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Lin Feng fast moved to the woman’s body, and soon came to her body, Lin Feng looked towards the heaven’s soul, chilly shouted, “Oh, God! Why don’t you stop it fast? If you don’t stop, believe me to destroy this body?”

Lin Feng, in fact, does not want to use this method to deal with the heaven’s soul, but Tyrant Qi, the heaven of Nahyeo’s soul, is too powerful, and Lin Feng really can’t remember any other way.

“You dare!”

And the roaring of the wrath of the heavens and the earth is absolutely forbidden, and the body is now the forbidden of the heavens and the earth.

“If you’re paranoid, you know I dare not destroy this body!” Lin Feng said with a cold laugh.


Must be tough.

Lin Feng is sure that the heaven’s soul will surely launch a thunderbolted offensive against them if it shows a slight weakness.

The dark face of the heaven and the soul is extremely dark and ugly, but he has no other way to watch Lin Feng destroy the body he loves?

“As long as you don’t hurt her, everything goes well!”

Nor is the Devil and the others put out of a long breath.

It’s really too much pressure on people, just the palm of the sky.

And now the heaven’s soul is always honest.

Lin Feng said, “We naturally don’t want to hurt such beautiful people, so now we’re opening the way to the yellow sky, and we’re going into the yellow sky.”

Lin Feng thinks that the heaven’s soul should be trapped in this space, so as long as they enter the yellow sky, they should be free from risk.

If moved towards depth, it may be possible to find a way to enter the yellow sky, but the situation is bad for Lin Feng, who are being stared by the sky’s soul, so they can only walk fast, and Lin Feng believes that the sky will have such a fast access to the yellow sky.

“Okay, I promise you!”


is true now that the pale soul, gnashing teeth, said that even when he was killed by others, was not so stubborn, that there was no fire, that he was trying to kill Lin Feng and the others, and that he was afraid not to do so, and that he was extremely upset.

However, his soft ribs were pinned and only endured.

What else can I do?

The sky’s hands changed into a trick, and then the door of the sky appeared, and through the gates of the sky it would be possible to reach the yellow sky.

Lin Feng took his magic treasure and then flew with the Skywalker and the others fast moving towards the gate of time.

They went into the door of the time.

Oh, yeah.

rays of light.

Lin Feng and the others disappeared.

When they show up again.


‘s already in the yellow sky.

The sky is completely different from the yellow sky.


sky gives Lin Feng and the others a very depressing feeling, which makes them very uncomfortable.

And the yellow sky is full of powerful creatures, and if the heaven is purified, it is absolutely heaven, and that is the big difference between the yellow and the sky.

At the time of the old paradise, it was just to suppress cultivator breakthrough cultivation base, which, in the case of the then cultivator, was indeed one of the darkest refining environments, even to look at the entire era, which should be one of the most dark times.

And the age of the yellow paradise is to purify the worlds, and many powerful people rise up.

So, in the yellow sky, that would be such a pleasure.

Of course.

Lin Feng, they don’t really think there’s any danger in the yellow sky right now.

On the contrary.

Now the yellow sky is likely to be more dangerous than the sky.

After all.

This is not the time for the yellow paradise. This is the way to the land where the yellow sky is lost.

Yellow doesn’t want to disturb him, do you?

Since he does not want to be disturbed, the place of guardianship he has set is definitely the deeper, the more dangerous.

So Lin Feng and the others are afraid of any neglect.

Of course, after coming here, Lin Feng didn’t immediately explore the yellow sky.

It’s about to find a place to recover first.

There were different degrees of injuries before the war with the sky’s residual soul.

It is imperative that the wounds be treated quickly.

They found a hidden cave, and Lin Feng hid the cave with restraint, and then several people recovered in it.

Lin Feng handed over two souls, respectively, to a multi-hand devil and a monster devil, to refining them, and to Lin Feng Feng.

Because they know how amazing it is to be, and when it comes to it, they have the opportunity to turn back into a body of blood again, become a true, bloody man, not a dead creature.

The third body, Dan, needs to wait until the next time we meet with the three Great Powerhouse in Creation Space, is clearly not a good opportunity to meet, waiting for things to be done here, and then we’ll be free, and we’ll meet with the three Great Powerhouse no later.

And then Lin Feng started to recover his body quickly.

Lin Feng was just a slight wound, and it had not been restored long enough, and the zombie and the others had been restored for longer periods, and, after all, their pride had been attacked by Tyrant Qi, the sky.

Heaven Tyrant Qi is very serious to their bodies, so they want to recover, as initially, the time spent on iron is much longer than Lin Feng spent.

Two days later.

Four great powerhouses, etc., have also been closed, and everyone has returned to Peak.

It is also extremely dangerous for Lin Feng to see them recover, and Lin Feng shows a smile, and now they are allies, exploring this place, and many times they can use four of them, if Lin Feng is alone in such a dangerous place.

