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Lin Feng and the others don’t wrinkle their eyebrows, and they’re thinking about what kind of pride that suddenly emerges is.

This guy suddenly appeared when Lin Feng and the others talked about the sky and was so hostile to them.

A few people didn’t agree to think of a name.


No, I’m not.

Lin Feng is the look at each other in dismay, and I can’t believe the result of my guess.

If it’s true.

It’s amazing.

“Are you a pale soul?” The Dead Demon God’s shadow looks to be on the right hand.

“Stupid things, some eyes!”

This fantastic shadow, Sonson, says.

I’m sure!

I’m sure!

This guy, really, is a pale soul!

This is a terrible answer!


The sky has been killed for many years. Why is there a soul?

Lin Feng doesn’t understand that.

Can’t you find the soul of the sky when it was alive? Why don’t you kill the soul of the sky?

Yellow God, why keep the soul of the sky?

Now they give Lin Feng the pit.

Maybe you can ask the heaven’s soul, or maybe this guy will answer for himself.

Lin Feng looked towards the heaven, and said, “This space has long been held in the hands of the yellow sky, and since the yellow sky has taken control of the world, you have one residual thing to do.

“This is because Yellow heaven knows I have a big secret, and the yellow day wants to know this secret from me, so he doesn’t even know that I’m dead, and he won’t kill me until he gets this secret. For a long time, I’ve been tortured by the yellow sky, hovered over life and death, but I haven’t even said that, now, the yellow day is completely destroyed body and soul, and my soul is out of trouble.”

“What secret?” Lin Feng was curious about looking towards the pale soul.

The secret that makes the yellow sky so interested must be very surprising.

Lin Feng is interested in this secret, of course.

Of course Lin Feng was just asking, how could he have told them after all, that God’s soul didn’t tell them that secret?

“Want to know? Yes, the five of you, the last one who survived, will be eligible to know this secret.” The palm of the sky’s soul wrapped up a lamentable archer.

Lin Feng and the others are smiling.

Five of them, quickly dispersed, surrounded by the sky’s residual souls, and the sky’s rotten to them, so today this war is inevitable.

“What? Want to surround me? How many ants do you dare to select war God?” Lin Feng and the others have not been placed in the eyes of Lin Feng and the others.

This guy, he’s crazy.

Not even.

He’s just a soul now.

But there’s still no paranoia.


don’t know where his confidence came from.

Lin Feng’s opposite lips, “You were stepped under your feet when you were in heaven’s path, and then you were stepped alive, and now there’s only one residual soul left, and there’s no sign of off one military strength, no face, no enemies in the heavens.”

When you hear Lin Feng, the sight of a pale soul becomes so vague and the body is slight, apparently touched by Lin Feng’s words.

Neither the Devil nor the others were laughed, and Lin Feng’s mouth was too damaging, and the words were so angry that people could die and see the soul of the sky eat, and they were very happy in their hearts.

“courting death…”.

Soul furiously shouted, apart from Void, a handful of moved towards Lin Feng’s bombing, gathered a ghost claw in Void’s middle, and then that ghost’s claw, moved towards Lin Feng’s past.

Lin Feng came out of the sky with summon, and the sky formed a powerful shield against the claws of the ghosts of the sky.

“Nine Heavenly Flame!”

“The devil is haunted!”

“Turn the mountains down!”

“The Holy Spirit is coming!”

“Daofather is not dead!”

Lin Feng et al., five men then attacked the palm’s soul, and there’s nothing to do with this guy, just to kill the top.

Five Great Powerhouse attacks, instantly.

“Such insignificant ability”, but in the face of these terrifying attacks, pale souls are stigmatized.

There were only three hundred and sixty places in the bodies of the sky, and every one of them had an ancient god, those who sat on their knees, and the baby was solemn.

At this point, all the gods are beginning to miss incantation.

Their incantation was merged and formed Heavenly Dao.

And then.

Their incantation brought together Heavenly Dao’s voice, which suddenly shaken Lin Feng and the others’ attacks.

Look at this scene, Lin Feng and the others have slightly changed their faces.

Great divine skill.

