Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7282


This place should be what the Buddha statue said before. The dark place is indeed very strange. I don’t know what is in the dark.

Lin Feng intends to go into the darkness to take a look, but it is not necessary for everyone to go into the darkness to check the specific situation, because if you really encounter some troubles, when the time comes, it may be difficult to solve the problem. trouble.

Leave some people outside to help you when you encounter these troubles.

Lin Feng looked towards the Poison Ancestor, the Great Prison Demon Saint and the others, he said, “You are outside to answer.”

“Okay!”, Poison Ancestor, Great Prison Demon Saint and the others nodded, they also know that the current situation is not suitable for everyone to enter. It is better to leave some people outside.

Lin Feng immediately looked towards Hongchen Xianzun and said, “Hongchen, I need you to follow me in!”.

“No problem!” said Hong Chen Xianzun.

The Buddha statue was sealed by Lin Feng again, mainly because, during the next trip, I don’t know what will happen.

If something happens next, if there is no seal on the Buddha statue, maybe the Buddha statue will produce some moths.

This is not the result Lin Feng wants to see.

Precautions in advance can prevent many tragedies from happening.


The Buddha statue expressed his dissatisfaction, but Lin Feng ignored the complaints of the Buddha statue at all. Do you have the capital to complain now?

Is it OK?

Since there is no capital to complain, so please shut up quickly.

Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun entered the darkness. When they entered, Dark Force began to erode.

This Dark Force is very strange and terrifying. It is many times stronger than the Dark Force outside. Even if Lin Feng’s Heavenly Flame, the defense formed under the erosion of this Dark Force, there is actually one Kind of feeling unstoppable.

Lin Feng quickly increased the power of Heavenly Flame to resist the erosion of this Dark Force. When the power of Heavenly Flame increased, the resistance of Heavenly Flame to the Dark Force of the outside world became stronger. The Dark Force from the outside world has no way to cause too much influence on Lin Feng and the Red Dust Immortal for the time being. The result is not bad.

Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun accelerated their speed. They landed on the ground and observed it carefully. The surrounding area was pitch black, and they couldn’t see everything clearly. The breath was gloomy and terrifying, making Lin Feng feel even more depressed. In a place, the deterrence formed is too great, so both Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun know that this is not a place to stay for long, and they must quickly find what they are looking for.

Lin Feng has a vaguely special feeling. What he wants to find seems to be in a deep location, not even too far away from them.

Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun quickly moved towards the deep position.

not very long they came to the depths of darkness.

“That’s…”. Lin Feng was surprised.

Although this place is shrouded in darkness, how powerful are Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun, even in a place shrouded in darkness, they can still penetrate the darkness and see some things in the darkness.

In the darkness, sit cross-legged with a stone Buddha.

When he saw the stone Buddha, Lin Feng’s eyelids kept beating.

The third stone Buddha.

This stone Buddha is actually in this place. This is something Lin Feng did not expect.

According to the Buddha statue, the stone Buddha here should have disappeared, but why does it appear in this place?

Lin Feng is puzzled.

Could it be because…

Lin Feng thought of a certain kind of probability.

What happened to the stone temple complex back then, is it true that the stone Buddha failed to direct and perform?

This kind of probability seems to exist?

But thinking about it, it doesn’t seem right.

What does this stone Buddha do?

Is it meaningless?

If he is in the outside world and accepts the power of incense day and night, and at the same time can collect various resources to improve his own strength, he may have the hope of the breakthrough creator realm, but if he does this, the hope of the breakthrough creator, It should be cut off.


For the previous guess, Lin Feng thinks the probability may not be too high.

If self-direction and self-acting are excluded, there is another situation, that is, this stone Buddha was indeed plotted against, or was indeed robbed.

Lin Feng feels that this kind of probability will be greater.

“This is not where you should be, go back quickly!”. Suddenly, the stone Buddha opened his eyes and then spoke.

This stone Buddha is more personified than the two stone Buddhas Lin Feng got before, which shows that his wisdom is more profound.

This stone Buddha has dark Attribute Power again. Lin Feng guessed that the Five Elements should be water and black liquid.

Water Emperor Black Emperor. The spirit of water.

The way of black liquid, in the way of water, is definitely the highest way, but the power is biased towards the dark system.

Hongchen Xianzun seemed to see something, she said, “So you have become a slave here!”.

Senran chill flashed in Shifo’s eyes, it coldly said, “You dare to say such words to this seat, it’s a crime!”.

I saw it lifted the right hand, across the void, lightly.


a beam of light flew out. This beam of light quickly moved towards the Red Immortal Venerable and flew over, trying to kill the Red Immortal Immortal.

Faced with the attack of this beam of light, Venerable Hong Chen stretched out his hand and tapped gently.

Her fingers collided with the light beam, and the light beam suddenly disappeared.

Hong Chen Xianzun is really powerful, Serene’s has resolved the beam’s attack. Lin Feng’s strength is a bit shocked.

“The strength is not bad!” Shi Buddha said indifferently.

He seems to have been like this all the time. Nothing can affect him. This kind of mentality is extremely admirable.

From the mysterious iron box to speculate on the origin of the mysterious iron sword, we can also know how terrifying the mysterious iron sword is, and things related to the mysterious iron sword must be terrifying the same.

Therefore, Lin Feng guessed that this stone Buddha is trapped here, it is likely to be guarding a special thing related to the mysterious iron sword.

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