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The sword qi, which was killed by a ghost sword, was very strong, but not at all could hurt Lin Feng and the others, and Lin Feng was still looking for a quick proximity to a ghost sword and then suppress the sword.


ghost sword probably knows Lin Feng and the others’ thoughts, seeing Lin Feng that they’re trying to get close to themselves, and the ghost sword knows that it has to leave quickly, and that if they don’t leave quickly, the situation will be worse.

The ghost sword hates nothing but how strong it holds the base? But it’s so bad for him to fall like this today.

He thinks he shouldn’t have failed, because Lin Feng and the curse doll, and if he wasn’t the first two, he wouldn’t have failed.

But it’s not time to think about these things, and we have to get out of here quickly, and if we don’t get out of here, who knows if it’s really going to be compromised here.

Even if it’s such a mechanical repair, it’s possible to fall.

“This seat remembers you, and we ride the donkey and watch the script!” The ghost fiercely said that the sound was a natural killing plan.

After a serious remark, the sword stopped and fast moved towards looting outside.

The rest of the powerhouse that went beyond realm saw the ghost sword run away, and their face became extremely creepy.

Nor did those people stay.

Quick away.

Lin Feng and the others have not pursued those cultivator, and it is now imperative to search for treasure in the vault of the Catholic palace, the rest of which can be left behind.

“Everyone, it’s not too late. Let’s go now to the treasure in the Paradise.” Lin Feng said.

“haha ha ha ha, I can’t wait.”

“Me too!”

Many cultivator laughed.

And then people flew along with Lin Feng Rapid moved towards the Catholic palace, whose prohibition had been destroyed by the Ghost Sword and the others, which had saved many of the problems of Lin Feng and the others.

They entered the palace of the Lord, and they saw that a lot of cultivator died in the palace of Heaven, and should have been cultivator, Lin Feng and the others who had not taken care of the dead cultivator, and they moved towards the palace of the Lord.

Without much time, Lin Feng and the others found treasures within the Catholic palace, blocked by a strong ban, and for Lin Feng and the others, breaking the ban is not a difficult matter, and Lin Feng and the others can not break the ban here with a gentle method.

Instead of destroying the ban directly with the most violent methods, even if they enter the treasure, within the treasure, in the self-contained space, in a variety of treasure stores like mountains.

But the treasure Lin Feng wanted most was the Supreme Treasure of the Town Palace, not knowing if it was here.

In addition to the populous stone of the township, Lin Feng hears the Catholic palace here, and there is a head of the trees in the legend, which, before heard, seems to be the mainframe of the Catholic palace, should not be in the treasure.

Find the townships first and say it.

Baby, they all flew out, looking for the treasure they wanted.

Lin Feng is flying fast above the treasure, and his mind is searching for this huge treasure.

However, there has been no search for the whereabouts of the city’s grandmother.

Until Lin Feng came to the depths of the treasure, he saw a thousand metres tall stone tablet, which was a blank stone tablet, and when he saw that stone tablet, Lin Feng’s eyes jumped.

That stone tablet, isn’t it?

Lin Feng moved towards stone tablet flew over the past, and when he approached stone tablet, Lin Fengton found that his blood flow was accelerating.

Lin Feng felt, his blood seemed to be going to complete some kind of special mutation, that feeling, very comfortable, and Lin Feng showed a good face.

He has now been able to determine that this stone tablet is the cornerstone of the township, and Lin Feng is really wondering what else can lead him to change the bloodline.

Lin Feng tried to get the city’s grandmother stones into time space, but it was completely motionless.

Can’t you take it?

Lin Feng is not slightly frowned, and he intends to drop blood sacrifice and see if this treasure can be sacrificed.

Lin Feng’s blood drops on the populous stone of town.

The popcorn of the town absorbed Lin Feng’s blood.

Within the palace of the town, a wave of terrifying was shaken, and Lin Feng showed a smile on his face following the terrifying fluctuations that erupted inside the palace.

After having absorbed his blood, there have been some changes.

