Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7281


The place of the main temple really gave Lin Feng an extremely not simple feeling. Such a place is often extremely dangerous. Naturally, more precautions should be taken. Otherwise, no one knows what terrifying things will happen. .

Lin Feng and the others have no special feelings in this place. After all, they are all people who have experienced winds and waves. Although this place is very dangerous, in Lin Feng’s opinion, these dangers should be All can cope.

This is self-confidence, not self-arrogance. There is a difference between self-confidence and self-arrogance.

“The place to go is below the main temple. You need to enter the main temple before you can try to enter below!”. Said the Buddha.

Enter the bottom of the main temple, I don’t know if there is a special entrance.

Lin Feng thinks that this may be the case.

The entire group entered the main temple. After entering the main temple, Lin Feng felt a cold and terrifying aura permeating. This cold and terrifying aura is very similar to the education where the Buddha statue is located.

In that temple, there is an unknown terrifying danger. The Buddha statue is suspected to have something to do with the darkness below the main temple, so is there a similar danger in this place?

This will most likely be the case.

You need to guard against it.

So Lin Feng took Heavenly Flame out.

Lin Feng’s Heavenly Flame is very powerful and restrains the dark Attribute Power. Even if it cannot completely deter the opponent, when Heavenly Flame is flooded in every corner, the opponent wants to sneak attack Lin Feng. Lin Feng Can be sensed immediately.

This is the powerful ability that Lin Feng has mastered. Don’t try to deal with them by evil means. This can ensure that the battle strength of Lin Feng and the others is in the strongest state anytime, anywhere.

The main temple is indeed large enough. There were originally many shrines dedicated to some special existence. There is a very large shrine in the deepest place. I don’t know if it is used to enshrine the stone Buddha, but now these shrines Have been completely destroyed.

There is no more divine force.

Lin Feng has been thinking about one thing. According to the Buddha statue, darkness fell back then. This place has changed from its peak to ruin. Then, what is in the darkness?

This World comes from existence in the dark. Apart from the rumors, the terrifying Dark World, curse, You Ming, is there anything else?

Under the flooding and protection of Heavenly Flame, although Lin Feng entire group entered the main temple, it was not attacked at all, which made Lin Feng and the others put out a long breath.

Lin Feng They are also looking for the entrance to the underground.

It is not possible to go to any place, because the temple group is very special, with strong seals and restrictions, it is very difficult to travel freely.

Looking for it carefully, there is no area covered by seals and prohibitions.

There is a place where seals and prohibitions are much weaker.

Lin Feng thought, if you can’t find the ideal location, this area where the seal and prohibition are weak, you can make a fuss, maybe you can try to crack the seal and prohibition here.

The seals and prohibitions in other places may be difficult to crack, even if it takes a long time to crack, Lin Feng and others cannot stay in this main temple for too long, otherwise they may encounter some unknown big troubles. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to break the seal and prohibition in front of us, and it will not take too long.

“Let it be here! I will try to crack the seal and prohibition here!” Lin Feng said.

Everyone clicked nodded, and everyone is waiting for Lin Feng to break the seal restriction here.

The seal prohibition here is the weakest, but it is only a relative term after all. If you take it out alone, the seal prohibition here still cannot be underestimated.

Lin Feng studied the seal restriction here, and then began to try to break the seal restriction here. Lin Feng tried to break the array restriction here by combining the formation diagram. This is because Lin Feng felt that the combination of the formation diagram It may be the easiest way to crack the array restriction here. Apart from this method, there seems to be no other better method.

With Lin Feng’s efforts, the seal prohibition here was cracked by Lin Feng.


Lin Feng said.

He displayed the Earth Escaping Technique and took the lead in moving towards and flew below.

This method is really not worth mentioning for a powerful cultivator.

Lin Feng and the others quickly moved towards Underground World lurking away, but at a location of about 1000 meters lurking, their speed quickly slowed down, mainly because within this range, a powerful , The suffocating Dark Force.

It should be a deep location, entrenched darkness, exuding a special Dark Force.

The Buddha statues can’t explain clearly what the darkness entrenched underneath is. Naturally, there is no way to explain this weird power. It is a depressing power for mana, soul, and even body. Flexibility and other aspects can have an impact.

This kind of influence is very intuitive and terrifying. It needs special attention. Otherwise, once you encounter danger, it is likely that this change in your body will cause your own strength and it will be difficult to fight against it.

Lin Feng tried to use Heavenly Flame to disperse this strange power for everyone. Under Lin Feng’s control, a cloud of Heavenly Flame appeared on the surface of everyone’s body, and Heavenly Flame protected their bodies.

Although Heavenly Flame is also impossible to completely resist this weird Dark Force, Lin Feng calculated that when Heavenly Flame protects everyone’s body, everyone, depending on their personal circumstances, can resist 60% to 80 % Dark Force, this ratio is already quite high.

So with the help of Lin Feng, the impact of these Dark Forces on everyone has been minimized.

Otherwise, there may be some unknown, terrifying danger, and some people’s lives may be harvested by this unknown, terrifying danger. Therefore, at this time, be more careful and treat yourself. It is an extremely responsible attitude towards everyone.

I dived for about 300 metres again, and everyone saw that below, endless black air was tumbling. In the tumbling black air, there seemed to be a terrifying existence that came here. A person feels an unprecedented sense of depression, this feeling makes them almost hard to breathe.

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