Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 5957

After seeing the person who appeared, Lin Feng’s mouth could not be twitched slightly, and people were scary and scared.

Fortunately, the mysterious monk who appeared here did not attack himself. Otherwise, the situation would be extremely dangerous.

Lin Feng looked at the monk and found that the monk was thin and thin, and his body was awkward.

The body exudes a sinister breath, like a ghost from the hell.

But he is alive.

at this point.

Lin Feng can sense it.

This is the existence of who, Lin Feng is not clear.

No matter who it is, this way of appearance gives people a feeling of dying.

“Predecessors… The younger generation is here because of the change of this metal light ball, but also hope that the predecessors do not blame.”

Lin Feng showed the old metal ball to the old man.

The old man said, “I didn’t think that this thing is still in the world.”

The voice of the old man sounds very hoarse and old.

Lin Feng said, “What do seniors know about this thing?”.

“of course I know”. The old man said.

“Is it magic treasure?”. Lin Feng asked.

“Not a magic treasure, it is a token.”

The old man said.

“Is it true of Raytheon?” Lin Feng asked.

“Correct”. The old man nodded.

“The first generation of Raytheon?”. Lin Feng asked again.

“This is not clear.” The old man said.

Wen Yan, Lin Feng frowned slightly.

He looked at the grave and said, “Is there a Raytheon buried here?”

“Yeah, buried a thunder, but he has long been forgotten.” The old man has some feelings.

Lin Feng asked, “Is this the first generation of Raytheon?”.

The old man said, “I don’t know, maybe the person who knows the specific news has already passed away.”

“What is the identity of the predecessor?” Lin Feng asked.

The old man said, “I am a man of the age of the wind, before dying, I want to walk around and look around.”

Lin Feng always feels that things are not that simple.

Lin Feng asked, “How did the seniors appear in this place?”.

The old man took out a metal ball of light and said, “I also have the same metal ball of light. It seems that we are all attracted because the metal ball is attracted.”

Lin Feng glanced at the metal ball in the hands of the old man and nodded with a smile.

It is indeed the same metal ball of light.

However, there seem to be some differences in some small details. Some of the runes are different, but it is not harmful.

“Do you want to dig up the tomb?”. The old man proposed.


Lin Feng couldn’t help but hesitate. He is not an infinite priest. To tell the truth, dig the graves of others, Lin Feng does not like to do it.

Lin Feng feels that this kind of thing is a bit derogatory.

And in the impression of Lin Feng, the nine generations of Raytheon have always been good people.

Don’t worry about the burial of the ancient tombs of the first generation of Raytheon.

When I was alive, the character did not have to say.

The nine generations of Raytheon have also done a lot of things for this era.

Digging up their tombs and letting them not rest in peace after they die.

Lin Feng said, “Don’t you? Let the Raytheon rest in peace. How do the older generation think?”

The old man looked at Lin Feng deeply and said, “I don’t care, because anything is too attractive for me. It’s mainly you, young, dug up the thunder. If you can get some good things after the grave, maybe it will be of great benefit to your cultivation? Have you thought about this?”

Lin Feng said, “I thought about it, but I want to get a chance. There are so many opportunities. There is no need to dig the tomb of Raytheon. This is too unreasonable.”

“With you, this metal ball is of no use to me, give it to you.”

The old man threw the metal ball that belonged to him to Lin Feng.

“Thank you for your predecessors.” Lin Feng did not shirk, he took the metal light ball and immediately thanked the old man.

The old man waved his hand.

Then walked out to the outside.

Lin Feng looked at the old man and left.

After the old man left, Lin Feng looked at the grave.

“A generation of Raytheon, what heroes are born, buried here, no one knows, it is really sad, perhaps, not disturbed, is also a good choice.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but mutter, and he didn’t stay here for a long time.

Lin Feng left the place and returned to his place of residence.

When I left, I was silent.

So the rest of the people were not alarmed and they were still resting.

After returning, Lin Feng took out two metal balls.

At this time, something happened to Lin Feng.

The two metal balls actually made a series of violent fluctuations. Lin Feng looked at the two metal balls. He found that the runes on the two metal balls were also recovered. Those runes contained strong power.

Looking at it really looks like magic treasure, but the old man said before, this metal light ball is not a magic treasure, I wonder if there is something wrong?

Two metal balls of light quickly flew together, and then began to merge, seeing the two metal balls gradually merge together, Lin Feng was shocked, the two metal balls were really strange, this fusion, I don’t know What happened?

Lin Feng feels that it is a good thing.

But after the integration, what will happen specifically, I still can’t know for the time being.

It took about an hour or so, and the two metal balls were completely integrated.

After the fusion, the metal light ball has become much larger, and the rune above is much more than before. In addition, there is no other special place. Lin Feng tries to use the god to sense the metal light ball. When Lin Feng’s thoughts touched the metal light ball, this time, the metal light ball did not reject Lin Feng’s thoughts, and Lin Feng’s thoughts easily entered the golden light ball.

This is a thunder space.

The dense thunder is intertwined.

Lin Feng didn’t think that the inner world of the metal light ball turned out to be like this. He tried to understand the thunder space.

It didn’t take long for Lin Feng to find out that he heard the sound of heaven and earth…

When Lin Feng opened his eyes and woke up, his face showed a happy color.

“Thunder: the fairy tales created by the first generation of Raytheon…”.

Lin Feng sensed some information in his mind, and his mouth showed a smile.

The metal light ball incorporates the thunder left by the first generation of the Thunder God.

The thunder is extraordinary.

Not just the fairy tales.

And the Thunder is also extremely powerful, that is, those who have cultivated the Thunder will be more familiar with the Thunder mastery.


It is easy to resolve many thunders.

Lin Feng now cultivates the big scorpion technique, catastrophe and other divine skills, which is very helpful for the resolution of thunderbolt. Even so, every time you rob, you will die for a lifetime.

However, the cultivation of the thunder is different. When the thunder is cultivated, the degree of danger at the time of the robbery will be greatly reduced. By then, the probability of Lin Feng surviving under the thunder will be greatly improved.


Lin Feng can even manipulate the thunder of being robbed, for example, who is not pleasing to the eye, the monk is robbing, Lin Feng is running the thunder, the thunder of the monk, the power may suddenly increase tenfold, this time, I am afraid that it will be a place where I will die without being buried. It is a good means of yin.

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