Cooperation wins. Lin Feng is naturally well aware of that.

Let’s go!

Lin Feng said it.

The Devil and the others nodded, and then five people went deep, but Lin Feng and the others differed that they had gone for a long time in the yellow sky without finding anything.

This place is too quiet, quiet to the weirdest, and there are at least a wide range of risks in the sky, but there is no risk here, and Lin Feng and the others think that this place in the yellow sky should be more dangerous than the sky.


Things are biased.

Where the hell is the problem?


Everyone was wrong before. Is it really not dangerous in the yellow sky?

No, it’s not.

Absolutely not.

If the yellow sky is not dangerous, it will never be trusted to kill Lin Feng, nor will Lin Feng, this place will be dangerous, just because they have not met these risks for the time being.

In the next few days, Lin Feng, they’ve been going into the yellow floor, but let Lin Feng wonder that they still have no danger.

And they didn’t find anything special, the yellow sky, seems to be endless, and it seems never to end.

The heavens and the earth, the yellow heavens, and the earth should not be too large. That has been confirmed when it comes to heaven.

Lin Feng stopped, and he said solemnly, “I think we’re afraid we’re in some kind of delusion, no matter how we go, we can’t get out of this illusion unless we can break the illusion in front of our eyes!”

In fact, the zombie and the others have also discovered something wrong.

If it’s really fantastic.


How can we get out of the hallucinations?

“Feel it, see if you can feel the way out!”

Lin Feng nodded.

Everybody show divine skill, see if we can find a way to break the hallucinations, and Lin Feng even activates his own eyes.

Even so.


is still no way out, and the situation does not seem to be good.

The rest of them, like Lin Feng, did not find anything.

Lin Feng communicated with the Sacred Feng Fairy to see if it was possible to solve Lin Feng’s problems, and Lin Feng’s answers made him laugh.

There’s no way to do that.

Because the heart plates are under the influence of the magnetic field, they cannot play the role that the heart should have.

“Maybe it’s a gossip.” Lin Feng said it.

He planted through the first eight gossips, and he naturally understood to be a gossip, a trick.

“Do you understand this means?” The Devil and the others differed looking towards Lin Feng.

♪ “Little Know One Two!” Lin Feng said it.

Nor does Lin Feng know enough, even with their insights, strength, nor is Lin Feng being increasingly respected as Lin Feng is approached.

Lin Feng took out seven turtles.

He’s going to use turtle scandal.

In fact, Lin Feng used to prefer to play with the Ninth Palace.

However, since Lin Feng’s first eight gossip Great Perfection, Lin Feng felt that the probability of the success of the turtle-type gossip would be higher.

Lin Feng put seven turtles in a mailbox, thinking of incantation on the one hand and shaking the maize on the other.

As Lin Feng shakes, the tortoise spreads the ping-pong turtle collision.

Actually, it’s true.

Lin Feng, although aware of the methods of implementation of the turtle-type gossip, is not particularly familiar with the turtle slogan, mainly because Lin Feng does not use the gossip to carry out many things.

That’s why.

You must remember King Zhou Kiki, who created sixty-four gossip days later under the lobby of the first day.

The gossip is sacred, and the best thing is all sorts of gossip, in which turtles are the strongest gossip in Kiki’s hair.

But when it comes to a variety of things, Kiki likes to come first, and he does have the power to know the guitar in advance through a gossip, and then to turn away from it and to understand many dangers in advance.

But what happened to Kiki?

The gossip is itself tantamount to leaking the spacecraft, occasionally using it, not too much harm to itself, but, if it is often used, it’s definitely a firefight.

So, when Kiki was young, he hung up, and death was terrible, and the forecar was in front of the eye.

So Lin Feng, if anything happens, will not choose to use the gossip, because Lin Feng doesn’t want to be the second guitar.

But today…

Special circumstances.

Lin Feng really can’t think of another way, except for the gossip.

hua la la

incantation fell, and Lin Feng poured all the turtles in the maize, which were ranked in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was on the ground, studying it carefully.

“How’s it going?” The Devil of Heaven asks.

Damn it, Big Homicide. “

Lin Feng is not blown out of a rough mouth.

Neither the zombie nor the others’ face has changed dramatically.

“Did the gossip tell us how to get out of here?” Stone clock asks.

“The gossip instructions are blurred. I’ll take a look again! I hope the results will be better.” Lin Feng said it.

Then he put these turtles back into the maize, and then he wrote the spell, and he walked around the corn in his hand.

This time Lin Feng changed an incantation.

This time incantation was much more complex than the last incantation.

So this time was more effective than the previous one.

hua la la

Seven turtles were dumped on the ground by Lin Feng, and Lin Feng looked towards them, and his eyeballs were wrinkled again, and the gossip was worse than the first time.

Lin Feng’s got some nonsense.

“How’s the gossip?” The Devil of Heaven asks.