Not long ago, the populous stone of the town restored calm.

Let Lin Feng differ.

After the restoration of calm, not at all was his refining, but Lin Feng had a special connection with the populous stone of the town.

What is the matter with the special connection that has arisen without being refining himself?

Lin Feng is also confused.

Lin Feng continues to try to put the city’s grandmother stone in his own time space.

This time Lin Feng succeeded in placing the city’s grandmother’s stone in time.

Now is not the time for the majesty of refining town, Lin Feng intends to see if there are any other treasure.

Lin Feng continued to fly in the treasure and then searched for other treasure.

Shortly after that, Lin Feng saw a treasure, in which a golden liquid was placed.

Lin Feng was surprised that, in golden liquids, a golden dragon had appeared, and that golden dragon was swimming around the brink of the treasure.

After seeing this, Lin Feng has some hair, what’s going on? What kind of liquid is this?

He felt the golden dragon very carefully, and he found out that golden dragon wasn’t really the dragon, and it seemed like golden dragons from liquid fluids.

“Wasn’t it the Sacred Dragon Fairy in the news?” Lin Feng is not thinking of something like Sacred Dragon Fairy, and Lin Feng actually didn’t see it, and if he saw it, he could first see whether the liquid in the treasure was Sacred Dragon Fairy.

But Lin Feng saw some presentations of Sacred Dragon Cinder.

Sacred Dragon fairy, for example, is golden’s liquid, which is the same as the liquid in the face.

Sacred Dragon Cinderella is surrounded by fairy air.

It’s not the same, the liquid in this precious, not at all, in the fairy, is it because of the incorrect place in which it is placed, so it doesn’t create fairies?

Or… because it’s too long and the fairies are gone?

Sacred Dragon Fairy will show a little dragon called “Dragon.”

If Sacred Dragon Fairy is able to show the Dragon Dragon, the Sacred Dragon Fairy has not been broken and refining is possible.

If Sacred Dragon Fairy has not shown the Dragon Dragon, then cultivator will have to pay more attention.


Sacred Dragon Fairy, which cannot be shown, belongs to the already broken Sacred Dragon Fairy.

The already broken Sacred Dragon Cinder is useless, because this Sacred Dragon Cinder is poisoned.

the cultivator took advantage of this fairy, without any benefit to himself.

If the body is less toxic, then it may even be poisoned to death.

If it is true that Sacred Dragon fairy is present, then the current Sacred Dragon fairy is refining, and Sacred Dragon fairy is integrated into the original source of the weather, which is the Supreme Treasure of the promotion base.

It’s not Sacred Dragon’s fairy, but it’s very good to judge that Lin Feng tried to refining a part of his people like this special fairy, that his legacy was steadily rising, and that the French forces started moving towards a more Advanced level.

This suggests that these special fairies are indeed Sacred Dragon fairies.

What a good thing!

Lin Feng collected these Sacred Dragon fairies, and then refining Sacred Dragon’s fairy fluid upgraded cultivation base after the end of the matter.

Lin Feng continues to search treasure in the treasure.

Lin Feng naturally does not ask for the Supreme Treasure, with ancient armoured weapons ranks, and only a few of the three days have ancient weapons.

So the iron in the treasure will not have ancient weapons, and if so, it would have been taken out by the Lord for 33 days, nor would it remain here forever.

Lin Feng wondered if he could find some kind of inheritance, and he was still collecting fairies and breakthrough went beyond realm, and how good it would be.

Soon, Lin Feng really found a couple of fairy grades of inheritance, and there were lots of books, mainframes, and so on, five fairies, all of which were recorded in a maize.

Lin Feng also took that mailbox, and the rest of treasure, like some powerful divine skill inheritance, and so on, for example, wordly treasure.

But the attractiveness to Lin Feng is not particularly large.

Lin Feng has given Toxin ancestors the largest share of their resources here, and this time Lin Feng was the total alliance lord, with a 20 per cent allocation of resources from alone, and no comment has been made.

