Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7278


“We will be careful!”. Everyone responded.

Lin Feng then began to try to unlock the seal of the Buddha statue. As the seal was gradually released by Lin Feng, the fluctuations from the Buddha statue became more and more intense. This situation made Lin Feng’s The brow could not help being slightly frowned, because it was among the group of stone temples. He always felt that it seemed not a good thing to let this Buddha statue release such strong fluctuations.

However, there is no way to stop the Buddha statue from emitting such fluctuations.

At the moment when the seal of the Buddha statue was lifted, the Buddha statue wanted to escape.

However, Lin Feng caught his neck.

This Buddha statue could not escape.

“Obediently and honestly cooperate with me, otherwise, Believing or not I ruined you?”. Lin Feng looked towards this Buddha statue viciously.

He believes that this Buddha statue should be able to understand what he is saying.

If this Buddha is smart, working with him is obviously the best choice, if not smart enough, then resist him.

At this time, Hongchen Xianzun said, “Something’s wrong, I feel solemn killing aura!”.

Hongchen Xianzun’s words made everyone’s spirits tighten instantly.

Because everyone knows exactly how powerful the Red Dust Immortal Venerable is, the Red Dust Immortal Venerable actually said that he felt the solemn killing aura, and he definitely felt the solemn killing aura.

It seems that danger should be coming.

As for what the danger is, I don’t know for now.

Soon Lin Feng and the others knew what the danger was. They saw a stoneman walking from all around. The surface of these Stoneman’s bodies were branded with some extremely special runes. The breath of every Stoneman was Very powerful.

Lin Feng took a cursory look, and there are almost 200 Stoneman statues.

“How could there be so many Holy Spirits?”. The Poison Ancestor’s voice could not be slightly trembled.

Stone Race is a Holy Spirit raised by Innate Earth.

It stands to reason that the birth of Stone Race is extremely difficult.

An extremely long time has passed, and it may not be possible to give birth to a Stone Race Holy Spirit, but now there are so many Stone Race Holy Spirits here. It is indeed a bit weird. So many Stone Race Holy Spirits, how terrifying?

It can pose a huge threat to anyone.

Lin Feng said, “These Stoneman look a little wrong, maybe it’s not Stone Race Holy Spirit!”.

hearing this everyone is surprised, isn’t it Stone Race Holy Spirit?

The breath is too similar to the Stone Race Holy Spirit. If they are not Stone Race Holy Spirit, it really makes people not believe it, but everyone still believes Lin Feng’s statement.

Lin Feng said that, he should have found some clues that can prove that these Stoneman are not Stone Race Holy Spirit.

If there are more than two hundred Stone Race Holy Spirits, the threat posed is too great, and it is desperate, but since it is not Stone Race Holy Spirit, things are much easier.

Even if these exist no matter how powerful they are, there is still a big gap between them and the Stone Race Holy Spirit. Lin Feng and the others also not to be trifled with, how can they be afraid of these Stoneman?

These Stoneman attacked Lin Feng and the others.

Lin Feng and the others also took action one after another, trying to destroy the Stoneman who was besieging them, but soon Lin Feng and the others discovered something wrong. These Stoneman were terrifying and couldn’t destroy them at all.

Even if an extremely powerful attack hits them, it cannot cause too serious damage to them, while their attack is extremely violent. Support for a period of time, there is no problem, if it takes too long, Lin Feng and the others will be overwhelmed.

“What’s the matter with these Stoneman? It doesn’t feel worse than Stone Race Holy Spirit!”.

The Poison Ancestor said depressedly.

Hongchen Xianzun said, “It should be related to the special symbols In Literature there is on them. You can take a closer look. The special runes on them are very similar to the runes imprinted on the stone temple. It’s a type of rune!”.

Everyone took a closer look and found this.

Lin Feng said, “Things may be more complicated than we thought!”.

Everyone looked towards Lin Feng, did Lin Feng find something wrong?

Lin Feng said, “Don’t forget that there are some runes missing on many stone temples! If I am not mistaken, the runes on these Stonemans are the runes missing from the temple. I just don’t know why. It was imprinted on the bodies of these Stoneman, and these Stoneman, it seems that they are not the Stoneman raised by Innate Earth, they should be artificially made Stoneman!”.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. If they were made artificially, then who made these Stoneman?

What is the purpose of making these Stoneman?

This is something worthy of consideration.

One more thing.

Lin Feng just said that the rune missing from the temple was imprinted on these Stoneman’s bodies for whatever reason. Did it mean that those with big divine skills had forcibly moved the rune on the stone temple to these Stoneman’s. Body.

So the stone temple is missing a part of the rune?

Think about it carefully, it seems that there is such a probability!

“What should I do now?”. Poison Ancestor asked anxiously.

No matter how these Stoneman are formed and what they have to do with, there is one thing that has to be faced, that is, the strength of these Stoneman is very terrifying, facing the attack of more than 200 Stoneman, they do A little strenuous.

The strength of these Stoneman is so powerful, everyone has actually made some guesses.

The stone temple here is very strange. The power contained in the stone temple is unimaginable. The reason why these Stoneman are so powerful may have something to do with the stone temple. Through the special rune imprinted on their bodies, they form a connection with the rune on the stone temple. In this way, these Stoneman can mobilize the power of the stone temple.

Lin Feng entered the ruined stone temple before and experienced that many dangers. He knew well how much power such a stone temple could provide to these Stoneman.

whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it.

Meeting force with force with these weird Stoneman is obviously not the solution. Even if the encirclement is prominent, you can only choose to leave this place. Then, how to find the third stone Buddha?

How to find something related to mysterious iron sword?

This is obviously not a result Lin Feng wants to see.

Lin Feng wants to solve all the problems and get what he wants instead of evacuating from here.

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