“Since she appeared in this place, it seems that she should have fallen in the shadow of the yellow sky, and you know what happened that year? Why would she fall here?”

Lin Feng asked.

Hyogo said, “The specific reasons do not know, but I guess that after the Innate Lifeform war, the yellow day was seriously injured, and that the black hand World Royal Family would certainly take the opportunity to kill the yellow day, perhaps, and she was involved in it.”

Lin Feng nodded, then thought of the mysterious existence of a powerful means of resurrecting so many lives.


ability of this guy is too extreme, Lin Feng is getting more curious, and this respect exists, where the hell is it?

Unfortunately, for the time being Lin Feng has apparently not been able to detect these things.

Regardless of the past, the resurrection of these powerful people is a good thing, even if only a few people are willing to stand by Lin Feng on their side.

That’s also a huge harvest.

It would be better to have this woman in Bermuda brought together, knowing that these dead and resurrected creatures, cultivation base has been significantly upgraded.

In the Innate Lifeform era, Lifeform was already the most respectable deterrent to the universe, transcending the cultivation base of realm, and at that time it was the supreme index.


fact, Lin Feng has seen some cultivator with power beyond the realm, but realm breakthrough to cultivator above realm has not seen much.

If it is assumed in the case of others that this resurrection of Bermuda will lead her strength to a significant increase, will it?

In itself, breakthrough has gone beyond realm, and this battle has risen dramatically, and what level is it?

Lin Feng has some food to eat.

“hehe, it’s interesting that the spirit of the yellow secret has formed alliances with external cultivator.” Evil look towards this side, not to smile.

“Can’t you?” The Devil of Heaven smiled and responded, although he was afraid of the witch of Baptia.

But he’s not afraid of evil bodies.

The most evil bodies, five with him.

It’s just that their respective fields of excellence are different.


devil said with a cold laugh, “You guys are self-inflicted! Throw the face of the ghost in the dark!”

“Do you care about birds?”

“Dogs take a lot of shit!”

“If it hurts, find a place to play mud!”

“If you don’t want to play mud, Grandpa can relax your bones!”

The devil, the rock clock, the sacred pride, the unseen sky, the four great powerhouse, the fire is all open, together with the evil corpses.

The body of a direct mute is silent, the face is ugly, and the devil has never thought that a few people would be defending Lin Feng like that.

That makes him somethin ‘to understand.

Why do you keep an alien cultivator so proud of the mystery?

Did the sun hit the west?

Lin Feng said, “I’m waiting here to find the reason, not to argue, so the devil, you better shut up because I’m lazy enough to argue with you, but if you want to fight, I don’t mind letting you teach me my strength!”


evil body sneered, and said, “I come here for the same reason, and now I’m not interested in fighting with you, but wait for this, maybe I’ll kill you.”

“The groom is arrogant.” Lin Feng expression indifferently said.

“You…” The face of the evil body is bleak, and he can’t see the creepy gesture of Lin Feng, in particular, hearing Lin Feng portray himself from the night to grow up, making the evil body even more angry.

But the devil finally didn’t do it, just coldly snorted, and then he turned his head over, and the big, big, big rock guy wanted that monkey to look at it.

As for the witch, he had not even turned around.


Don’t put this thing in your heart.

Lim Wah came out of the sky, moved towards the depth of mountain range.

The big and small rocks, the monkeys, the devil follow closely from behind.

But these people, they stopped in Void soon and seemed to be in trouble.

The flesh eye can’t see any particular place.

Lin Feng opened his own eyes and saw a huge chess in the Void ahead.

Lou Muhua and the others, are trapped in the game.

By the heavens and the earth as a plate.

And make the strong lord a chess.

Those chess chess are very terrifying in the plate, and they want to hang up with Mumbai and the others.

But this woman in Bermuda is too strong.

Plus, there are three Great Powerhouses supporting her.

So these four. It’s just a fanatic gesture to break the plates of the heavens and the earth.


