Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7277

When Lin Feng rushed out of the ruined temple, he couldn’t help but put out a long breath, mainly because the ruined temple was so dangerous that he was almost robbed in it. If it were one step later, the situation might be better than imagined. Among them is much worse.

Fortunately, this bad situation did not happen.

“Are you okay?”. Hongchen Xianzun looked towards Lin Feng and asked.

“It’s okay!”. Lin Feng replied.

He immediately summoned the Buddha statue he had collected before, and the Buddha statue was suspended in front of him. At this moment, the Buddha statue was still sealed.

“Is there anything special about this Buddha statue?”. Poison Ancestor asked.

“It seems to have something to do with the stone Buddha I got before! Because when I approached the Buddha statue, the stone Buddha unexpectedly moved!”. Lin Feng said.

When Lin Feng said this, everyone was very surprised.

These people present are all Lin Feng’s cronies. They know everything about the stone Buddha. If Lin Feng can find the five stone Buddhas, then his External Body Incarnation is likely to break through to the realm of the creator.

That’s the realm of the creator. How many creators are born from a Reincarnation?

Lin Feng is so powerful now. If Lin Feng’s External Body Incarnation breakthrough reaches the creator’s realm, then the battle strength of Lin Feng’s deity will surely reach the level of the creator.

Think about it, without breaking through the realm of the creator, the battle strength has reached the realm of the creator. How terrifying is this potential?

So finding the five stone Buddhas as soon as possible is extremely important for Lin Feng. If Lin Feng’s cultivation base is upgraded, it will be a great thing for everyone, but the poisonous ancestors and they also know How difficult is it to find the five stone Buddhas?

The main reason is that clues are hard to find.

Alonso said: “We originally came out to find the Wasteland World Source, but we haven’t found the Wasteland World Source yet, but we have found a clue related to the stone Buddha. No, unintentional positive outcomes!”.

Hongchen Xianzun asked, “Can you find the stone Buddha you need through this Buddha statue?”.

Lin Feng said, “It’s hard to say now, but you can try it!”.

Lin Feng began to try to mobilize the power of the other two stone Buddhas. In Lin Feng’s view, if he can successfully mobilize the power of the other two stone Buddhas, there will be a special connection with the Buddha statue he got. With this connection, maybe you can find the third stone Buddha.

However, after Lin Feng tried for a while, he found that he had failed.

There is simply no way to make any connection between his two stone Buddhas and this Buddha statue.

Something’s wrong.

It’s completely different from what you imagined.

Lin Feng said, “This Buddha statue is very weird, it can seriously affect the soul of the cultivator, and can also release powerful attacks. I need to unlock the seal of this Buddha statue to verify some things, so you should be careful , Fuck off the way of the Buddha!”.

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