Lin Feng Feng with a smile, Not good, not bad. “

“So what now?” Three sacred priests ask.

Lin Feng took the mailbox, the turtle armor, and then said, “Both of them, the covenant is in the direction, everybody follow me, see if we can find a way out!”

People nodded.

Now you’re also a muster, and the hope of going out is that Lin Feng was put on, and then Lin Feng walked with a couple of moved towards the front.

Everyone continues to walk in the mountains, and Lin Feng has been slaughtered several times.

Damn it, it’s gonna die, it’s gonna die, especially in this place, and it’s just an outrage, and it’s going to be condemned. “

Lin Feng foul-mouthed, the tongue is extremely bad.

The Devil said, “There’s something good. You pick it first!”

The remaining three also agreed.

Lin Feng’s face looks better.

Finally, Lin Feng brought everyone to a lake.

When I saw this lake, Lin Feng’s eyes were light, and he said, “Maybe we’ll find a way out!”

Nor is the Devil and the others excited, and they do not think Lin Feng is a targeted person.

Although not long ago with Lin Feng, they felt that they knew Lin Feng better.

Lin Feng Ben was strong.

But it’s definitely not that kind of guy who likes to blow the bull.

Lin Feng, since he said he might be about to find a way out, it must be something important.

“Go, go to the lake!”

Lin Feng said it.

He took the lead in moving towards the lake, while the rest followed closely from behind and quickly flew into the lake.

Lin Feng finally stopped at the centre of the lake.

Then Lin Feng moved towards the bottom of the lake.

“What are you looking at?” Unseen, curiously asked.

“Look at our shadow.” Lin Feng said it.

People are also desperate in the lake of moved towards the lake.

Their shadow is clear, and there’s nothing special about it.

But over time, they found out that their shadow had changed.

You were standing above the lake, and the shadow of the lake was naturally reversed.

That means.

The shadow of the lake, feet up, heads down.

Contrary to reality in the world.

But now.

The fallout in the lake has gradually become a step down, headed up, just like when the real world’s people stand.

That’s weird.

“That’s true.”

Lin Feng’s mouth came out with a smile.

When Lin Feng sees this lake, he suspects that the way out is in this lake, and Lin Feng remembers when he was mistaken into the meditation corridor.

The Star Aquarium, along the passage of the meditation, moved towards the meditation.

Lin Feng departed from normal navigation for reasons of magnetic fields and entered the voyage to the meditation community.

Lin Feng cultivation base was not strong at that time.

Get into the meditation.

dead end one.

But how did Lin Feng get out of trouble?

That time off, because Lin Feng found out that the shadow of the Star Aeronautics had changed at some point.

As in the face of Lin Feng, their shadow has changed.

When Lin Feng manipulated the Arctic Aerospace ship into seabed World.

When the Star Boat comes out again.

It’s back in real world.

“What’s going on?” The Devil and the others are all amazing faces.

Lin Feng said, “The principle is too troubling, and there is no time to talk to you about it. We’ll sink into the lake later, remember, when we sink into the lake, I’m going back to the real world!”

“All right!”

The Devil and the others are all nodded.


Lin Feng poured a sound and first fell into a paddle.

The Skyscrapers and the others, together with Lin Feng, have fallen into the lake.

Next minute.

Spinning around.

When they appear again, they find themselves still on a lake.

This lake is just that lake.


People always feel like some place, something different than before.

But exactly where it becomes different.

That’s not true, Lin Feng and the others.

“There are so many wave tattoos in the lake, and there seems to be something coming out quickly!” Stone bells loud shouted.

Lin Feng and the others were surprised and moved to high altitudes.

hua la la.

hua la la.

hua la la.

That’s right at this point, breaking the water out.

Only densely packed monsters flew out of the park.

These monsters, bodies like crocodiles, back wings, head heads like devils, sharp claw like dragons.

Smell evil, terror.

“How can there be so many former magic alligators?”

After seeing that densely packed former magic crocodile, the unseen is not sucked in a cold breath, and even some noise is shaking.

The former magic crocodile is one of the most terrifying creatures in the previous era.

But it is said that even the last era, at the most, will not be more than twenty or thirty prehistoric crocodiles.

And now, I’m afraid there are thousands of prehistoric crocodiles, right?

Adult ex-magic alligator, the battle force can reach the limit beyond realm.

Some of the top historian alligators can even reach the battle that transcends realm.

It’s just because the family is too negative, that’s why it’s so small.

And now more than 10,000 prehistoric crocodiles, all of which are pre-adult crocodiles.

Such a large group of people definitely has an unprecedented crocodile that meets the forces of transborder warfare.

If it was attacked by so many terrifying former crocodiles.

Imagine that this is almost certain death situations, and Lin Feng has never thought of being tough with these former magic alligators.

36 strategems.

Go to the top.

“Run fast.”

Lin Feng’s voice trembling.

He spearheaded moving towards the lake outside.

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