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Lin Feng really wants to yell at the streets, the sword of the ghost, the eight calves that he has shown, is desperate. How can this densely packed sword qi be resisted?

Now Lin Feng really has a feeling to cry without tears.

The powerhouse at the proprietary level is the powerhouse at the proprietary level of the manufacturer, a man who has already been exposed to some of the mysteries of the Creator, so even if cultivation base has not been restored to Peak, it is incredible.

It is indeed too difficult for them to defeat the powerhouse at the main level of the manufacturer.

“sword heart.”

At this point, the astronomical four polar shouted, he stretched his hand to the front point, and a golden rays of light flew out, a golden rays of light, was a golden energy sword.

That golden energy little sword is the sword that Wikipedia said.


What’s the sword heart?

The sword heart is a more special treasure, which is said to have been formed by the presence of numerous swords, Essence, Qi, Spirit.

If the sword is integrated into some of the top swords, then the formidable power of the sword will rise significantly.

Lin Feng has heard a lot about the sword for so many years.


True sword is still the first time I saw it.

剑心飞出去之后,无数道sword qi 都moved towards 剑心飞去,然后被剑心给吞噬掉了。

After seeing this scene, Lin Feng’s eyes are not suddenly shining, and the heart of the universe is strong enough to swallow that many sword qi.

You know, the sword qi, which the ghost sword sword kills, is terrifying, and the formidable power of those sword qis is desperate, so powerful sword qi, still swallowed by the heart of the sword, with no difficulty, can see how amazing the sword heart is.

Before Lin Feng believed in many rumors of sword heart, until now, when he saw the sword of the astronomical gravity, he knew that those rumors were true and that the sword was really good.

“It’s a sword heart, and the world’s people who want to make a sword are countless, but there are few who can make a sword, and your luck is good, but what about your sword? And finally, it’s just a wedding for this house, your sword heart, it’s the Majestys.”

Ghost Sword Sonson said.

The sword heart, treasure, can also play a significant role in it, as it swallows the sword’s heart, and its capabilities will increase significantly, even by swallowing the sword’s heart, and it will be able to contribute significantly to its breakthrough Creator realm.

The sword fast moved to the heart of the sword, the powerful force of Swallowing flowing out of the ghost sword, directly surrounded the entire universe’s sword.

Then the ghost sword tried to swallow astronomical swords.

It is natural that the universe is reluctant to make its own sword so that it will not be easy to prize, and the sword is swallowed by a ghost sword, so he is fully manipulating his heart to fight the great swallowing of the universe.

Lin Feng, the red dust fairy, the old man of dry corpses flew over the past, and now the ghost sword is devouring all the magic swords of astronomy, which is a great opportunity to cope with the sword.

“Phantom Sword!”

The sword saw Lin Feng’s three moved towards it, and it showed a cold face when it went to town, and after its sound fell, Void came out with a sword, which was the same as a ghost sword.

It’s just that the sword is not an entity sword, but a fantastic sword, which distorts Void, a terrifying force, flowing out of the sword.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.


Suddenly, that fantastic sword was divided into three, moved towards Lin Feng, red dust fairy, dry old man’s murder, some weird, shameless sword, all kinds of method believers, and indeed cows were pushed to the extreme.

After being locked up by that fantastic sword, Lin Feng came up with a sense of spiritual tremor, the son of a ghost sword was too strong, Lin Feng felt unable to resist the sword, and he turned around moving towards far away, but that false sword had completely locked Lin Feng’s silhouette.

Lin Feng, who wants to run, can’t get away with that fantastic sword, quick moves towards Lin Feng, and don’t kill Lin Feng, swear not to stop.

As for the red dust fairy, and old man like a dry corpse, they didn’t run like Lin Feng, but chose to fight with the false sword that attacked them.

One hit, every collision collapsed Void, and their attack was shocking.

And at this point Lin Feng, after flying out thousands of metres, was finally chasing Lin Feng.

The phantom sword is energy-growing, and this energy will continue to consume, so the phantom sword consumes a lot of energy, and formidable power has not been as strong as ever before.

Lin Feng 催动古兵器great array ,古兵器great array 释放的攻击,与虚幻鬼剑fiercely 的碰撞在了一起,虚幻鬼剑瞬间便摧毁了古兵器great array 的攻击。

Lin Feng is a bit depressed, a fantastic sword formidable power has been weakened and still so strong, and some of the formidable power is too strong?

Not Lin Feng’s ancient weapon great array is not strong enough, it’s a ghost sword, and the bullshit realm is too tall, and the attack is so horrible, and if Lin Feng is the towbase of the protagonist realm, then there’s nothing wrong with hanging a false sword?