其实,Lin Feng 也修炼了类似的divine skill ,不过Lin Feng 只修炼了70 二个穴位,70 二个穴位之中孕生神灵。

But the heaven’s residual soul has refined three hundred and sixty caves, and it is clear that the divine skill he has refined is much stronger than divine skill that Lin Feng refined.

“See, even if this house is not able to show up even 1% of the battle force in the year, it’s still as simple as a slaughter of chickens!”

Heaven’s soul said with contempt.

Lin Feng and the others’ faces are somewhat ugly, and the pal’s mouth is damaged, and the power is really strong, and it’s not easy to deal with this guy.

“Long years of age, you can’t even live a dog like that, and you still pretend to force it in front of us?”

Lin Feng back to the tunnel.

“Kid, want to use words to stimulate me, and it’s an idiot!”

Obviously, the heaven’s soul has now adapted its emotions and heard Lin Feng irony about him, as well as a deputy calm and composed.

Lin Feng came out with his ancient weapon summon, and he intended to use ancient weapons to deal with the heaven’s soul.

Nine giant ancient weapons are flown by Lin Feng, the protection is under way, and the souls of the town are released from the sound wave attack, the remaining seven ancient soldiers, the quick moved towards the palm.

“You come with me to catalyse these ancient weapons!”

Lin Feng shouted in a deep voice.

The Skyscrapers and the others, although strong, do not have the highest level of ancient weapons.

And Lin Feng has enough ancient weapons, although it is now possible for formidable power to reach the crossroads immediately after Lin Feng’s ancient armaments are formed among themselves.

However, the potential of ancient weapons is clearly far from being released.


potential of ancient weapons is much larger than the imagination.

Don’t say that so many ancient weapons make up of ancient weapons, and, in fact, a former soldier, formidable power, is completely released, and can even reach the force that transcends realm.

Lin Feng is here, where so many ancient weapons formidable power are united, and formidable power is completely released from what kind of horror can be released, and Lin Feng and the others are not known.

So theoretically, when there are so many powerful people who are working together to catalyse these ancient weapons, the formidable power of these gendarmeries is able to grow.

Like now.

Together with the Zombie and the others, formidable power with the archaeological weapons was significantly raised when Lin Feng’s ancient weapons formidable power was raised.

“You have so many ancient weapons!”

After seeing Lin Feng summon come out of these ancient weapons, there is no fear of God, nor of showing a very surprising face.

After all, magic treasure at such a level as ancient soldiers is too small, and other cultivator has been able to get a magic treasure at an ancient rank, and Lin Feng came out with nine magic treasure at the archaeological level.

That’s a bad luck, man.

At the time of the heaven’s path, if you encounter such a lucky man, the sky will never say anything, directly extinguish such cultivator.

Such cultivator must not be allowed to grow.

Of course.

At this juncture, God’s soul is shocked, but he has not created any sense of fear, faced with an attack by seven ancient weapons, with a pale soul and even no resistance, and after seeing this scene, Lin Feng and the others’ eyeballs are not wrinkled, what is going on?

Why don’t you resist God’s soul?

It doesn’t make sense.

Does this guy think he can resist the attack on seven ancient weapons?

Just when Lin Feng was confused.

Seven ancient weapons have been bombarded on the bodies of the sky.

There is no room for heaven’s soul to resist the attack on seven ancient weapons.

His body was destroyed immediately by the horror formidable power of seven ancient weapons.

But at the next moment, terrifying happened, and the body of the sky was quickly reorganized, and there was no harm at all.

Seven ancient weapons continue to attack the sky’s soul, and it has been destroyed once, but the body has been reorganized once and again, and this capability is very much like the power of the manifold devil.

No, it’s not.


should be said that the power of the multihandful devil is like that of the sky’s soul, and after all, the devil was the most loyal servant of the sky.

Many of the terrifying instruments of the multi-handful devil should be given by the sky many hands and evil, including this indefinite rebirth.

Of course, the introduction of this indefinite re-establishment will require certain conditions, and Lin Feng speculates about the magnetic field in this place.

