic zergs seem to have not yet arrived.

Those monks did not attack these monks after the arrival of the cursed souls.

After all, the monks here are really too many.

If they really want to launch an attack.

This war has no great benefit to them.

Lin Feng guessed that these cursed creatures are also likely to want to enter the real dragon secret to find opportunities.

Lin Feng felt that there was a cold breath that locked him. He couldn’t help but feel a little bit. This breath was very familiar. I followed this breath and found that the curse that had been defeated by him had come. Here, but also found myself.

Lin Feng’s face suddenly showed a sneer expression, and now he is not afraid of these cursed creatures, so even these curses are to deal with themselves.

Lin Feng is not worried.

of course.

If there are more people coming from the other party, Lin Feng may not be their opponent.

However, Lin Feng is a powerful means.

Even if they are not their opponents, it is not difficult to get rid of them successfully.

And Lin Feng feels that even these cursed creatures know each other.

But it is not an easy task to ask the other person to help out to deal with some people.

They have to pay some price.

If the price paid is relatively large, they estimate that they will not ask too many people to take the shot.

So, some things, Lin Feng does not have to worry so much.

Lin Feng really wants to catch a few cursed creatures.

Then study these cursed creatures.

See what is there and curse them.

Time is still slowly passing, and it is about three days later.

The true dragon mystery has become extremely real, but the real dragon mystery has not yet fully emerged.

Everyone still needs patience.

But many people are already extremely excited.

Because the real dragon will soon be opened.

It will never be more than three days.

The big princess said, “Lin Gongzi, this time we came to the real dragon mystery, I have my own purpose, because I got an ancient picture before, this ancient icon has a place, I plan to go there to see it. Maybe there is some chance in that place, Lin Gongzi, are you going to go there with us? Or look for other opportunities?”.

Lin Feng said, “Of course I have to send you safely to that place first. This place is so dangerous. If I don’t go with you, I will be extremely worried.”

have to say.

Lin Feng This guy is really too sister.

In a word, the big princess is pretty and blushing, and my heart beats faster.

The big princess is not a superficial person.

The ability of the big princess is very powerful and the strength is very strong.

The average person simply cannot enter the eyes of the big princess.

But the big princess is getting more and more contact with Lin Feng.

She found that Lin Feng is too simple.

And the strength of Lin Feng is still so terrible.

Plus Lin Feng is so young and handsome.

Will also care about people.

From time to time, the big princess was also dialed a few words by Lin Feng.

The big princess is also a normal woman. Since it is a normal woman, there is a need for a normal woman.

The big princess also had a spring when she was a girl.

Just did not meet the Prince Charming.

Therefore, the big princess can’t resist the slap of Lin Feng.

She tried to make herself look normal, and then said, “When it is time, maybe Lin Gongzi is there, he can find a useful opportunity for himself.”

Lin Feng nodded, and after another day, the real dragon mystery finally came out.

Everyone can enter the real dragon secret.

A large number of monks are flying fast towards the real dragon.

Lin Feng originally thought that the cursed creature would shoot for himself, but the curse of the soul did not shoot for himself, but quickly entered the real dragon cheats, which made Lin Feng extremely surprised.

Lin Feng They flew out of the Xuanyuan Starship.

Lin Feng then collected the Xuanyuan Starship.

The six of them did not stop, and they quickly flew toward the real dragon.

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