Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 5954

In the city of Pluto, people come and go, and lively and extraordinary. After coming to the place of Pluto City, Lin Feng and others plan to find a place to live.

Then, by the way, I will inquire about the news of Hell Reincarnation Sand.

The city of Pluto is indeed very extraordinary. It is hundreds of times larger than the previous Demon City. There are more people and more powerful people. The monks of all races are endless.

“Lin Gongzi.”

At this time, a voice with a surprise came, Lin Feng turned to look at it and saw a figure.

He showed a strange expression.

Is this not a female ghost king?

The two sides are also old acquaintances.

The female ghost king is more and more beautiful, and she is a beautiful woman.

As the cultivation progresses, the body seems to have undergone great changes.

Soon the female ghost king came to Lin Feng here.

“How will you be here?”. Lin Feng asked the doubts of the female ghost king.

Before, Lin Feng remembered that the female ghost king was going to find the man who had lost her that year.

Lin Feng remembers, the man seems to be in heaven?

“Speaking long, do you want to find a place to talk about?” The female ghost king said.

Lin Feng nodded, then they thought about finding a place to talk about. What surprised Lin Feng was that he saw a tea house and the business was good. Lin Feng felt that these underworld creatures would enjoy it.

There are actually tea houses.

Lin Feng and others entered a box.

“How is your business handled?” Lin Feng asked.


The female ghost king smiled and said, “The mind is dead, already dead.”

“died?”. Lin Feng was surprised and said, “If you die, your grievances will dissipate. You should stop thinking about the past.”

“But he is not a real death, but a special cultivation method. Seven deaths are sanctified, eight dead Sendai, nine dead beyond…”. The female ghost king said with hatred.

Wen Yan, Lin Feng’s face suddenly showed a shock, what is this means? It’s really weird, but there are so many different ways in the world.

So even if there is such a strange practice, Lin Feng does not feel any strange things.

“Who is that person?” Lin Feng frowned slightly, because such a character is absolutely extraordinary.

“Chi Ming and Yang Tian.” The female ghost king said.


Lin Feng sprayed a cup of tea that had just been drunk.

Chi Ming and Yang Tian, ​​the full name should be called “Chi Ming and Yang Tianzhu.” Of course this is not a name, this is a title.

This person is one of the thirty-three heavenly masters of heaven.

Lin Feng really did not think of the female person of the female ghost king, turned out to be a god.

“Can’t you make a mistake?”. Lin Feng said with a smile.

The female ghost king said, “I thought I was mistaken, but I did not make a mistake.”

“He was indeed a great man, but in my impression, there were a lot of people who were better than him at the same time. Why did he kill me to be loyal to other women? Actually, I want to climb up. Now it seems that he Successful.”

The female ghost king said.

Lin Feng’s look nodded solemnly, apparently like the character of the thirty third heavenly layer master. No one is simple. There may have been many unknown things in the process of the upper ranks.

“After you found out his current identity, what happened next?” Lin Feng asked.

“I left Tianjie in the first time. I couldn’t wait for that place. His method is powerful. I found out that I am not dead. I came to the underworld to practice. I was lucky and got it.” After the jade sorcerer’s practice, do you find out what difference I have with the past?”.

The female ghost king said.

Lin Feng said, “It seems to be more beautiful now.”

The female ghost king did not feel ashamed and said, “In fact, I have abandoned my body.”


Lin Feng is very surprised.

The female ghost king said, “I used the jade niece to reunite a body, but the body that I re-aggregated looks the same as before.”

“Then you are…not the undead? Then you should be a human?”

Lin Feng said.

The female ghost said, “How do you say that I am now a relatively special creature, not a dead soul, but it is not a human being, but no matter what kind of living beings, I finally got rid of the previous shackles. Now my cultivation is improving. quickly”.

Lin Feng nodded. He also discovered this. In fact, when she first met the female ghost king, the female ghost king was much stronger than Lin Feng, but now Lin Feng came to the fore.

Of course, the female ghost king also has his own adventures.

The repair of the female ghost king is not to be underestimated.

Lin Feng can feel the terrible power of the female ghost king’s body crouching. It seems that her adventures are not small in these years.

Lin Feng is also happy for the female ghost king.

“What are you doing with your companions in the underworld?” asked the female ghost king curiously.

“Looking for Hell Reincarnation Sand, you have been waiting in the Underworld for a long time. Have you heard of the news of Hell Reincarnation Sand?”.

Lin Feng asked.

The female ghost king said, “I have really heard about the news of Hell Reincarnation Sand.”

“Oh? Where?”. Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly slammed and couldn’t wait to ask.

The female ghost king said, “It is said that the first order of the first generation of Hell Lords was opened in the first order. It is said that there is Hell Reincarnation Sand in that place.”

“The first generation of the Lord of Hell? Is this character very powerful?”

Lin Feng asked.

“Oh, what awesome?”.

The female ghost king said, “This is a person who is soaring and sorrowful. When he used to be the age of three hundred birthdays, he competed for the first generation of the lord’s position. But unfortunately, in the end, he fell in love with the age, too much. Give him a hundred years, the first generation of the lord may be replaced.”

“Then he became the first generation of the Lord of Hell. The first order of the restricted area he built was very extraordinary. That place is equivalent to a small world, but the small world contains a special order of order, the first generation of hell. The Lord, called the order called the first order.”

“The method of cohesion of the first order has made countless people crazy. The reason is that the Lord of Hell, with the first order, fought against the strong players in the world behind the scenes, even after the curtain, the black-handed world was strong. By”.

“At the time, the black-handed world dominated the retreat, and his father shot and killed the first generation of the Lord of Hell.”

“Although the father of the black-handed world behind the scenes is worse than the world behind the black-handed world, but the strength and horror are unimaginable. Many people think that this time, the first generation of the Lord of Hell will die, but the result is unbelievable. The first generation of the Lord of Hell used the first order to kill the father who dominated the world behind the scenes. This incident caused a huge sensation at the time.”

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