Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7284


The current situation is indeed too unfavorable for Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun.

Mainly because this kind of poison is too powerful.

Allow them to lose control of their bodies in an instant. Lin Feng can be considered to have a better understanding of various poisons, but they have never experienced such powerful poisons, that is, Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun are powerful. , The anti-poison ability is relatively strong, if otherwise, they should have died under the erosion of the poison at the moment they were poisoned.

In the process of moving towards the ground falling, Shifo’s eyes flashed with pride. It launched a new attack, trying to kill Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun, but at this time, Lin Feng The white jade toad got Lin Feng’s summon, and quickly swallowed the poison that poured into Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun within the body.

After the poison was swallowed by the white jade toad, the body of the white jade toad turned into dark green in an instant, and then the white jade toad fell directly to the sky. Upon sensing this situation, Lin Feng was shocked. This is the first time that white jade toad has such a situation. Could it be that white jade toad died? Judging from the reaction of the white jade toad, we know how terrifying the poison is. Lin Feng is really worried about the white jade toad. He doesn’t want to see the white jade toad being poisoned to death. The white jade toad doesn’t know how to save it. How many times have passed him, the relationship between Lin Feng and white jade toad is very deep.

Lin Feng took a breath after feeling for a while. Although the white jade toad was motionless, Lin Feng discovered that the white jade toad was not at all poisoned to death, probably because of the highly toxic toxicity. It was too violent. The white jade toad was fainted by the poison, and it might return to normal after a while. Of course, it might take a while.

Before the stone Buddha’s attack hit Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun, Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun quickly disappeared. They used the escape technique to avoid the stone Buddha’s attack. The stone Buddha’s attack did not It was able to bombard Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun’s body, but bombarded in the void, and finally disappeared.

When Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun appeared again, they had already arrived in front of the stone Buddha. Lin Feng punched towards the stone Buddha and blasted away, and Hongchen Xianzun also moved towards the stone Buddha. The palm is almost like two immortals pats the door. Such formidable power is really terrifying, making Shifo’s face extremely gloomy.

However, the gloomy turned gloomy, and the stone Buddha didn’t seem to be at all panicked.

Stone Buddha left and right hands, each waved them, moved towards Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun came and killed them. The moment the stone Buddha shot, Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun saw that there were countless runes on the stone Buddha. Every runes is unfathomable and contains the power to destroy everything. To feel the powerful power emanating from this terrifying rune, even Lin Feng has a bad feeling.



Lin Feng, Hongchen Xianzun, and Stone Buddha each had their own blows. At the moment when they confronted the Stone Buddha, Lin Feng found that his power was shaken away by the Stone Buddha, and it was destroyed. The power of sex rushed from the body of the stone Buddha to his body. This shocked Lin Feng. How could the stone Buddha be so powerful?

It makes no sense!

It seems to be related to the symbol In Literature there is on him?

Before the terrifying power bombarded Lin Feng, Lin Feng launched an attack ahead of time. Lin Feng’s attack was a soul attack. In fact, Lin Feng’s soul attack had already been brewed. For him For this multi-tasking cultivator, brewing a soul attack when performing a divine skill is really simple and extremely simple.

The existence of the stone Buddha is impossible without any weakness. According to Lin Feng’s observation of the two stone Buddhas before, the Soul Power of the stone Buddha should be one of the weaknesses of the stone Buddha. Of course, this stone After all, the Buddha is not the same as the two stone Buddhas before. Lin Feng doesn’t know whether the soul of this stone Buddha is its weakness, but Lin Feng doesn’t care about it.

Isn’t there a saying that a dead horse is a living horse doctor?

Try understood.

Hong Chen Xianzun’s ideas are the same as Lin Feng. When Lin Feng released a soul attack to deal with the stone Buddha, Hong Chen Xianzun also released a soul attack to deal with the stone Buddha. Like Lin Feng, multitasking is really normal.

The soul attack of the two people and the body of the stone Buddha within the body. The power that flocked to their bodies almost simultaneously acted on the bodies of both parties. Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun have endured such a powerful force. They are so powerful. , Was also shaken out, each spit out a mouthful of blood, his face was very pale, and all were shaken out of internal injuries.

But at such a close distance, the stone Buddha withstood the soul attack of Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun. Even for him, it was an extremely hurtful thing. The stone Buddha could not help but let out a painful roar. Sound, he felt that his head was about to split, and the sharp pain made him feel that life is better than death.

Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Their plot against succeeded.

The soul of the stone Buddha has been extremely severely affected, and now is a great opportunity to suppress the stone Buddha.

Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun ignored their injuries. They moved towards Stone Buddha again and rushed over. Soon they came to the front of Stone Buddha.

“Go to hell!”.

Seeing the two people killed, the extremely violent Dark Force emerged from the hands of the stone Buddha. These Dark Force moved towards Lin Feng and Hong Chen Xianzun swallowed them.

The Red Dust Immortal Venerable has displayed the Red Dust Heavenly Art to resist the attack of the stone Buddha.

After the stone Buddha’s soul was severely injured, his own battle strength had already dropped extremely.

The stone buddha wanted to break the rune of the eight forbidden gods, but it failed. Soon the stone buddha’s mana was completely sealed, and the stone buddha that cannot run the mana naturally has no threat. Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun let out a sigh of relief. When they were fighting the stone Buddha, they were not at all faced with other dangers. In other words, were the things guarded by the stone Buddha not at all dangerous?

But, is this possible?

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