The changes in the plates of the heavens and the earth are so much too many, the spirit, the formation of the slaughter, the combination of the plates of the earth, and the hanging of four people.

So, four of them, though strong, are trying to break the plate quickly, and it doesn’t seem that easy.

“Skygame, how do you break it?”

Nor did the Devil wrinkle his eyebrows, and the powerful man of his class could see the plates of the heavens and the earth, and Lin Feng was not surprised.

Not only do the zombies see, the rock bells, the three sacred angels, the three Great Powerhouses of the unseen, but also the plates of the earth.

Even the Mumbai and the others are so troubled to break the plates of the earth.

The power of the five of them, though strong, is better than that of the others because of the fact that they are sitting in the town of Bermuda.

So, in the case of breaking the plate of the heavens and the earth, the Devil and the others also feel very difficult.

“There is certainly a way to break, but they have not found such a way to break!”


Lord of the Unseen said:

Lin Feng said, “Before we come here, these people stopped here, and I guess it’s just a way to break the plate, but it’s too hard to break it. They shouldn’t have been able to crack it properly, so they chose to use this hard way and walk through the past!”

Hear Lin Feng like that, Sky Shadow and the others are not nodded.

They think Lin Feng is right, just now they’re facing this difficult situation.

Lin Feng doesn’t think it’s a way to stay here, in any case to get in a positive way and face it.

So Lin Feng said, “Go on, follow me and try the best place on the plate!”

Skywalker and the others nodded.

And then Lin Feng and the others moved towards the skies.

Lin Feng, they’re in the skies.

And then.

Lin Feng, they heard the shouting of the earthquake, a lot of the cultivator spirit, forming the cultivator army, forming the General Army, forming the Great Front of Military Law and orderly.

Rapid moved towards Lin Feng and the others to kill.

Tired on the plate of the heavens and the earth before you know where terrifying is.

It is indeed a difficult thing to get out of the trap of the Lord’s majesty.

Now, for Lin Feng, it is obvious that it is extremely bad for Lin Feng.

Their strength is no greater than that of Bermuda and the others.

Linguia and the others are fighting so hard.

Besides, Lin Feng and the others.

It will certainly be more difficult.


What do we do?

The more dangerous, Lin Feng, the more calm.

That’s right.

Heaven chess plates, don’t they look like a giant paradigm?

Think about it.

These chess, like all kinds of homicides in the boxes, the chess bureau, is equivalent to the pattern itself.

People are trapped in the plates of the heavens and the earth, as if they were broken.

Of course, Lin Feng also knows that even if the plates of the heavens and the earth really look like a pattern, they must also face the dangers they face.

For example, these fast-killed big armies.

Lin Feng thought maybe he could try a dragon rabbit.

Rabbit, this little guy, can walk in a variety of big floors, and I wonder if he can wear it on a plate?

Now Lin Feng has no other way to do it, Shima.


‘s why I read.

Lin Feng came out of the dragon rabbit summon.

After Lin Feng summon got out, Lin Feng said to the Rabbit, “Can you take us out of here?”

Rabbit zhi zhi, wake up and move towards a direction fast.

Look at this scene, Lin Feng’s face came up with a good look, because the Rabbit really had a way to take them out.

“Follow me!”

Lin Feng, say it quickly.

He swiftly followed the dragon rabbit, and the zombie and the others were following Lin Feng’s body, and they swiftly wore it on the plate.

They’re on the road, and naturally they’re not going straight.

In fact, the dragon rabbits carry Lin Feng and they circle around the plate.

Of course, this is a statement from the outsiders.

Sky chess because it’s too complicated, too dangerous, trying to break it, only to find a way to live.

And the road is hidden in the plates of the heavens and the earth, and naturally it is not possible to move smoothly outside.

Life paths, constant distortions, mistakes, returns, sometimes even a long distance gap.

But whatever happens, Lin Feng and the others, under the leadership of the Rabbit, were not attacked by a plate of the heavens and the earth.

