Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 5953

King Luo?

After hearing the horrified cry of many people, Lin Feng browed slightly. He suddenly thought of the white bone creature he had known before. At that time, he gave the name of the “King of the King” to the white bone.

Of course, the name is Lin Feng’s rise to the name of the bones. After all, the real King of the King is the top of the land. The King of Luo, whom Lin Feng knows, has been in the world for many years.

When Lin Feng entered the underworld, he once saw the King of the King of Jurassic. It was only after so many years, and I don’t know how the King of the King of the Kings mixed. As for the monk in the ancient city, what is the sacred king of the King of Luo Lin Feng is not clear.

Will it be the guy you know?

Lin Feng couldn’t help but wonder.

The city owner of the demon corpse also appeared, and the monk army of the demon corpse was being organized against the army of the king of Jurassic.

The demon lord city owner is an ancient demon corpse. Before that, it was sealed in the third layer of the underworld, and it was also taken out of the previous years.

The demon corpse belongs to the prefecture.

It is said that the high-level relationship between the Lord of the Demon and the land of the city is irrefutable.

There are many monks in the Demon City. Although they are not comparable to the Magistrates and the Undead Legion of the Prefecture, they are not the same.

However, the army of the Demon City has never been dispatched.

Now the defense ban of the Demon City has been opened.

The demon lord city owner intends to consume the army that consumed the king of the king, and then led the army to deal with the army of the king.

The army of the king of Miluo was strict and the formation was tight.

Shoot together.

The terrorist attacks that were smashed together gathered together to attack the torrents and smashed into the ban on the defense of the corpse.


? Rumble!


The defensive ban of the Demon City violently swayed, and every time it swayed, it was shaken.

Lin Feng heard a lot of things, there are things about the King of the Kings, and there are things about the Lord of the City.

After learning about the relationship between the demon lord city and the land government.

Lin Feng knew that the army of the King of the Jurassic was definitely not the king of the Jurassic army.

Perhaps it is really the King of the Kings I know?




The attack of the King of the King of Jurassic became more and more fierce, and the huge defense ban was more and more violent.


at last.

Those defenses are beginning to crack.

As those defense bans continue to crack.

The destruction of those defensive bans seems to be only a matter of time.

The army in the demon corpse has begun to mobilize, ready to go out to meet the enemy anytime, anywhere.


After taking over a dozen waves of attacks by the King of the Kings, finally, the defense of the Demon City could not withstand the attack of the King of the Kings.

The defense of the demon corps is directly blasted.

“kill”. The earth-shattering shouting sounds through the clouds.

The army of King Luo Luo quickly killed.

“Go out to fight.”

The Lord of the Demon City City shouted loudly.

He led the army to kill.

Killed with the army of the King of Luo.

The torrent of water, sweeping the world, is simply ruining the earth.

The military confrontation, the scene is naturally extremely fierce.

In general, these undead monks are special and difficult to kill.

But the undead army in the underworld is very surprised. After they have hit the other side, they will directly devour some special energy in the other’s body.

That kind of special energy.

Let the repairs of those undead become extremely powerful.

But the undead who are swallowed up by those special energies will die.

Yangshengsheng can’t devour that special kind of energy. If you devour that kind of special energy, it will cause great damage to your body at that time, and it is likely to fall. Of course, the Yangshuo monk can’t kill those undead. Creatures, for example, completely destroy the fleshly body of those undead creatures.

Those undead creatures do not have a divine skill like a phoenix. When the body is completely destroyed, it will naturally die very quickly. In addition, the special energy inside the undead creatures can be destroyed, and the undead creatures will also be destroyed. Will die.

The outside war was divided after a very short period of time. The army led by the demon lord city could not resist the army of the king of the king. The army of the demon corpse was quickly dispersed, and then countless The undead monk army was killed.

The strength of the monks who have swallowed up the special energy of the undead monks has been greatly enhanced.

“Go away.”

Many people screamed in horror, and they dared to stay there. They turned and rushed outside, trying to escape, but in the void, the lines were intertwined, and the place was completely blocked.

Obviously the other party is very prepared.

“Heaven and earth are not benevolent, all things are hyenas, you, this is a matter of weak meat, you are dead, you can only blame your strength is not good, no wonder other.”

Said a monk who was in the golden armor.

The undead monk wearing the golden armor seems to be the commander of the army of the king.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but frown.

Is that guy the so-called “King of the King”?

In the Taoist terminology, King of the Kings means… the Lord of the Underworld.

and so.

It is not surprising that some creatures in the underworld have named themselves as King Luo.

Lin Feng was also looking forward to the owner of the King of the Jurassic, the King of the Kings he knew.

It seems that it is going to be empty.


Lin Feng said quietly.

They began to break through.

The king of the king of Jurassic came to kill and kicked the ring.

A large number of monks died tragically.

The king of the king of Jurassic began to massacre.

But all the special energies of the undead monks who were killed were swallowed up, and no one was spared.

Lin Feng and others were stared at by a group of powerful Kings of the Jurassic Army, who were under siege.

However, Lin Feng and others used extraordinary means to kill many soldiers of the King of the Jurassic Army.

Then quickly tore the big array and rushed out of the encirclement.

There are still some people who have rushed out, but only a few people can rush out.

This ratio is too low.

Ninety-nine percent of the people were massacred.

“It’s really terrible.”

The poisonous ancestors said.

“The underworld is too chaotic. It’s not that you die or I die. This kind of battle is far from being comparable to other worlds.”

The cursed doll said.

Lin Feng nodded and said immediately, “This place should not stay for a long time, let’s go.”

A group of people quickly left.

They continued to walk through the underworld and saw a lot of battles along the way.

They are far from being avoided.

About ten days later, Lin Feng and others came to the city of Pluto, which was built by the famous Seventh Pluto in the underworld.

This place belongs to the neutral zone.

Therefore, the forces of all parties have a tacit understanding and will not attack this city of Pluto.

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