Immemorial Dragon Elephant Secret Art Chapter 7286


Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun did not dare to hesitate, and quickly adjusted their power to resist the second wave attack. They broke the second wave attack, but then the third wave attack was brewing. In the third wave attack, that kind of There is more and more weird energy. Due to the sharp increase in that extremely weird energy, the formidable power of the third wave attack is several times stronger than the formidable power of the second wave attack. This immediately made Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun feel it. Depressed.

Because of the third wave attack, compared with the first wave attack, the formidable power has increased dozens of times. It is only the third attack of the three consecutive attacks, which is even dozens of times higher than the first attack. How many times is this improvement if the Fourth Wave attack comes through? More than a hundred times?

Think about it, terrifying enough.

Faced with the third wave attack, Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun made another move to dissolve the attack, but this made them feel a little strenuous. The blood pool was too weird, and the attack they released was so powerful. This level, this is something that Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun had never thought of before.

Fourth Wave attack is also brewing successfully. Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun are locked in, and they moved towards the two people again. As in the previous situation, the Fourth Wave attack is compared with the formidable power of the third wave attack. , It has increased several times.


Lin Feng said solemnly, although he wanted to collect the blood, but the threat posed by the blood was too great. The attack released was too terrifying, powerful like Lin Feng and the likes of Hongchen Xianzun , There are some meanings of being overwhelmed. You must leave this place quickly. If you continue to stay, you will be attacked more terrifying. At that time, it is hard to say what happens.

In the process of retreating, Lin Feng activated several of his defensive magic treasures. His defensive magic treasures were strong enough. Lin Feng used his several powerful defensive magic treasures to construct them. The top defense system protects him and the Red Dust Immortal Venerable. When the Fourth Wave attack comes, just use the defense system constructed by these defensive magic treasures to resist the Fourth Wave attack. Lin Feng believes that he The defense magic treasure should not be difficult to withstand Fourth Wave attacks.

And he and Hongchen Xianzun can take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity and leave quickly.

The idea is wonderful.

The reality is cruel.

When the Fourth Wave attack was about to bombard the defensive mask that protected Lin Feng and the Red Dust Immortal Venerable, suddenly, the Fourth Wave attack changed, and the Fourth Wave attack did not directly bomb it to protect it. On the defensive masks of Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun, it is condensed into a set of laws. These laws are directly entangled on the defensive masks that protect Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun, quickly putting this defensive light on. The hood was pulled toward the blood pool, and Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun in the defensive mask were also pulled over.

This sudden scene made Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun a little confused.

This is too beautiful too

Can there be such an operation?

Even if Lin Feng can’t condense the attack out into Law Power, Lin Feng feels that might not have the ability to be as powerful as the Red Dust Immortal, but the blood pool has such ability, which is amazing. , It makes Lin Feng feel a little unimaginable. No wonder Lin Feng was shocked. When they were dragged to the side of the blood pool, countless law chains had already wrapped the defensive masks that protected Lin Feng and the Red Immortal Venerable. .

The power of these laws is constantly improving. If you want to destroy this defensive mask, when the time comes, these laws can be entangled with Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun.

“Full charge ahead!”. Hongchen Immortal said that she is now aware of the seriousness of the problem. This blood pool is too weird and too terrifying, making Hongchen Immortal feel more pressure.

Lin Feng also has a similar mentality and is under great pressure.

He said, “Use my creator’s magic treasure!”.

“en!”. Hongchen Xianzun is nodded.

The creator’s magic treasure is powerful enough, and Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun, who motivated the creator’s magic treasure, are also powerful enough, so when the creator’s magic treasure’s formidable power is activated, it instantly destroys the rules outside, but, Before Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun took this opportunity to leave, a lot of blood poured out from the blood pool, and these blood moved towards Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun swept over.

Lin Feng’s instinctive feeling is that you must not let your body touch the blood. Once your body touches the blood, major problems may arise. Why does this intuition arise? Lin Feng is not clear. Perhaps this is an instinctive reaction, or it may be a man’s Sixth Sense, or a talk of experience, and Lin Feng has always trusted his intuition very much.

The defensive system constructed by his defensive magic treasure has been destroyed. Now these defensive magic treasures are temporarily unavailable. Fortunately, the Red Dust Immortal also has the top defensive magic treasure. The Red Dust Immortal will use his own defensive magic treasure. When activated, her defensive magic treasure was condensed into a golden mask, protecting her and Lin Feng in it. The blood swept in, but was blocked by the golden defensive mask.

But Lin Feng and Hongchen Xianzun know that these are only temporary. The blood is very strange and terrifying. The golden defensive mask can be broken soon. The golden defensive mask must be broken by blood. Before leaving, leave here quickly.

Otherwise, both of them may even be robbed.

Lin Feng intends to activate the Gate of Mind and let the Gate of Mind take them away from here.

However, before the gate of the mind was showing off, Lin Feng discovered that his body could not move.

Hongchen Xianzun also discovered this situation.

“Time and Space Imprisonment!”.

Lin Feng’s face suddenly sank.

Time and Space Imprisonment techniques, he also knows that whether it can be successfully performed depends on who is the imprisoned existence.

The cultivator in this time and space is relatively powerful, it is difficult to confine time and space, and it is also difficult to confine this person. If it is relatively not so powerful, it can be confined.

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