It is crucial, however, that Lin Feng is still a Saint Realm cultivator, not to say what kind of creator is, beyond realm cultivator.

The phantom sword continued to move towards Lin Feng’s murder, and Lin Feng couldn’t deal with this guy, and Lin Feng sacrificed gold.

Lin Feng had been hard to rush the death of gold, but Lin Feng had not given up, and he was often sacrificing gold, and he could now use gold to extinguish it.

It’s just that Lin Feng is still afraid to open the gold extinction, and after all, too terrifying, Lin Feng wants to open the gold after he’s strong, and see what’s in the gold extinction.

At this point.

Lin Feng’s hands grabbed the gold extinction, and moved towards the false sword fiercely wrecked the past.

When a loud noise comes out, the phantom sword collides with the Gold extinction fiercely, spreading the noise of a tremendous shock.

The false sword, though strong, is too vicious for gold to perish, and after being attacked by a fanatic sword, the power of terrifying arose at the time of the extinction of gold, which was instantaneously bombarded on a false sword, directly destroying a false sword.

But Lin Feng was attacked by a number of forces, and he was shot out, not thrown out a mouthful of blood.

“Mom…” Enemy, I don’t split! “

Lin Feng did not curse and suffered the shock of gold extinction, and most terrifying was that Lin Feng discovered that his origins had been shocked.

You know, just a small fraction of the power that you’ve just had, it’s already hurt, and if you have more, how much terrifying would happen to the world?

However, Lin Feng’s present Immortal Bloodline is special and Immortal Bloodline can be repaired by Lin Feng’s Immortal Bloodline after its tenth turn.

Like now.

This slight source injury can be repaired.

Lin Feng operates Immortal Bloodline, without a large number of General Assembly meetings, with a complete recovery of his source wounds.

Lin Feng, for his part, earns the gold extinction into time space, and this treasure is so weird, too terrifying, and Lin Feng doesn’t want to use it if it doesn’t work.

As for mysterious iron boxes, Lin Feng was more inclined to use.

Because mysterious iron boxes can even suppress gold extinction, the more Lin Feng uses mysterious iron boxes, the more the consequences, the more difficult it will be to get rid of mysterious iron boxes by then.

So at this stage, Lin Feng is the one who can’t use mysterious boxes as much as possible.

At this point, Red dust fairies and old man like dry bodies have also succeeded in breaking the false sword that attacked them, while the two people moved towards ghosts’ swords were killed again.

As for the astronomical four polarized bad luck, because his sword is about to be swallowed by a ghost sword, and now the astronomical four are trying to cry without tears.

If the sword was swallowed, then his loss would be huge, and now he’s going to have to stop.

Well, in the red dust fairy and old man like dry corpses, the sword needs to be distracted from them, so he’s under a lot of pressure.



sound of the sword is cold, directly releasing a powerful magnetic field moving towards the red dust fairy and dry old man’s repression.


ghost magnetic field of the sword is extremely terrifying, and this is a magnetic field at the main level, where Red dust fairies and old man like dry corpses have been masked into it, when it becomes difficult to walk in a general fashion, and the sword wants to use its own magnetic field, suppress and kill red dust fairies and dry old man.

Red dust fairies and old man like dry corpses also have strong magnetic fields, and they took out their own magnetic field to fight against the sword of the Ghost, and both sides have created a brief impasse, while Lin Feng is quick to sound transmission to curse dolls and let the cursed doll come to help him.

Lin Feng intends to impose a curse against a ghost sword.

The ghost sword is too strong to hurt the sword itself, and the only thing that can now be hurt is the soul of the sword.

If you can rejuvenate the soul of a ghost sword.

There must be no way to keep the war going.

So Lin Feng intends to work with the cursed doll to carry out a curse against the soul of the sword.

Of course Lin Feng is well aware that the spirit of the sword is too strong.

It was difficult to seriously hurt the soul of the sword, and Lin Feng had tried before, and had only caused minor harm to the ghost Sword Spirit.

But that’s the only way out.

In addition to this approach, Lin Feng has no idea of another method for the time being.

The cursed dolls came quickly and carried out a curse with Lin Feng, and neither of them cooperated for the first time, nor were they familiar with each other.

There was no delay between the two, and the curse of the two people was quickly displayed, and the curse of the two people formed a special link, and when it was formed, their curse tactics, formidable power, had increased significantly.

Lin Feng and the curse doll tried to hurt the soul of the ghost sword with a curse, and tried to fail many times, making Lin Feng feel depressed with the curse doll.

