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And the woman said, “How many people admire you for a long time, and worship you, and you are noble, and you must be good, and you should not do anything to a weak woman like me?”

Lin Feng was laughing in her heart, and it was clear that the woman was worried about what she did to her, so he exaggerated himself first and then said the last thing.

Lin Feng said, “I’m a little floating for you, but how I’m doing to you, depends on whether you can answer my question honestly”.

I heard Lin Feng say that the woman’s face looks a little better, and she said, “Then ask!”

Lin Feng asked, “What’s your name?”

The woman said, “I’m called Sugar!”

Lin Feng said, “Sugar City? It’s a good name, and it’s good with your manners, the quality of the air.”

Sugar’s pretty face is a little red, and she’s heard too much of it, and it’s been a bit annoying.

However, hearing Lin Feng say similar things, Sugar feels somewhat happy.

Of course she’s not because she likes Lin Feng, which is impossible, but they’re hostile, hearing Lin Feng, because Lin Feng’s identity is different.

Lin Feng, like “influential figure”, said that, in intangible terms, she also seemed to have raised her identity.

Man, it’s all a glorious one.

This has nothing to do with weak power.

Lin Feng naturally does not know what’s in the heart of Sugar, and, in fact, Lin Feng exaggerates the words of Suu ‘an dumping town, just as it goes, not at all levels, and naturally does not go to the mental activity of this woman in Moussa.

Lin Feng continues to ask, “What are you in heaven?”

♪ I’m a waitress of great hall in Star Sky, and I’m responsible for Guardian this great hall! “, a little low head in Sugar.

Lin Feng had doubted at the outset that Sugar might be the custodian or a waitress here, but when Lin Feng saw Sultanate City say that he was the star great hall waiter, Lin Feng felt that things were not as simple as he thought.

In Lin Feng’s view, the eyes are the windows of the mind, and if a person lies, then her eyes will reveal some traces of spider horses.

If speaks correctly, the man who speaks, the man who is reasonable, can naturally be very confident with someone else, and if speaks correctly, there are some faults in the heart, there may be some small moves that he may not be able to detect.

Like not to look at each other.

Sugar, a little low-head move is a hidden move.


was avoiding Lin Feng’s vision, and if she was a man of experience, it might be better to do it, even if there was a relapse in her heart, it would be more calm and look at Lin Feng.

But unfortunately, this woman in Sugar is not an experienced man.

She was young, almost as young as Lin Feng, and there was not much to live for, so she didn’t realize that she exposed some of her weak spot.

Lin Feng walked forward, grabbed the snowwhite jaw of Sugar City, picked up that brilliant, blew a broken face, and the two people were close to looking, and Sugar became somewhat panic, and asked, “What are you doing?”

She’s really scared now, and after all, she knows how attractive she is.

Lin Feng said, “You know what? I’m a man who hates lies, and if you lie to me again, I can’t guarantee your safety!”

Sugar’s face changed slightly.

Lin Feng let go of Sugar City, and he asked again, “Say your identity.”

Sugar bit his lips and said, “I was the youngest daughter of the Emperor’s day!”

“The Emperor Wong was youngest daughter?”

Lin Feng is obviously a little surprised.

Although he had made a variety of speculations about the identity of Sugar City, she was the daughter of a Catholic.

The Emperor Huang was the boss of the Thirty-three Days.

Earlier breakthrough goes beyond realm powerhouse.

At the time of the war, more than half of the Lord’s thirty-three days were killed, but the Emperor was lucky to have fled.

I never thought that the Emperor Wong had come to her hands.

That’s funny.

Lin Feng teased, “The Emperor used to be cowardly, a big age, and he was eager to reproduce future generations!”

Sugar stared at Lin Feng and said, “Why are you talking so hard?”

Lin Feng said, “But I’m telling the truth.”

Sugar is a little pointless, and she feels that this famous Lin Feng, is a bit of a problem.

However, this kind of relentless character seems to be more in line with his young man’s identity.


he’s an old man, it’s too funny.

Lin Feng said, “No, the Emperor Wong was never surname Su, how are you surname Su? I know. You must be a private girl, don’t you? So the Emperor Wong didn’t let you follow his last name every day!”

Sugar stared at Lin Feng and said, “I’m just following the mother’s last name, not a selfish girl!”

Lin Feng laughed, and he was just kidding this little girl, just this chick.

Lin Feng said, “Well, let’s talk about business. I hear the Lord’s temple here has the head of the tree that is built. Where is the head of this tree?”

Soushu said, “Right above this planet, the great hall, can be seen as long as the rules of the astronomical law go down here”.

Lin Feng said, “Now go fast to Star Air Law.”

Sugar said, “Then you have to help me unload the seal!”

Lin Feng is not afraid that this woman in Sugar is playing any kind of trick, because in absolute power, whatever you play, it won’t work at all.

Sugar wants to play games in front of Lin Feng, and it’s just not uncomfortable.

And after what happened, Sugar City should know that, and what she can do now, is actually working with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng disbanded the moratorium on Sugar.

The law of Sugar was restored as early as possible.


path of a course of the French trick followed by the Sugar Town, all of which came into the starboard world formed by great hall on the planet.

And then.

The entire world of the stars has fluctuated dramatically, and the world of the stars seems to have undergone some very strange changes.

About a minute.