Lin Feng had left the treasury earlier when resources were allocated.

He swiftly moved towards heaven’s palace, and Lin Feng remembered when someone said that there was a star great hall here in the Catholic palace, like the place where the Lord met in thirty-three days, and Lin Feng thought, would the director of the trees be here?

So Lin Feng decided to look for the location of this planet’s great hall, and the Catholic temple was too large, and Lin Feng moved towards the top, and he felt that the most likely place on the planet, great hall, was at the top of the Catholic palace.

Why do you say that?

Because the top represents aloof and remote, and it’s a symbol of identity, and it’s very normal that Star Great hall is at the top of it as the thirty-third day host to discuss important things.

Soon Lin Feng arrived at the top of the Catholic temple, and after coming here Lin Feng saw a great hall at the top, with four large words written on the top of the great hall.

These four words are exactly the word “Star Great hall”.

It’s just at this moment that this temple, the door closes, there is a strong embargo on this temple, and Lin Feng spends half of the time of sediment, forcing it to break.

And then Lin Feng came into the palace, a very special temple, and it was like entering a stars in a stars world, far-reaching, where stars flown far from the stars, where the rules of astronomical law were applied, which created this beautiful round of beauty.

Oh, yeah.

At this point, a silhouette, whispered after Lin Feng, a cultivator hidden in the great hall of the stars, was fully integrated with the world of the stars formed within great hall in the sky.

The cultivator was wearing a black night coat, with a face, and he couldn’t see it, but the cultivator’s body was very thin and should be a woman.

In the case of men, there were few such fibre bodies, and the woman was very good at concealment, and Lin Feng came in, and did not find her.

However, when she attacked Lin Feng, Lin Feng felt that there was a gap in power, mainly between the two sides, and that woman was hiding from the methodology, but it was just a hidden method.


power gap makes it difficult for her to pose a real lethal threat to Lin Feng, Lin Feng to turn her finger over a bullet and play directly on the sword that came from the assassination, and the sword made a sound of collision, and the woman was backed up by shock.

Lin Feng said, “Do you have any idea that anyone else is alive? Are you the guardian here? Or is this a servant here? You should know what happened out there, right? Should I know my identity too?”

The woman looked cold to Lin Feng, but she didn’t answer Lin Feng’s question.

Lin Feng doesn’t care, and he goes on saying, “Take this young master off and show you how pretty you look, the young master will spare your life, and if it’s ugly, that young master can only apologize to you. The young master doesn’t like to kill beautiful sisters, but he can still do it.”

“shameless to the extreme!”

How can a woman coldly say that her voice is nice, and she has a word called “someone who sounds so good,” a girl who can be ugly?

“Is that shameless too? I’ll show you what it’s called real shameless!”

Lin Feng said that before stepping up, he wanted to suppress the woman.

The woman threw out a corn, and that maid exploded instantly.

The destructive forces flourish and moved towards Lin Feng drowned, while the woman took the opportunity to quickly move towards the outside.

“insect carving small technique!”

Lin Feng righthand will wave and suddenly shake those destructive forces and then come back behind the girl.

Just stretch the move towards the girl and grab it.

Women complexion greatly changed.

It’s too late to hide.

When you see Lin Feng grab this girl, Lin Feng should be a little caught, and he put a little bit on the girl, and Lin Feng was sealed by Lin Feng when she got stuck.

Lin Feng then ripped the girl’s veil off.

A blowing of a broken face came in Lin Feng’s sight.


Lin Feng was surprised that this woman did have a beautiful life, and felt like a woman at a level like the Emperor.

After Lin Feng was sealed, the woman probably feared that something “terrifying” would happen, raising the sword and trying to get himself.

See when this woman is a decisive personality.

Lin Feng hit the sword in the hands of a woman and said, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

The face of a woman became extremely pale, and looked towards Lin Feng showed alarming eyes.

And if he does not know the details, he sees the poor woman, and he thinks Lin Feng is the wicked man who bullies a man.

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