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Oh, yeah.

Lin Feng turned into a fluid, fast-track spectrum.

Nor can the zombie and the others hesitate to hesitate to move fast to the outside.

Lin Feng has no intention to use the door of mind, just because the door of heart, if activated, is a million kilometers a moment.

How old is the yellow sky?

The ghost knows where the door will send itself?

The second is because this place is really weird, and Lin Feng has always felt that if it really activates the door of mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean what moths will happen, that it may be a powerful attack on itself, which is naturally what Lin Feng is reluctant to see, and that he is still very sceptical about the mystery of yellow.


The solution should have been the simplest way to resolve the crisis, which was the means to resolve the situation and the principles that should be followed, using the door of mind, clearly pushing the matter into complications.

When Lin Feng five quickly moved towards the outside, a large number of former magic alligators, moved towards Lin Feng, went and tried to intercept five Lin Feng.

But it’s too late for Lin Feng to take the lead, and the speed of the former magic crocodile has been slower, and Lin Feng, who successfully broke out of the surroundings of the former magic crocodile.

These former magic crocodiles, although strong, have weaknesses.

Lin Feng and the others must have been surrounded if they were replaced by other creatures, but Lin Feng and the others, faced with the former magic crocodile, were somewhat successful in understanding the dangerous situation they faced.

After breaking out of the siege, Lin Feng and the others went deep, and the former crocodile was naturally reluctant to let Lin Feng and the others go away, and then moved towards Lin Feng Feng, and they went after them.

But there is a certain gap between the speed of the former magic crocodile and Lin Feng, so Lin Feng and the others are slightly loose from the former magic crocodile that came after the murder.

“I didn’t think we were really back in the real world! Young Master Lin bull pushed, brother admired prostrate oneself in admiration for you!” Stone clock is not an outrage.

Prior to his conflict with Lin Feng, he was taught stopped by Lin Feng, who was extremely unhappy at that time, and now he is really obedient as his contacts with Lin Feng deepen.

“People like Young Master Lin, who came out of Jiangshan must be among those who shocked the quartet.” The Devil said with a smile, seems to be searching for the bottom details of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng laughed and said, “It’s a catastrophic thing for all Heavens and Myriad Realms to come at the end of the century, but the danger sometimes represents an opportunity to work with me, and the future goes beyond time!”

The Devil and the others knew Lin Feng was bringing them together.

Lin Feng had previously expressed the matter, but they had not wanted to cooperate with Lin Feng since they knew that if they were to cooperate with Lin Feng, they would be on the side of the Black Hand World Royal Family in the back of the screen.

When they did go to the opposite side of World Royal Family, after the curtain, and even lost their lives, now, the looting comes back, the cultivation base increases, and they think that if the era breaks down, they will live well.

Why do you have to go after the riot, World Royal Family? It was true that the black hand World Royal Family in the aftermath of the hate screen had been contacted to know how terrifying the black man World Royal Family was after the screen, so let’s put it down.

At the beginning.

The Devil and the others, really want to be out of the way.

But now.

Their idea seems to have been shaken, primarily because Lin Feng has shown a great deal of competence and strength.

Cooperation with Lin Feng.

It’s gonna be good, isn’t it?

Maybe, like Lin Feng said, the future goes beyond realm’s term.

You know.

The possession of a trans-border force and breakthrough beyond realm is entirely two concepts.

Without breakthrough beyond realm, the level of life will not change.

breakthrough beyond realm, the level of life will change.

It’s just people at different levels, contact lines, secrets, etc., and so on, it’s going to be very different.

Don’t say anything else.

Just say it’s eternal.

Who doesn’t want to live forever?

You know, the strong man who goes beyond realm will also die.

If there’s no breakthrough beyond realm.

Not even eligibility for eternity.

It’s hard to say something.

No breakthrough transcends realm, no comprehend can even get to live forever.

What’s the difference with getting a useless cultivation technique?

“Maybe you can really sit down and talk about cooperation?”

Four people have come out with an idea that they don’t agree.

Of course.

They felt that the matter needed to be considered again, because it was of great importance.

Such an important decision.

It is necessary to think deeply before it can be finalized.

Instead of being impulsive.

Make a decision.

“Let me wait and think!” The Devil said,


remaining three are also Nodded.


attitude of the three has changed.