In the palm magnetic field, it is not possible to demonstrate such an indefinite rebirth, even if it leaves the palm magnetic field, and it is impossible, as it is now, to perform an indefinite life.

Because in this world, it is impossible to have divine skill like that.

After all.

In the case of rebirth, the iron presumption is that Phoenix Race is the most powerful rejuvenation with the homeless.

Even if Phoenix Race was reinvented with the dead family, it would not be possible to reinstate 100 per cent at the highest level.

Lin Feng’s neonatal rebirth, Phoenix Nile, has a long way to go at the highest level, so Lin Feng does not know what the probability of these two divine skill levels of implementation is, but Lin Feng speculates that a 6070 per cent success rate has been extremely reversed.

This is also the main reason Lin Feng suspects that this indefinite rebirth cannot be carried out outside.

“Now it’s my turn to attack?”

And then, in his body, he came out with a terrifying breath.

Tyrant Qi.

The heaven’s soul released its own Tyrant Qi.

Tyrant Qi, released from the heaven’s soul, is a dark golden Tyrant Qi.

Heavenly Tyrant Qi.

超越purple Supreme Tyrant Qi 的Tyrant Qi 。

Lin Feng, this is the first time I saw the terror Tyrant Qi that transcends purple Supreme Tyrant Qi.

Lin Feng quickly pushed the orchid formidable power to the very first time he saw the soul release of Tyrant Qi.

Nor is the Devil and the others afraid to hesitate to sacrifice their defense magic treasure.

They do not have antigenetically armed magic treasure, but they have magic treasure, which goes beyond realm, and while formidable power has no way to talk to Lin Feng about equal terms, it is quite surprising to do so alone.

Next minute.


dark golden heaven, Tyrant Qi, was brutally bombarded on the defensive mask built by Lin Feng and the others in defence of magic treasure, all of whom were hit by that horror.

the broken voice of ka-cha ka-cha, the demon and the others’ sacrifice of defense magic treasure, was completely destroyed in the instant, and then the power of Tyrant Qi in the sky was bombed on the dead and the others.

Lin Feng’s defense magic treasure, at the ancient rank of armaments, is cowardly, and Tyrant Qi, a horror of Tyrant Qi, was shelling on a defensive mask formed by the sky, and was unable to completely destroy Lin Feng’s defense.

Lin Feng is still very satisfied with this defense capability of magic treasure.

But the demon and the others are miserable, although they have only been attacked by some of the forces of Tyrant Qi in the sky, and even if they are only part of the force attack, they continue to inflict minor harm on them, each and everyone spit blood and look pale.


The Blood Devil and the others are not yelled at by anger, and they have been refined by Tyrant Qi in heaven, and Tyrant Qi in heaven, and they should have been so happy, but at this moment, it’s really not good to see that they’re going to be fucked by Tyrant Qi in the palm of each other.

“弱!真的too weak !简直unable to withstand a single blow !”

After the attack on Lin Feng and the others, the pale soul became more self-reliant.

look towards Lin Feng and the others’ eyes, the more stigmatized.

He’s in the body, and he’s pouring out more terrifying breaths.


He just didn’t completely release Tyrant Qi’s formidable power.

And now.

He’s probably trying to completely break Lin Feng and the others.


Start mobilizing stronger forces.

Come on, Tyrant Qi.

Lin Feng and the others’ faces have not changed dramatically.

Heaven Tyrant Qi’s attack was too terrifying.

This would be a very bad thing for Lin Feng and the others if the heaven’s soul once again displayed Tyrant Qi against them.

天煞尸魔and the others 就不用说了,根本无法抵挡住苍天残魂的Tyrant Qi 攻击,哪怕Lin Feng 的琉天盅防御惊人,可是,也不可能一直抵挡住苍天Tyrant Qi 的攻击。

Lin Feng felt that the attack by Tyrant Qi, seven or eight times in heaven, was already very limited.

This time.

Lin Feng will also face the attack on Tyrant Qi directly.

If this is true, Lin Feng will be in danger.

How can the current crisis be addressed?

Lin Feng is also extremely headached.

Just when Lin Feng feels very headached.

He saw the woman lying in the coffin.

Lin Feng’s eyes are not light.

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