Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7279


Everyone looked towards this Buddha statue in surprise. Judging from the series of performances of this Buddha statue, the wisdom of this statue may be much higher than everyone thought.

Furthermore, the head of this Buddha statue was twisted off by Lin Feng, and it was not dead, which is really surprising.

“The Immortal Stone!”. Hong Chen Xianzun said.

For Lin Feng, the name Immortal Stone is relatively unfamiliar and belongs to a brand new name, but since the word immortality is involved, this thing is destined to be extraordinary.

Lin Feng looked towards Hongchen Xianzun and said, “You mean, is this Buddha statue made of immortal stone?”.

Hongchen Xianzun nodded, said, “No, to be precise, it should be the Stone Race Holy Spirit bred from the immortal stone, but it feels strange, like being forged by someone, perhaps hiding oneself a method!”.

The Poison Ancestor and the others were very surprised. They didn’t expect that the guy caught by Lin Feng would be a real Stone Race Holy Spirit.

It’s hidden deep enough.

“Immortality, extraordinary Stone Race, but what about this? If I want to obliterate you, it’s not difficult!”. Lin Feng said in a cold voice.

Lin Feng is not bragging. He does have a lot of methods. Fire restrain metal and Five Elements are metal. Lin Feng controls Heavenly Flame, which will be restrained by Lin Feng.

If Lin Feng uses Heavenly Flame to burn the undead stone, he can definitely destroy the undead stone.

Even without Heavenly Flame calcination, there is still a way to deal with the undead stone. You can crush the body of the undead stone into powder.

The Immortal Stone may indeed have immortality ability, but the immortality ability here is definitely a relative thing, not an absolute thing, just like Lin Feng’s Immortal Bloodline, which has the ability to bring people back to life, but this Ability is probabilistic, not necessarily something that can be used.

When death comes, if this ability is not stimulated, it will die miserably when the time comes. Only when this ability is stimulated can it be possible to live.

This is also the case with the Immortal Stone. If the immortality cannot be activated, it will die.

One more thing, what if it can be inspired?

It is now a prisoner.

Lin Feng can destroy him once, and he can destroy it a second time. Even if he is immortal, he cannot always be stimulated. This time is aroused, and maybe it won’t be aroused next time, then he will die.

Lin Feng did not discuss with the Buddha again, whether it was for the Stoneman to withdraw, Lin Feng grabbed the head of the Buddha with one hand, and then suddenly used force. His power is too strong. He only listens to the Buddha. The head made the sound of crack crack.

There were even densely packed cracks on the head of the Buddha statue. The Buddha statue screamed and connected again. Seeing such a miserable Buddha statue, many people looked like taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, saying that this guy simply deserves it. Now, the Buddha statue is indeed miserable, and it is only a matter of time before Lin Feng’s head is crushed.

“Okay, I compromise, I compromise, you stop quickly, it hurts me to death!”. The Buddha statue roared. It didn’t want to continue to compete with Lin Feng. It felt that Lin Feng was not just threatening it, it was really possible to crush its head. It didn’t want to be crushed, when the time Comes might die.

Lin Feng’s mouth evoked a wicked expression, and said, “Then give the order soon!”.

“Retreat!”. The head of the Buddha said.

More than two hundred Stoneman who besieged Lin Feng and the others were all evacuated.

It became quiet again here.

Lin Feng looked towards the head of the Buddha statue and said: “Maybe we can introduce ourselves frankly!”.

“Of course, but can you allow me to press my head first?”. The Buddha statue said.

“No problem!”. Lin Feng said that he let go of the head of the Buddha statue, but Lin Feng imposed some special restrictions on the Buddha statue. If the Buddha statue dares to play tricks again, then the Buddha statue will be miserable. The Buddha statue is very powerful, and it has actually discovered it. Those special prohibitions, those prohibitions are constructed by a series of complicated runes, making the Buddha statues endlessly afraid and afraid to make any mistakes.

The head and body of the Buddha statue are reconnected together. What is surprising is that his head and body form a perfect fusion.

There is no sign of renewal.

The method of the Buddha statue is really amazing.

Lin Feng said, “I, Lin Feng, lord of the Wasteland Alliance! What do you call it?”.

“The Lord of the Wasteland Alliance? It turns out that that person is you!”, the Buddha statue looked towards Lin Feng in surprise.

Although he has always been hidden in the ruined stone temple, it still knows some things about the outside world. It has its own way, but it did not expect that one day, it will be with this wasteland alliance master. That’s it.

I have never taken this person too seriously before, and the Buddha statue only now knows that I really underestimated the Lord of the Wasteland Alliance before.

Although this person is young, his cultivation base is too strong.

And extremely meticulous.

This is the most terrifying point.

Because there is no shortage of powerful people in the world, and these powerful people, due to their horrible strength, often self-esteem and lose a lot of vigilance. For them, it is not necessarily a good thing, only moments Those who remain vigilant can go further.

After a brief surprise, the Buddha statue came back to his senses and said, “I am a stone Buddha raised by Innate Earth. I have extraordinary sacred power and master many terrifying methods!”.

Lin Feng asked, “Then what is your connection with the five stone Buddhas?”.

The Buddha statue said, “I was born in the same place as the five stone Buddhas. It’s just that the five stone Buddhas were born earlier. Perhaps they drew too much power from that place, which led to my birth. At the time, they couldn’t reach their height!”.

Lin Feng said, “So, do you envy and hate them?”.

The Buddha statue said, “The temple group is indeed not a place to enshrine me, but this temple group has a deep relationship!”.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but moved slightly, and then said, “In that case, is this temple complex a place where a stone Buddha is enshrined?”.

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