Star World disappeared, Lin Feng found out that they were in an ordinary great hall, and that great hall was not much different from the other temples.

At the top of great hall, there was a big wood, when Lin Feng eyes immediately became bright.

That’s the director of the trees.

Finally found the director of the trees.

Even Lin Feng has become extremely excited.

Why is Lin Feng so excited? There’s actually a reason Lin Feng is now the Catholic realm.

Lin Feng was not going to refine the sky before the breakthrough Creator was larger than Divine Art.

Because Lin Feng thinks that it’s now much bigger than the Divine Art repair, but even though it can be significantly enhanced, it’s a little longer than a few years, and in addition, the first refinement is the best, from the second to 60 per cent of the first refining, so when is it the best in Divine Art?


fact, … specific time for refinement depends on cultivator’s own control, and if it was before the earth changed, it would be more difficult to upgrade cultivation base, the Emperor realm could be refined.

For example, Lin Feng’s father, who was created by True Immortal realm, began to be refined in Divine Art and True Immortal realm, was different from now, when the world powerhouse never changed, and the heavens and the earth had not changed significantly, trying to upgrade cultivation base was too difficult.

And now it’s so difficult to upgrade cultivation base not at all Lin Feng’s imagination, until Lin Feng breakthrough goes across Peak’s border to rehabilitate bigger days than in Divine Art, and then the day will be bigger than in Divine Art to reach Peak level.

Even more than Father Lin Baitian’s refining day is greater than that achieved in Divine Art.

That’s called “young out of the blue and better than blue.”

So, Lin Feng’s savings are so strong, how should he breakthrough beyond realm?

Lin Feng breakthrough, in fact, goes beyond realm’s key to building trees.

Before Lin Feng killed God, didn’t he get Supreme Treasure of God “Thirty-three heavenly layer”?

Thirty third heavenly layer that God had worked in that year, and only the last first heavenly layer would be able to make a difference.


delay in God’s ability to exercise thirty third heavenly layer is, in fact, a lack of one of the most important treasure that Lin Feng is now about to acquire.


trees of the trees will be the ridge of thirty-three heavenly layer.

Only treasure, such as the trees of trees, can support the operation of the thirtieth three heavenly layer.

God has worked hard for a lifetime and made thirty, three heavenly layer, and married Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s intentions are, in fact, simple, and when he gets the trees of the trees, he gradually performs the Supreme Treasure of 33 heavenly layer.

Thirty-three heavenly layer, both magic treasure and small world, but thirty 3rd-layer small world, is very special.

It can be said without saying that it is absolutely terrifying if the total exercise of thirty-three heavenly layer results in power.

Lin Feng, for its part, is a crucial time for planning to build on the exercise of the thirtieth heavenly layer to break through beyond realm.

Lin Feng felt that it would be easy to borrow it from thirty-three heavenly layer breakthrough.

Lin Feng fast moved towards the top.

Just see Lin Feng sweep out, moving towards the roof of the Catholic palace.

There is a strong restraint on the roof of the Catholic palace.

These prohibitions feel Lin Feng’s horrendous fist, all recovered.

These prohibitions have resulted in strong attacks, various kinds of attacks, moved towards Lin Feng’s murder.

However, these prohibitions are clearly a difficult thing to kill Lin Feng, and Lin Feng fights three times in a row.


local ban was directly destroyed.

Lin Feng then crushed the roof of the Catholic palace.

Strong forces have involved the directors of trees, and Lin Feng has moved the trees directly into time space.

“Can I go now?” Sugar looking towards Lin Feng said that.

“Go? Where do you want to go?” Lin Feng like a smile yet not a smile looking towards Sufu Town.

Sugar’s angry, and said, “You said I’d just have to cooperate and let me go.”

Lin Feng said, “I’ve never said anything like that, and I’m just saying, if you cooperate well, I’m not gonna do anything brilliant to you.”

“Big liar, stinky!”

When the Sugar Town came up, gnashing teeth came up, and the anger came up with that beautiful face, and there was no other smell.

Lin Feng said, “Fight is a relative, yell at love, don’t yell at love!”

“Who loves you?”, the Sugar City lightened Lin Feng, and she was deeply touched by Lin Feng shameless.

“What do you want to do with me?”

Sugar bites his lips and asks.

Lin Feng said, “For now and not yet thought, I’ll keep you sealed.”

Lin Feng threw her in her own middle world.

The failure to leave the city of Sugar in time was due to the fact that, within time, it was in the treasure of Lin Feng.

Would Lin Feng not want to cry without tears if she threw this woman in time and ruined her countless treasure?

Lin Feng didn’t stay long, and he quickly left Star Great hall, and then joined a lot of powerhouse.


Phantom handed over treasure in the income storage ring to Lin Feng and Lin Feng took the storage ring.

Lin Feng they didn’t leave the court.

♪ Now that the court has been attacked, Lin Feng will naturally hold it in his own hands, and the powerhouse awaits the arrival of the Allied Army in the court and will then be sealed.

This is Lin Feng’s promise before, of course he won’t eat.

At the same time.

♪ Lin Feng led the allies to defeat the Sky Coalition.

And the news of the killing of secret mastermind World Controller, as well as dozens of dignity crossing powerhouse, quickly passed out.

When this information was disseminated in all Heavens and Myriad Realms, all Heavens and Myriad Realms were shocked.

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