Lin Feng is a bit emotional, Rabbit. This guy, while fighting is a scum, has, in many cases, been very useful.

Like now.

If there were no dragons, Lin Feng would probably be trapped in a war.

As for the zombie and the others, they’re almost going to cheer up.

They were still worried about it, and now they’re walking with the dragon rabbits on the plate of the heavens and the earth.

Anti-Semitism and the others.

Although they have a strong, unexpected town in Bermuda, their pace is still slow.

It’s still too powerful for the plates.


It might be possible to do it.



takes time.

Half an hour later.

Lin Feng and the others outnumbered them in Bermuda.

They had taken note of Lin Feng and the others before, and they also knew that Lin Feng was using a dragon rabbit to wear it on a plate.



What’s the use of jealousy?

Who let them, no dragon rabbits like that?

See Lin Feng and the others over them, for the first time in Bermuda looking for Lin Feng.

Feel the view of Baptian.

Lin Feng looked for Bermuda too.

Full hair.

I can’t hide her beauty.

Must have been Goddess in the eyes of countless people.


And became a witch.

That should have been a pair of soft eyes like water.

But now.

And turned into a pair of cold bones’ eyes.

With those eyes, Lin Feng even felt that his soul seemed to fall.

Nice terrifying woman!

In fact, Lin Feng has not been attacked by Lin Feng!

But she’s gone into magic.

There’s a terrifying magic power on it.

So when Lin Feng watches Bermuda, this magic force in Bermuda has an impact on Lin Feng.

This magic force. Makes Lin Feng feel upset.

So when Lin Feng recovered his vision, there was still a feeling of heart.

That feeling.


him depressed and uncomfortable.

“Just stay away from these people!”

Lin Feng said so in his heart.

He pushed the dragon rabbit to speed up.

Dragon rabbit’s speed has risen a lot.

Lin Feng and the others have also increased considerably accordingly.

They dumped Bermuda and the others.


Under the leadership of the dragon rabbit, Lin Feng and the others, successfully walked out of the plate.


when they come out of the plates of the heavens and the earth, no one will grow up.

Lin Feng sent the dragon rabbit into time space and then plundered it with people quickly moving towards the depths of mountain range.

Lin Feng and the others are not at any risk during the next journey.

They succeeded in arriving at mountain range’s deepest position.

At the depths of mountain range, there is a altar.

There’s a table on the altar.


‘s got some priests on it.

In addition to the sacrifices, there is a card.


says six words on the board.

The six large words read:

Yellow heaven sleeps.

After seeing these six large words, Lin Feng and the others’ eyes are not light, and this place seems to be the funeral place of the yellow sky.

Lin Feng and the others looked at the sacrifice on the altar.


Five energy light balls, respectively.

But what’s in the energy globe, temporarily and unknown.

Lin Feng quickly arrived before the altar.

It’s not time to look at what the sacrifice is, it’s urgent to take it first.

Lin Feng took all five energy light balls.

At this point, there’s an empty voice out there.

Linguia and the others quickly arrived here.

Lin Feng grew up and fortunately took those things away earlier.

So Lin Feng just picked up those things.

“What did you get here?” Evil expression of the shadow of looking towards Lin Feng and the others.

Lin Feng said, “It’s searching, it’s not getting anything!”

“What about a liar? I don’t believe you guys got nothing!” The devil smiles.

“I don’t believe it either! Maybe you can take those things out on your own. If you let us do it, it’s not gonna look good!”

Talk to the big and small rocks.

This guy moved Lin Feng out, apparently trying to force Lin Feng to take it out to Bermuda.


then, the iron of Baptian will not be wronged.

If Lin Feng and the others don’t hand things over.

That would be a total sin to admire the existence of this noble terror.

If it was true that he had sinned, there would have been nothing good to do with it.

Lou Muhua, but the killer didn’t blink, and she didn’t know how many old forces were destroyed by her own hands.

So, in the light of the large and small stones and the others, killing Lin Feng and the others is nothing worth mentioning in the case of Bermuda.


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