But in fact, they’ve thought that the ghost sword guy is too strong, Lin Feng, they have a realm gap with the ghost sword, so it’s not easy to deal with the sword with a curse.

Lin Feng and the curse doll don’t at all give up, and they still try to curse the sword.

And this time, the red dust fairy and dry old man exploded.

After their magnetic field had offset the magnetic field of the ghost sword, they continued to move towards the ghost sword, with dry old man in the body flowing out of a lot of black air, which seemed very strange and could be confined to everything and directly covered by the sword.

And red dust fairies, they hit a path of mysterious rune, and she tried to crush the sword with rune.

Under Red dust fairies and dry old man, the sword was temporarily repressed.

Woman IV grabbed this opportunity and took his sword away.

At this point.


the sword, countless rune gangs, the power of the sword is recovering.


felt that the red dust fairy and old man like dry corpses took out all the ancient weapons, and they killed a ghost sword with ancient weapons, while the astronomical polar took out an ancient weapon, killing a ghost sword.

They want to use ancient weapons to force the power of a ghost sword.

“The sword is quarrel!”

But they’re a little late, the sword attacks come together, quickly sweep to the red dust fairy, dry old man, and the astronomical quasipolar.

The two sides collided with fiercely.

The sword’s sword’s sword is so terrifying that the red dust fairy, the dead old man, and the astronomical quartet are flying out with treasure, and the three giant powerhouse are throwing out a mouthful of blood.

Of course, the sword is not feeling well, and it doesn’t fly out, but the sword is strong, it has not been hurt, it’s just a strong sense of dizziness.

And just as the sword creates a strong sense of dizziness, the soul defence of the sword is the lowest.

Lin Feng and the curse of the curse of the curse doll have caused a serious blow to the soul of the sword.

Their curse, and they slaughtered on the soul of the Ghost sword.


The sword made a painful scream not to fly out, and Lin Feng and the curse of the cursed doll hurt the ghost Sword Spirit, far more than Lin Feng had previously worked with Red dust fairies to inflict severe damage on the soul of the sword.

The curse is the curse. It is indeed terrifying.

“Good chance, to suppress him!”

Red dust fairy, dry old man, and astronomical eyes shine, and they quickly moved towards ghosts’ swords.

“Break my soul, you all deserve to die.”

The sword was angry, Void swept out of a thousand metres of sword glow, the red dust fairy and the others struggled against each other’s sword glow with ancient weapons, or the sword glow that was unable to resist the sword sword sword sword sword, and they were again struck out.

And then the ghost sword moved towards Lin Feng with the curse doll.

Ghost swords are powerful, natural sensations come out of who hurt it.

Now the sword just wants to kill Lin Feng and the curse doll in order to whisper his heart.

“Run away!” The curse of the doll was terrified of screaming.

“Run away from your sister, not at all, and continue to fuck him with a curse!” Lin Feng said it.

He continues to push the curse, curse the doll bites his teeth, and he starts to rush the curse against the sword.

At this point, the red dust fairy, dry old man, and the astronomical quadrangly discovered how Lin Feng and the cursed doll hurt a ghost sword.

Red dust fairies and old man like dry corpses are cultivator of three thousand Thousand Great Daos, who work with Lin Feng against ghosts with a curse doll.

As for the four poles of the universe, although more than 2,000 Thousand Great Daos have been rehabilitated, there is no way of amending the curse, so he can’t do it and wait for the results to come to the fore.

With red dust fairies and dry old man help, Lin Feng’s curse is stronger.

The ghost Sword Spirit’s soul has been severely hit, and the whole population has some bad nightmares, and there is no way to resist Lin Feng and the others’ curse.


sword just flew to half, and again was cursed by Lin Feng, the curse doll, the red dust fairy, the dry old man four powerhouse.

This time, the sword was more severe.


sword fell out.

Ah, the ghost sword grows, because of the pain, the sword’s insane, a path of great sword qi, and the unintentionally moved towards all around to kill.

In addition to the Lord’s Temple, a ghost sword qi was attacked.

Those who surrounded, but who were hit by a ghost sword qi, whatever the strength of the ban, were immediately destroyed.

“Get back.”

On the other hand, many of the big wars together in powerhouse panicked up.

They quickly stopped the war, wolf, moved towards far away.

Strong, like the powerhouse of realm, was hit by a ghost sword qi and seriously wounded.

Lin Feng and the others are also very wolf to hide from the sword qi of that a path of terrifying.

Fortunately, now the ghost sword cannot be as one pleases to control those powerful sword qis.

Lin Feng and the others could be dangerous if they could do as one pleases to control those powerful sword qi.

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