Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7280


If it is a group of temples dedicated to stone Buddhas, it is a problem. That is, stone Buddhas are not always hidden. They may have come out, and they have become Totem-like existences. They are admired by the world. Worship.

Otherwise, such a huge temple complex would not be built.

The Buddha statue said, “Yes, this place is indeed a place where a stone Buddha is enshrined. In the past… to be precise, it was a matter of many epochs, so far away I can’t remember which epoch it was. In this era, a stone Buddha was born. This stone Buddha showed the Empyrean God connection, which caused a huge wave in the wasteland world.”

“The wasteland world at that time was also the era of rising winds, scudding clouds. With its powerful strength, the stone Buddha broke out a piece of Heaven and Earth, and built this huge temple complex to enshrine him, day and night With the power of incense, the strength has also begun to rise.”

Lin Feng said, “If this is the case, then the stone Buddha should become stronger and stronger. Then why are the temples here destroyed?”.

The Buddha statue said, “The specifics are not particularly clear. I only know that darkness fell that day, covering the sky and covering the sun, covering the temples. When the darkness dissipated, many creatures in the temples disappeared, including the stone Buddha. After a trace, this once prosperous group of temples has been ruined. Because this place contains extremely terrifying evil powers, creatures entering it will often be robbed, so in the following long period of time, there will be no People come to this place!”.

“Until one day, I came to this place. I knew this place was dangerous, but I was strong enough to not be afraid of the dangers here, and I found that I was in this place, like a fish back in In general, I began to devour the special energy stored in the stone temple group to enhance my own strength. I thought that for me, this should be a great thing, but then I learned that on the surface Some things, maybe not at all so beautiful, and even hidden traps of terrifying!”.

“I found that there is an unknown, terrifying power that wants to control my body. I feel something is not right, and then I want to leave the stone temple group quickly, but I found that I can no longer Leaving the group of stone temples, that kind of power has penetrated into my body, and for a long time, I have been fighting with that kind of power!”.

hearing this, Lin Feng and the others couldn’t help showing their shocked faces. The stone temple complex is indeed evil enough, even more evil than they thought. Even the Buddha statues were met here. The trouble, even now, has not separated from the stone temple group, enough to explain too many problems.

Lin Feng said, “I saw that those temples lack some runes, and the Stoneman you summoned is branded with special runes. Those runes seem to be runes missing from the temples, right?”.

The Buddha statue said, “Yes, the rune on the Stoneman is the rune missing from the temple, and the Stoneman is forged by a special method. I only destroyed the rune of the stone temple because I think When the overall structure of the stone temple is destroyed, the power of the stone temple will decline. When the time comes, the control over me will also decrease, and my hope of leaving the control of the stone temple will greatly increase!”.

Lin Feng said, “But you still failed!”.

The Buddha statue said, “Yes! I failed! I imagined things too simple, maybe not too simple as I imagined, but the complexity of the place, the degree of terrifying, far surpasses my imagination!”.

Lin Feng said, “Then what’s attacking my existence? Also, what’s the matter with those chains? Why did they suddenly pop up? Does it mean that besides attacking my existence, there is something more mysterious in secret, More terrifying existence?”.

The Buddha statue said, “I don’t know what the attack on your existence is, including how the chain was taken out. I don’t know. I can attribute it to the “unknown existence”, “unknown power”, Many things, even me, I don’t know much about it, and I can’t figure it out.”

Lin Feng said, “Since you want to leave this place so much, I brought you out before, why are you still attacking me?”.

The Buddha statue said, “I don’t know who you are? I don’t know what your ulterior motive is for catching me! Is it normal for me to attack you?”.

If you say so, you can explain it well.

Lin Feng said, “Can you find a clue to the third stone Buddha here?”.

“Then I don’t know. Anyway, I haven’t found a clue about the stone Buddha in these years, but if it’s speaking of which, there is a place, maybe I can find a clue about the stone Buddha!”. Said the Buddha.

“Where?”. Lin Feng asked.

The Buddha statue said, “Look at the deepest position. There is a very tall stone temple in that place. That stone temple is the main temple of the stone temple group here!”

“Under the main temples of the stone temple complex, there is endless darkness. I had sensed some situations there before, but I did not enter it to explore, mainly because it was too dangerous. , No one knows what will happen after entering it, and what will be experienced!”.

Hongchen Xianzun said, “Maybe you can go inside and see what’s going on!”.

Lin Feng also has this idea. He looked towards the Buddha statue and said, “You still need to lead the team!”.

The Buddha statue said, “I have told you everything I know. It doesn’t matter to me where you want to go, right? So you should go down by yourself. I would rather go back to the temple. Don’t want to go to a dark place!”.

“Don’t make terms with me, my temper is not very good, if you continue to beep here, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”. Lin Feng coldly said.

The Buddha statue could not help but feel a little depressed, but didn’t say anything further, while Lin Feng and the others continued to move towards the depths of the temple group. Not very long, they came to the deepest position of the temple group.

There is a huge stone temple in this place. The stone temple is about 100 meters high and covers an area of ​​thousands of square meters. The dark color exudes an ancient but gloomy atmosphere.

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