Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 5956

Lin Feng and others followed the female ghost king to the residence of the female ghost king in the city of Pluto. This is not a very large house, but the house is expensive, mainly because the house is located in the city of Pluto, and now there are several in the underworld. The city of Pluto was built by several generations of Pluto. Several Pluto cities belong to the public area, and there will be no major wars.

Therefore, the price here has been fired to the sky price.

normal person.

I really can’t afford the house here. Fortunately, there are some savings in the female ghost king. Plus, I have gained some adventures and got a lot of Xianshi. Otherwise, how can I afford the house in Pluto City?

The female ghost king arranged accommodation for Lin Feng and others.

At the end of the evening.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. At this time, it was already late at night. The night in the underworld was special. The moon and stars were bloody, and there was no sun in the underworld. Lin Feng’s face showed a strange expression.

Lin Feng waved his hand.

A purple thundered metal ball flew out. After seeing the purple thundering metal ball, Lin Feng’s face showed a strange expression. If I remember correctly, this thing It was originally acquired in Leicheng. It was something left by Raytheon. Lin Feng guessed that it was the thing left by the ninth generation of Raytheon, but he had no evidence that this thing was left by the ninth generation Raytheon. Maybe it would Is it left by other Raytheon?

these years.

Lin Feng tried to sense the extraordinaryness of this metal ball, but Lin Feng couldn’t sense anything. This metal ball is very special, it can isolate the exploration of the gods, and this metal ball has never happened. After a special change, and no change has occurred, such a metal ball of light is obviously mysterious.

Now in the Underworld, this metal ball has changed in the city of Pluto, built by the seventh generation of Pluto.

How is this going?

Lin Feng can’t help but feel awkward.

Lin Feng tried to use God’s careful sensory look to see if he could use the god to read the metal ball. When Lin Feng’s thoughts and the metal ball were inductive, Lin Feng suddenly showed up. Smiley expression.

His god thoughts were blocked by metal light balls.


At this time, the metal light ball quickly flew outwards. After seeing this scene, Lin Feng’s face was shocked.

He quickly chased the metal ball, and the speed of the metal ball was fast, but there was no way to get rid of Lin Feng.

In the evening, the city of Pluto is actually very quiet. The streets are quiet. Occasionally, some undead monks wander around. Like a ghost town, there are monks in the sun. Most of them will not appear at night. Most of the monks also chose to practice retreat at this time.

Lin Feng chased the metal ball of light all the way. Finally, the metal ball came to the outside of an old house. This old house seemed very ordinary at first sight, but if you look closely, you can find that this ancient house was covered by a huge ban. It is.

The Thunder’s light ball was suspended in the old house and tried to enter it, but it was bounced back by the ancient house’s ban. I don’t know if the ancient house’s ban was too strong. When the Thunder’s light ball was bounced back, the Thunder’s light ball The gloss became dim and restored to what it was before.

The final metal ball fell into the hands of Lin Feng.

In this case, Lin Feng was very surprised, Lin Feng could not help but frown slightly.

What is the extraordinary place in this ancient house? Lin Feng is going to explore it. I don’t know who is living inside?

If you are found, don’t you know if you will be embarrassed by the crowd inside?

Lin Feng is not difficult to cross this prohibition. He used the power of the stone to cross the forbidden system and entered the ancient village. When Lin Feng entered the ancient house, Lin Feng felt an unprecedented cold atmosphere. The rapid influx, the cold breath wrapped his body, the feeling is really too bad.

The power of death in this place is too strong.

Lin Feng quickly mobilized the tree of Jianmu. When the tree of Jianmu was motivated by Lin Feng, a lot of building power came out inside the tree of Jianmu. The power of building wood protected the body of Lin Feng. Lin Feng resisted the erosion of those terrible forces, and he felt a lot more comfortable.

Lin Feng then looked around the environment, quietly around, the courtyard was relatively empty, the dust on the ground seems to be a little thick, it is estimated that no one has come here for a long time, Lin Feng can not help but some guilty, this place will not be a no People’s house?

The area of ​​the house is not small. Lin Feng found that the house was divided into several floors. The outermost layer was almost the same size as the female ghost king’s house. Lin Feng opened some rooms, but there were no clues in the room. The dust is very thick, and it takes time to settle. It seems that no one has come for a long time.

I found a lot of rooms and found no special things. This made Lin Feng frown a little. He came to the second courtyard and searched it carefully before he found any valuable. Things, at most, are simple furniture, and they are simple furniture that accumulates thick dust.

“A garden like this, can’t you keep any clues? But the metal ball must have sensed something to fly over?”

Lin Feng can’t help himself.

The house has not yet been fully explored.

and so.

I can’t say if it’s true or not.

Maybe, is there something?

Lin Feng continues to walk inside.

Nothing was found in the third courtyard. He then went to the fourth courtyard and found nothing.

Deep in the fourth courtyard is a large bamboo forest. Lin Feng enters the bamboo forest. I don’t know if it is because of the night. Lin Feng always feels that this bamboo forest is sinister.

This feeling is really quite bad.

There are no more meetings.

Lin Feng came to the depths of the bamboo forest. After coming here, Lin Feng discovered that there was a grave here. This is an unknown tomb without a tombstone.

Could it be that the tomb of the metal light ball is changed?

If the omnipotent priest is here, the dead priest is expected to dig the grave directly.

But Lin Feng did not dig this tomb. He frowned and looked at the unknown grave in front of him.

At this time, Lin Feng glanced to the left and his face suddenly changed.

Because Lin Feng found out, I don’t know when, the place, stood a monk.

The monk looked at himself in a faint light.

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