Lin Feng’s heart is not very happy.

Although they did not immediately agree.


But there has been an offer.


Better do it.

But this is not the time to talk about it, and it is not too late to talk to a few people after they go out.

Lin Feng and the others continue to move deep and fast, and one day later Lin Feng saw four cultivator in front, one of whom Lin Feng also realized that it was the first time Lin Feng had entered the yellow secret to attack their entire group’s evil body.

This invisible corpse, cultivation base is terrifying.

Lin Feng learned this guy’s sterilization before.

The other three priests.

A cherry monkey.

Looks like Innate Lifeform.

Lin Feng is not taking a slight move in his heart.

Great Sage Equal of Heaven, Fight the Holy ape.

Also Innate Lifeform, the most terrifying of the ape’s creatures, just don’t know what happened to the monkey in front of the eye. But since you can stand with the devil, think there must be a battle that goes beyond realm?

It is not particularly clear how Lin Feng is better than Great Sage Equal of Heaven, but it should be stronger than the battle apes.

Of course, the battle against the Sacred ape should also be dramatically upgraded now, and Lin Feng is not allowed to fight the sacred ape at what level it is now, so the monkey is not too good to be able to defeat it.

“It’s like six Eared Macaque!” Lin Feng saw that monkey’s ears, like six Eared Macaque’s ears, so Lin Feng speculated that monkey was a six Eared Macaque.

Six Eared Macaque, in the spirits of ape monkeys, is also the highest race, innate talent is strong, cultivation base is the day.

A few years ago, six Eared Macaque took advantage of Great Sage Equal of Heaven and tried to deceive everyone on behalf of Great Sage Equal of Heaven, Monster Race Saint Flower Fruit Mountain.

Great Sage Equal of Heaven was subsequently returned to war with it many times and failed to defeat that pride six Eared Macaque.

And finally Great Sage Equal of Heaven is a victory with magic treasure, and eventually slaughtered the six-Eared Macaque, and if that’s true, it can be trusted from the side of the six Eared Macaque family terrifying.

The third pride, the little man with a big mask.

And still a stone man.

The big and small stone is behind a sword, and that sword is too small and a stone sword.

But this little man, big and small, is definitely a noble man, looking like a sword, pointing straight to the mind of cultivator.

Makes people feel creepy.

As for the existence of the fourth pride, she was a woman, who was a purple dress, skin like lipid, beautiful, but a white hair added a special atmosphere to her.


Lin Feng thinks.

This quality should be described more appropriately with magic.

This woman is in the devil.

“The white witch is dead.” The sound of the Devil is not shaken by a slight one.

Lin Feng had a slight move in her heart, and the Devil was a terrifying personality. Now, after seeing that white woman, the sound was trembling. Who was that white woman?

Lin Feng is not very curious about the white woman’s identity.

He watched the stone clock, the three sacred angels, the unseen, Lin Feng found that they were also swallowing foam.

Looks like.

These three people also know this white woman. Who is this white woman?

Lin Feng looked towards the Daily Shadow, and said, “Who’s the white woman?”

The Devil said, “She’s called Molujah!”

“Never heard of it!” Lin Feng said it.

The Devil said, “No one has ever heard of it, not of this age, but of us, she is a man of great dignity, and she has suffered very serious emotional injuries, and I am not particularly clear about how she was hurt, but only knowing that after her emotional injury, she has changed in a state of sexual condition, she has been beaten up all night, and then killed a lot of people, and then she has been cast into the magic.”

“But neither of the fairies allowed her, together with the rumours that she had many secrets, so many wanted to kill her, to take the secret she had, and to send a lot of powerful men to kill her, but ultimately to her, the cultivator of the cultivator World, who she killed, was brave, and the countless who saw her turn away!”

“so cowardly?” Lin Feng’s face is full of touching colors.

“Can’t you know that, in that era, even though it’s a refining world, the strong man who goes beyond realm is, in fact, as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, but she breakthrough to the realm!”

Lin Feng sucked in a cold breath.


that age, this woman shouldn’t be older!

And then breakthrough is over realm!

That’s great!

It is no wonder that this woman was able to shock the courage of the magic.

This woman, even in the whole time of the hollow, should be a super giant presence.

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