Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7283


“Yes, I’m guarding something!”, Shi Fo did not immediately attack Lin Feng and the others, but instead spoke. I don’t know if it is because no one has been here for too long, so Shi Fo I am in the mood to talk to people that many things.

The answer of the stone Buddha made Lin Feng very satisfied. It may be the same as what he guessed. The thing the stone Buddha guards is nothing else, it should be something related to the mysterious iron sword. What exactly is it? ?

Lin Feng now has an idea, is it possible to get that thing while suppressing the stone Buddha? If this thing can be done, it is simply a matter of killing two birds with one stone, sleeping I was able to wake up with a smile.

However, Lin Feng saw the stone Buddha and then kept silent. Obviously, the stone Buddha did not seem to tell Lin Feng what he was guarding. Maybe the stone Buddha kept secret about the origin of that thing?

Think about it carefully, there is indeed this probability. After all, the mysterious iron sword is so extraordinary, and what is related to the mysterious iron sword is so easy to say. In this world, there are many taboos, cultivator You must pay more attention and take seriously. If you don’t pay more attention, maybe these taboos will eventually kill you. This is not alarmist.

Since the stone Buddha didn’t mention what it was protecting, some things can be inferred.

In this regard, Lin Feng’s experience is quite rich.

Lin Feng said, “I guess that thing must be special, is it related to the sword?”.

After hearing Lin Feng’s words, Shi Buddha looked towards Lin Feng deeply, seemingly surprised, surprised, and seemingly other thoughts.

“What do you seem to know?”. Stone Buddha said.

Lin Feng said, “It’s not that I know something, but I was attracted to something!”.

“Isn’t it attracted to me? Could it be? It seems that you have more secrets than I thought. This has aroused my curiosity. The sword is like this, so I can’t let you go. If you destroy you people, I may get far more than I imagined!”.

After the voice fell, the stone Buddha made another move. I saw the stone Buddha put his hands together and began to chant incantion. The incantion of his chanting is a language that Lin Feng has not heard before. It is very mysterious and makes people feel trembling. The power of surprise is contained in incantion. Obviously, the stone Buddha must be using extremely terrifying methods. Although I don’t know what the stone Buddha is using, at this time, we must take precautions.

Of course, Lin Feng and they also not to be trifled with. Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun are equally powerful. Even if the stone Buddha takes the shot, they are not afraid. What really makes them fearful is the guardian of the stone Buddha. Something, I don’t know if that thing is terrifying or more dangerous than a stone Buddha. If that’s the case, it’s not very good.

The top priority is to solve the stone Buddha first.

Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun also began to use their mana. They didn’t know what the stone Buddha used was. Therefore, Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun planned to use static brakes so as not to change.

Such a countermeasure naturally requires unlimited self-confidence in one’s own strength. Obviously, whether it is Lin Feng or Hongchen Xianzun, there is enough self-confidence in oneself.

The endless darkness condenses into a special small space. In this special small space, there are only Lin Feng, Hongchen Xianzun, and Stone Buddha. Then Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun heard countless chanting The sound, these sounds of chanting, are gathered together. This kind of sound is terrifying and contains a terrifying force that penetrates everything and destroys everything. Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun are such powerful existences. After hearing these chanting sounds, they turned out to be so powerful. All feel a splitting headache.


This is a soul attack technique.

Under the world, there are too many kinds of soul attack techniques. The difference in the formidable power of these soul attack techniques is also extremely huge. Some soul attack techniques, formidable power are incredible, and some soul attacks. The technique is not very powerful, but the soul attack technique used by Shifo is absolutely extremely powerful, not only powerful, but also very evil, so that Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun have talked.

Fortunately, the strength of Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun is really too strong, and the methods they master are also terrifying and unimaginable. Even if they are affected by the soul attack technique of the stone Buddha, in terms of their strength It’s not that difficult to quickly resolve this impact. This time is the case. Lin Feng displayed the Lu Yaguan Star Atlas to fight against the soul attack from the outside world. In addition, there is the Life Source magic treasure. Protection can easily resolve this impact.

Hongchen Xianzun also used powerful methods. Like Lin Feng, they all resolved the influence of the stone Buddha on their souls.

After dissolving this influence, Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun launched a counterattack against the stone Buddha, and they quickly moved towards the place where the stone Buddha was.

Stone Buddha saw Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun recover so quickly, he was also very surprised. He probably didn’t expect that Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun would recover so quickly as before. He was extremely confident in his methods. It is precisely because of his self-confidence in his methods that all of this happening in front of him is so unreal. Two young Human Race cultivators, even if they are very powerful, should not be so powerful.

But this is the truth.

The stone Buddha continued to meditate on the incantion. In front of it, a Star River world appeared. When Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun flew quickly, they were actually blocked by the Star River world, and there was no way to approach the stone Buddha. , The Stone Buddha’s method is really powerful, the method at the critical moment makes Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun’s brows slightly frowned.

At this time, the killing intent appeared in Shifo’s eyes. I saw a large amount of dark green gas gushing out of the palm of his right hand. Those dark green gases are extremely terrifying. Very toxic, the gas quickly moved towards Lin Feng and the Red Dust Immortal, Lin Feng and the Red Dust Immortal were too late to escape, and were entangled in the dark green gas, which quickly poured into Lin Feng and the Red Dust Immortal In the body.

The bodies of Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun quickly moved towards the ground and fell away.

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