Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 5955

“The first order, is it so powerful?”

Lin Feng’s face is full of shock and moving expressions. The poisonous ancestor, the evil saint, the cursed doll, the broken god and so on also feel incredible. The first order is powerful and hard to imagine.

“Yeah, it is so powerful. Later, behind the scenes, the black-handed world dominated the customs, and the anger and the sky, personally killing the first generation of the Lord of Hell, only killed the first generation of Hell Lord.” The female ghost king said.

“Can the first order be understood as something similar to the law? But it is not as simple as the law, it is similar to the divine skill, but it is not a divine skill?”. Lin Feng asked.

The female ghost king nodded and said, “It should be possible to understand this, but what is the first order? It is still unclear. The first order region is a place that integrates the power of the first order. Whoever can inherit the first order region? That would be awesome, and I heard that even the strong man who surpassed realm in the government was also eyeing the first order area.”

Lin Feng frowned slightly, and immediately said, “What is the land of the powerful who surpasses realm?”

The female ghost king said, “It is said that the strongman who died in the last era, absorbed the power of destruction and new life when the era was destroyed and born, the body changed, and then the resurrected strong, in fact, the resurrection is not particularly early, it is said that it is congenital It was only resurrected in the middle of the spiritual era.”

Lin Feng touched his chin and immediately said, “The existence of this level is terrible. If this level of existence wants to compete for the control of the first order area, others will not be able to compete for him. Of course, there may be the same level. The monk competed with him. The first order area did not dare to think. I was satisfied with the Hell Reincarnation. If it was good luck, it would be better to get the first order of conciseness.”

Lin Feng is really interested in the concise method of the first order.

Because from the description of the female ghost king, you can know how powerful the “first order” is.

The first order, once erupted, the power of absolute horror is difficult to imagine, even completely comparable to the six Reincarnation.

I have to feel the wisdom of the ancients.

“It seems that it will take some time for the first order area to appear. Now, although there are some changes, it is not yet time to be born.” The female ghost king said.

“Where will the first order area appear?” Lin Feng asked.

The female ghost said, “This is not easy to say. It may appear randomly in a place in the thirty-three heavens, but now the seal of the thirty-three underworld has been opened. Therefore, if the first order appears, it should not be able to hold the world. It is not difficult to find the first order area.”

Lin Feng is quite agree with this point.

At the end of the epoch, when some big opportunities came out, the movements were relatively large.

So it is difficult to hold on to others.

The female ghost king continued, “I have nothing to do with this time anyway. I have a good thing here, you will definitely be interested.”

“Oh? What a good thing?”. Lin Feng looked at the female ghost king strangely.

The female ghost king said, “Have you heard of the door to hell baptism?”

“What a ghost thing? Haven’t heard of it.” Lin Feng shook his head.

The female ghost king said, “In the rumor, there is a magic door in hell, called the gate of hell baptism. When passing through the door of the baptism of hell, the monk will wake up if there is a bloodline that has not awakened, if the awakening bloodline, Will be further awakened.”

“I am going to… Is this rumor true?”.

Lin Feng said something incredible.

If it’s true.

Doesn’t that mean that I can go to the door of Hell’s baptism to continue to awaken my bloodline?


Can you revitalize your fourth bloodline?

Lin Feng’s fourth bloodline was unable to recover, which made Lin Feng feel awkward.

If the fourth bloodline can recover, Lin Feng feels that his combat power will be improved as never before.

This feeling is very strong.

But the key is that the fourth bloodline has not been able to recover. Lin Feng has no way.

The door to hell baptism, let Lin Feng see hope.

Can you succeed, and when you find the door to hell baptism, you will be clear.

The female ghost king said, “I don’t know if this news is true, but we can explore it.”

The female ghost king said, she took out one thing, it was a token.

The token is engraved with a mysterious stone gate.

The mysterious stone gate seems to be the door to hell in the rumor. After seeing the token, Lin Feng said, “Is this a token of the door to the baptism of hell?”

“Yes, this is a token. It is rumored that the door to hell baptism is located in the sea of ​​bitterness.” The female ghost king said.

“Bitter sea? Is it the bitter sea that Buddhist monks said?” Lin Feng asked in confusion.

Buddhist monks often say that “the sea is boundless, and the back is the shore.”

I must have heard of these words.

In fact, Lin Feng thought about a question before. Is this so-called bitter sea, is it created by Buddhism?

After all, I have never heard of a bitter sea anywhere.

What it looks like now.

Is there really a bitter sea?

The female ghost king said, “Yes, the bitter sea in the land is the bitter sea in the Buddhist terminology.”

“In fact, the bitter sea of ​​the local government is quite special, and it traverses the thirty-three places.”

“The bitter sea is boundless, there is no end, but the rumor says that if you can cross the bitter sea, you can get a big creation. Some people even say that if you can cross the bitter sea, you can complete the detachment.”


Lin Feng’s face showed a stunned look. It sounded a bit ridiculous.

But sometimes, these sounds that are unbelievable, in fact, maybe it is true?

This kind of thing happens in the world of practitioners, but it doesn’t make people feel strange.

The female ghost king said, “How? Is there any interest in walking with me?”

“I am very happy to escort the beauty.” Lin Feng said with a smile.

The female ghost king has a fascinating look at Lin Feng.

The female ghost king abandoned the original body and condensed the new flesh and blood. After every move, there was a kind of flattering.

Is this what she was like that year?

Really beautiful.

“I originally wanted to find someone else to start together. Now it seems that I don’t have to find another person. Let’s take a day off and start tomorrow. What do you think?”

Asked the female ghost king.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “No problem.”

The female ghost king immediately said, “I have a house here, you can follow me back and rest for a night.”

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